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Patch notes #21

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Noele    398


Kris is responsible for most of today's update so we'll be using the developer-blog style that he's typed the notes in today. We have a nice format for regular development blogs in the future so you can expect to know what we're up to all of the time :x


The long-awaited Rise of the Six has finally reached Ataraxia! 

Sliske's beefed up the Barrows Brothers, and that means one beast of a boss battle. In Rise of the Six, you'll team up in fours to face all six siblings at once - each one more powerful than he's ever been - and earn some monstrously good rewards. Loot includes level 90 shields for each combat type; materials for smithing level 90 power-type melee armour!

The battle consists of two separate parts - fighting the wights & escaping the collapse. In order to take up the battle, a group of four players is required along with a barrows totem. Players will begin the journey north-west of barrows, where they may enter a well to instantiate the fight. After everyone is ready, Sliske will unleash all six of the wights on the players, three on each side.

The wights all have a unique attacks which they may use against the players; below is the elaboration of the attacks:


Ahrim the Blighted

Ahrim attacks blood spells at a fast rate, causing him to quickly heal up any lost health. Ahrim has two unique special attacks it may use at any given time. 

  • Shadow Pits - Ahrim will teleport on one of the pillars in the center of the arena, after which he releases shadow pits all over the other side, which will either heal any wight or damage and player standing on them, repeatedly. After the pits are released, Ahrim teleports back to the side he was at and returns to the fight as usual.
  • Flight - Ahrim will signal this attack by levitating into the air, after which he becomes completely immune to all melee damage, as well as blocks half the incoming magic damage. Ahrim will fly for anywhere between a minute to two minutes.


Karil the Tainted

Karils attacks with swiftly with his crossbow, occasionally lowering the target's attack and magic levels. In addition to this, Karils also has two unique special attacks only he may use.

  • Portal Dash - Karil signals this attack by quickly teleporting over to the other side and starts planting a bomb where he is standing. After a short time, the bomb will be ready and karil teleports back over to the other side. He will plant a total of five bombs by default, unless the attack was interrupted by any way. Any players hit by the bomb will receive heavy unblockable damage. Players may also enter the portals to teleport over to the other side; however any player doing so will receive some damage which increases over time.
  • Bombard - Karil will teleport on one of the pillars in the center of the arena, after which he will send several large lightning strikes to the side on which he initially was on, resulting in heavy damage for whoever is caught by the lightning. After he finishes going with the attack, he teleports back to the side he was on and continues the fight as usual.


Ahrim the Blighted & Karil the Tainted - shared

  • Turret of Fire & Lightning Conductor - Ahrim/Karil will surge to the north of the arena (south if the other wight is currently performing their respective special attack at the northern spot) and release fire from both of his hands, while doing a 360° spin over time. Anyone caught in the fire will receive heavy unblockable damage.
  • Throw - Ahrim/Karil will call one of the melee wights. The selected wight will then surge to them and throw them in the air, after which they will do a backflip and land some tiles back.


Dharok the Wretched

Dharoks attacks with slightly faster attacks than usual, with attacks dealing more damage as his health drops down. Dharoks only has one unique special attack he may use at any time.

  • Greatest Axe - Dharok yells "Give me everything!" and goes in a state in which all the damage dealt to him will be added up to his next attack. After he finishes the charge, he will target a random player and strike the hit on them.


Torag the Corrupted

Torag attacks with slightly faster attacks than usual, with each attack having a chance to strike down the opponents special energy. Torag only has one unique special attack he may use at any given time.

  • Whack - Torag will smack the player stuck into the ground after which he starts dealing rapid quick attacks to the target. The only way to free the targeted player is by one of the team-mates dealing enough damage on Torag to get his attention and let the target go.


Guthan the Infested

Guthan attacks with slightly faster attacks than usual, with each attack having a chance to heal him for the damage deal. Guthan only has one unique special attack he may use at any given time.

  • Impale - Guthan will throw his spear through the chest of one of the players within the arena, dealing rapid unblockable damage. The only way to end the bleeding is to go next to Guthan after which he will pull the spear out of the target. The bleeding player may additionally use the provoke option on one of the three kiteshields obtained from them to gain Guthan's attention. During the bleed, guthan attacks with his fists.


Verac the Defiled

Verac attacks with slightly faster attacks than usual, with each attack having a chance to pierce through his target's armour. Verac has two unique special attacks which he may use at any given time.

  • Soulspot - Verac will bind one of the players soul to a specific spot on their side, after which their prayer begins quickly dropping down. In order to stop the draining, players must move to the spot market on the ground with the green arrows.
  • Deathcopter - Verac will signal a charge when he attempts to use this rare attack. If any of the wights decide to help him, they will surge next  to Verac similarly to the Throw attack of Karil or Ahrim; after which they will help Verac initiate the attack where he begins flying with his flail quickly spinning in a helicopter-like fashion. He will then target a random player, dealing massive damage to them and anyone else caught within the spin radius of the flail.


Dharok the Wretched, Torag the Corrupted, Guthan the Infested & Verac the Defiled

  • Hurricane - All of the aforementioned wights can strike a hurricane-like attack, during which they quickly spin while targeting one of the players. Anyone caught within the spin radius of their weapon will be dealt with massive damage.
  • Wall Slam - All of the wights except for Guthan have a chance of running up against a wall and doing a backflip, dealing heavy damage for anyone standing near the landing spot.


All wights

  • Shadow Drag - At the beginning of the fight, one of the wights will yell "You dare disturb the darkness!". The given wight will begin a deadly drag attack at a certain point in the fight, after enough damage has been dealt to him. If the wight isn't killed in time, he will drag the whole team to shadow realm, in which most attacks deal up to triple the damage they do within the normal realm. The only way to escape the shadow realm is to defeat them all - or die trying.
  • Empowerment - If one side of the arena is empty from players and none of the wights are dead or busy at the given time, the wights on the empty side of the arena will quickly teleport over to the other side, resulting in the fight taking place in just one side for the rest of the battle.
  • Healing - After a wight is defeated, a bar appears over their head for the next thirty seconds. If another wight isn't killed in time, the given wight will heal for half its original health and return to the fight as usual. Every time a wight is defeated, the alive wights heal a little bit. The fight ends when they all die within 30 second intervals.


After the death of the wights, players will have one more challenge to go through - the escape. All malevolent energy obtained from within the chest will be in an unstable state and must be brought outside the cavern through the tunnels to stabilize them. Once the players go away from the fight arena, the cave will begin collapsing as the portal holding the cavern together collapses as the wights die - the players will then have 30 seconds to escape the tunnels, albeit slightly altered ones. Rocks will begin falling from the sides, shadow pits all throughout the tunnels begin to bloom and all the bridges break - players will have to use whatever methods of escape are given to them, one at a time. Players who manage to escape will have their energy stabilize - the rest however vanish.



Combat rework

We have come to the conclusion that the current state of combat in Ataraxia is terrible and needs changing immediately. Due to this decision, we have changes the bonuses on more than a thousand items to ensure they're all scaled accordingly to their tiers and types. A lot of weapons have had their attack speed changed due to this to what they should've been in the beginning. We realize this may cause some controversy within the community but it is the best for future of Ataraxia. 

Besides changing the bonuses on weapons and equipment, we have also modified the levels on the monsters you find across Ataraxia. Previously, only approximately 400 monsters had bonuses other than a clean slate. After this update however, close to 8000 monsters will be using bonuses assigned to them. This change affects slayer monsters the most - previously they could all be damaged with any weapon as majority of them were bonusless - however this is no longer the case. A lot of the monsters now have defence and accuracy levels higher than some of the bosses you may find. However in the case of slayer monsters, their weaknesses can be exploited to gain maximum efficiency and similar rates as to before this update. We realize this is also a point which may cause controversy, however the change was necessary to stop players in maxed armours from being completely untouchable and allowing them to AFK through the fights. Of course this will still very much be possible with a lot of the monsters, but it certainly will help against the higher combat ones.

On another note, all NPCs have had their attack speeds adjusted to what they should've been. I have also patched up the attack and death animations of a lot of existing monsters, to enhance the gaming experience.



PvP Death rework

After seeing countless reports from the community regarding the current state of PvP, we have began giving our best to combat this issue. We've already reworked several parts of combat, but also worked on other somewhat irrelevant parts, such as teleporting and magic spells. We will begin doing our best to ensure players have an enjoyable experience battling against each-other. The rework has changed a lot within the PvP.

  • Items lost within death now corresponds to the items lost within death interface, so you may completely rely on it now.
  • All protection prayers as well as skulling/unskulling now affect the items lost there.
  • Dying to a monster with no damage taken from any player will result in the items dropping on the ground in the state they were on before the death.
  • Dying to a player will result in all unprotected untradeable items to turn to coins. There are some exceptions to this which can be found within the spoiler below. 
  • Upon death to a monster (with zero damage taken from players), players will have 3 minutes to run back and pick their items up, after which the items become publicly available for anyone to take for an extra minute.

Below is a list of items that will not turn to coins upon death, however they will break into pieces.

  • All abyssal vine whips break into whips and vines separately.
  • All charged berserker/warrior/archer/seers helms will transform into the uncharged variants.
  • All imbued seers/archers/berserker/warrior rings will turn to the unimbued version.
  • All dragon items with an ornament kit will break up into pieces - respective piece and the respective kit. This includes the amulet of fury (or).
  • All dyed malevolent/sirenic/tectonic pieces will be converted to the regular version on death - the dyes are lost. The same applies for the noxious weaponry, as well as the other dyeables such as the seismics, drygores as well as the ascension crossbow.

The following items are safe under all circumstances. Players dying with any of the mentioned items will have the items put to their inventory on respawn:

  • Kiln capes
  • Fire cape
  • All auras
  • All of void equipment





Bugfixes & Minor changes

  • Anima core crafting has been patched up; you will now require all four essence and you will be given the correct respective armour piece in exchange.
  • Shops will no longer shop the (ironman) at the end of them for players who aren't ironmen. 
  • Trimmed completionist's cape no longer has a hidden requirement of 1 million gold pieces donation to the well of goodwill.
  • A bug caused by several threads modifying the same list, causing a global null in ataraxia has been patched.
  • Players can now use dyes on malevolent armours (Was previously not possible even though the armours were not obtainable).
  • When obtaining your crystal pickaxe or hatchet from Lady Ithell, you will now receive the respective tool in your inventory, instead of it immediately going to your toolbelt.
  • All input dialogues (The ones where you type and enter a name, a number or any text) have now been patched up - they will no longer mix up if you cancel them at any point. Additionally, they will now automatically close when an interface closing event, such as walking is ran.
  • WildyWyrm has had its health bar patched - you will now see from the start until the end as its health bar drops, rather than it starting after 20,000 hitpoints remaining.
  • Combat projectiles have had slight alterations made to them, specifically in close combat.
  • Everyones friend -and ignore lists will now be cleared from invalid entries that were previously added there due to the old networking messing up. Additionally, two new commands have been made available for all players. ;;emptyignorelist & ;;emptyfriendslist - Warning: These commands will immediately wipe your entire list when used without a warning, so make sure you really wish to delete them.
  • Ignore list has now been made to work - This extends to every possible chat interaction throughout the game (Public chat, friends chat, clan chat, clan guest chat as well as private messages).
  • Coin accumulator has received some changes. Previously, it would only pick up certain coin stacks dropped by monsters. Now however, any coin stack dropped by a monster will automatically be put into your coin pouch.
  • When using bank equipment on the bank interface, your aura will now be banked as long as it is inactive. Active auras will remain worn.
  • Malevolent kiteshield, vengeful kiteshield & merciless kiteshield have received a special option on them; When worn, players can use the provoke option on them if they're in combat to gain the attention of the monster they're attacking. This can be extremely useful in group bossing as it can help you save a team-mate in need. It has a cooldown of 30 seconds and it can only be used against monsters.
  • The charm collector will now automatically pick up any charms dropped by nihils and murpah.
  • Players can now purchase malevolent plates from the grand exchange as an unlimited item.
  • An issue with NPCs render animations and secondary bars now displaying has now been patched. Additionally, Khaled (Cjay) has implemented RS3 hitbar support to our client, meaning we can now use a variety of different hitbars.
  • When casting spells, previously if you drank a brew you could occasionally get the message that your magic level isn't high enough to cast this spell. This is no longer an issue and your magic level is based on your highest level now - whether it's the boosted level or the actual level, the highest of the two will be used to determine the requirement.
  • Avaryss' and Nymora's hitbars have now been updated to use the new blue/orange bars.
  • Avaryss' wall charge attack has now been patched up. It no longer chains together and the animation transitions are smooth.
  • CM Gregorovic hopefully no longer glitches up and becomes unkillable. I've also smoothened up Gregorovic's animation transitioning.
  • You can no longer smith IV bars in Artisan's workshop for massive experience drops using the ordinary anvils - they can only be used for ceremonial sword making.
  • You can no longer glitch up and bank using the bank command in certain areas. I've added restrictions to Vorago, Kalphite king, The Heart, Godwars dungeon as well as corporeal beast.


On other news, I have now began working on the upcoming slayer update. We will try to patch up as many bugs as we can find with the existing content during this time, as it has become a serious issue. For those unaware yet, the slayer update will consist of a full rewrite of the skill. I will be implementing close to 150 different slayer tasks as well as all of the existing slayer masters, including the newly added Morvran. Certain monsters will require players to wield certain items to be able to defeat them, or block damage from them. However on the plus side, all boosting-items will now be patched up properly and players will be able to merge different monsters - for example greater demons with Zamorak godwars to gain greater loot while training slayer, not to mention much higher hits and accuracy due to the boosting items.



Special thanks

Noele - RoTs Map generation

VR4 (David) - Balancing the bonuses of items.

Cjay0091 (Khaled) - Implementing RS3 hitbars.

All the people with whom I tested Rise of the Six & other content - there's too many of you so I'll keep it short.


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Acaraje    61

Are u serious? This is the second time you get me... smh. 

Not clicking on those again.


edit: daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmnnnnnn.

Fuck life, man, i gotta quit my job and play ataraxia allday now, lmao. For real, you guys rock.

Edited by Acaraje
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Vash    5

Not sure what happened, I downloaded the client with the "Play Now", my discord won't open past the bottom bar anymore and everything on my pc keeps freezing after hitting the auto adjust button.   It's a new pc btw. 

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Jad    95
On 9/15/2017 at 11:02 AM, Acaraje said:

edit: daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmnnnnnn.

Fuck life, man, i gotta quit my job and play ataraxia allday now, lmao. For real, you guys rock.

+1 This.
but unfortunately, Ataraxia doesnt pay my rent and my phone bills haha

OT: Incredible Patch. Fresh new content, Major re-works.
This update was definitely worth the wait. 

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