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Client update #2

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Noele    398

Client update #2 summary:
- Automatic crash-reporting built into the client 
- Many changes to the DirectX and OpenGL toolkits 
- Some interfaces have been reworked with RS3-style buttons
- You can now toggle hitsplats between Legacy/EoC looks
- Game updated to revision 885, the current RS3 revision!

This patch primarily contains client-related bug fixes, and you can expect a server patch on the back-end of this.

[+] Content changes
- Ataraxia's cache has been updated to full 885 data
- Many widgets/interfaces have been reworked with RS3-style buttons
- We've implemented RS3 prayer icons and overheads
   * Turmoil will temporarily work for all 3 combat styles.

[+] DirectX changes
- Material / aura (not equipment aura) effects now render properly
- Sharelight lighting-effect updated to RS3's version
- Proper sun lighting effects have been added
- Bloom now has different tiers that render depending on your hardware compatibility
- Anti-aliasing has been fixed

[+] OpenGL/OpenGLX changes 
- Beta version of OpenGLX introduced as a Mac-compatible mode (JRE 7+ Mac only)

[+] Mechanical changes
- The client now has automatic crash-reporting so we can identify your black screens and fix them
- The client will now let you know if your current-client is outdated
- Textures will now properly wrap to their model
- Blooms brightness has been reduced on all modes
- Large NPCs' like Vorago will now properly render their health bars
- Hitsplats are now toggleable between Legacy/EOC modes
- Proper absorbtion support
- Global player indexing updated to RS3's version to reduce lag

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