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Guest Jaedmo

Staff Update 09/02/17

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Guest Jaedmo   
Guest Jaedmo

Hi members of Ataraxia, today I bring you the staff update for the 2nd September, 2017.

Just a small one today. Want to keep you all in the loop.





@Tom has been promoted to 1Mn5wp3.pngGame Moderator

Tom has been amazingly active since he was brought on as Support.

He was then promptly promoted to Forum Moderator due to his incredible dedication to Staff Guides.

Since then, he has been increasingly active in-game and a great asset on the Oceanic Timezone.




Aeso has resigned from GuOJwrb.pngServer Support

Tranquility has resigned from 1Mn5wp3.pngGame Moderator




Hohenheim was demoted from GuOJwrb.pngServer Support (A while ago)

Bolinbear was demoted from GuOJwrb.pngServer Support


Jaedmo, Noele, Node
& the Staff Team.


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