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Guest Jaedmo

Staff Update 08/24/17

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Guest Jaedmo   
Guest Jaedmo

Hi members of Ataraxia, today I bring you the staff update for the 24th August, 2017.

An absolutely huge update today!

(catching up on missed ones)



@I Play Heaps has been promoted to P4HXH3s.pngForum Moderator

Tom/I Play Heaps has been an outstandingly active Support in-game.

He brought this to the forums and has shown a great amount of desire to aid the community through them.

Creating and heading a massive guide project for the Staff (released soon) Tom earned this role thoroughly.


@Tranquility has been promoted to 1Mn5wp3.pngGame Moderator

Tranquility while didn't play the game for 90% of his Support career was amazing.

'AFK' at home, while being 100% attentive and ready to answer any new player's question.

This and his dedication towards Ataraxia led to this promotion.


@Kieran has been promoted to GuOJwrb.pngServer Support

Kieran was previously a Forum Moderator on Ataraxia.

Resigning for personal issues. We were happy to see he wanted to return to us.

And of course, in the past he proved himself and he still does.

Welcome back.


@VR4 has been promoted to GuOJwrb.pngServer Support

Welcome to the team, your activity and desire to help in-game led to this.

I wish you the best of luck and the next week will determine a lot.


@bnetplayer (W00w) has been promoted to GuOJwrb.pngServer Support

W00w was promoted due to his impeccable assistance ingame.

I hope this wasn't a one off in attempt to get support.

I'm sure it wasn't and keep up the good work.


@Nobuyuki has been promoted to GuOJwrb.pngServer Support

Nobuyuki is always in the background helping players when you don't see.

But I saw, and a few other staff saw. Your help didn't go un-noticed.

Congratulations on the promotion thoroughly deserved and good luck!



Jaedmo, Noele, Node
& the Staff Team.



Sorry if I forgot anyone, just pm me and I'll add you, has been almost a month since the last update.

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Tranquility    60

Congratulations guys! :)

I am happy for the oppurtunity to be in the moderator/support role. I always learn new things daily, and looking forward to learn more new things. 

Just helping people, and moderating is what keeps me motivated and happy. 

I hope all the supports will do well, and looking forward to work with you all as a team!


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