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loot from 250 Hardmode Gregorovic

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W0w    10

Yo guys, today Ive just gotten 250 hardmode gregorovic kills from gwd2.

It took longer than my last 250 kills because hardmode greg takes more time to kill than furies

This was done on 5k rep, expert mode.

Other than that, here's the loot



Do note that I got 3 more glaives but i've sold them so the total loot isnt exactly accurate.

But selling those glaives made me about 3.5b in profits, I'm yet to sell these crests and essences tho.

Other than that, the boss is very simple and there's not much to it once you get to know it.

I think my next boss will be vindicta or kalphite king (not sure about them tho)

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