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Patch notes #20

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Noele    398

Patch notes #20 summary:
- The Heart of Gielinor (GWD2) has been released
- Major networking changes to improve overall stability
- Revenants have been completely reworked
- Agility has had a partial rework, as well as introduction of shortcuts
- Farming has been fixed in dungeoneering
- We will be re-writing core skills to promote smooth gameplay including more RS3 content in our next patch, along with release of all-paths Araxxor/Araxxi rework and RoTs!


Various updates will be coming to Ataraxia within the next few days. Please be sure to report bugs in the current patch to ensure we fix them, and we will have a public bug-tracking and suggestion system live in the near future. Here's a teaser:





[+] Heart of Gielinor (GWD2) initial release
- All four Heart bosses have been released with proper combat scripts:
    * Helwyr
    * Gorvek and Vindicta
    * The Twin Furies
    * Gregorovic

- You will get seals from kills within the Heart.
- They can be exchanged with the Heart's Chosens for reputation in a faction. 
- Your first kill at the Heart will grant you reputation as well.
- As your reputation gets higher, your required killcount for the Heart will drop.
- A cluster system for the future Heart roaming factions D&D has been written.

[+] Networking changes
- This system is fully done but is pending implementation to ensure proper functionality w/o broken gameplay.
- The networking on Ataraxia has been completely re-written to be dynamic/modular.
- The server now has full/proper JS5 protocol implementation.
- This should help mitigate a handful of issues caused by the previous system:

    * Random disconnects
    * Random symbols on friends/ignore list

[+] Skill reworks coming
- A system for agility shortcuts has been written and is implemented into the live game.
- Agility, along with a few other skills, will be re-written to support RS3 content.
- We are also doing this to clean up some of the skills that are just poorly written.

[+] Content additions and changes
- Chic scarves are now fully recolourable
- Vorago's magic defense has been nerfed by 40%
- Magic notepaper is now tradeable
- NPC Examines have been updated to match RS3 #883
- Demon flash mobs boss now has a damage cap, and ranged is no longer the best method.
- The forinthy dungeon has been completely reworked, and revenants should be a good source of general cash.
- PvP gears should once again be tradeable.

[+] Bug fixes
- Heart of Gielinor Chosens will face the correct directions.
- Co-operative slayer invitations properly fixed.
- Banking no longer requires you to wait a fixed amount of time, only ;;bank/;;b will.
- Timer thread no longer exists, tasks transfered to new service provider runnables.
- Farming has been fixed in dungeoneering
- Instances will no longer lock up if the limit is 1 player.


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Ely Sia N    67

Definitely looking forward to seeing how GW2 will affect the server, and how the PvP related updates affect the wildy. Good work, and I'm super happy to see the dung farming has been fixed. Thank you

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