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Missing you

Wall of text application :)

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Missing you    3


Fluent in English (for easy communication with the developers)

primary language english secondary none

Over 200 hours in-game - This is so you understand the game before you start testing it. You must know the current content of our server before testing the changes. Hours logged

in-game Picture will be posted later im not home its currently 3:29pm GMT 07:00 Pacific  
Im sure it can get verified im believe im at 201 hrs

Consistent activity, 2-4+ hours a day on the beta server (if it's required at the time)

Im working on buying a pc useing sisters to play main game atm. Have node's situation as his sister needs computer for school.

I Play mostly on weekends.
Have a small table that i can play on in the event its important such as beta

Knowledgeable and experienced in all PvM and Skilling aspects of Ataraxia,

Currently learning NPC and or boss weaknesses but do have effective pvm, skilling knowledge prior to the rework and, 714-830 reversion's & runescape

You don't share information from the beta if granted the rank, this will result in you losing the rank.

Defently Not, leeching information is a huge problem not only for the beta but private servers in general. For releases of source and client's.

In-game Name: DragoonRy, forum's and discord: Missing You
Age: 22
Hours Played: 201
Expected activity on the beta:  weekends At this moment in time ill have more time to devote towards the beta and, testing after i purchase my pc in the next few weeks.
Any other notes:

Special Note******************@@@@@@@

 im not trying advertise, Cjay himself has been a dev on everything im going to mention
(server-wise) in this spoiler
☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆END OF SPECIAL NOTE***********

another note this is not to start up drama this is just information in reguards to knowledge and insite beyond skilling and pvm experience that i have, i think that  understanding ataraxia's source history gives a certain level to how much time has been put into the source and client to aupport overhaled content it runs smooth i believe the beta is an important role ive never seen a developer team allow such a thing 90% of a server is behind the scenes 


not only do i have runescape experience and private servers from 317 to

( 714/748 mainly) now ataraxia 830/885, but i have cx, Matrix 2 and revolutionx all of which turned into a mess and id appreciate the opportunity to help the development team they are taking a risk on this for sure and all it takes is 1 person to runin the fun, Cjay has spent alot of time on the source ataraxia use's witch is Matrix im glad to see it trying to come back it was a huge deal when eoc came to runescape Cjay was the best and still is, fyi Dragoonkk is to much a of spaz to get an honorable mention, Noele is in good hands like all-state with her team, however i do not want this post to take away from the work she does, but Cjay sticks out for me hopfuly she will to this also doesn't take away from the great work jaedmo, kris, node, Dlo3, and the others i hardly see.

Have played runescape since dinosaur ages like before 99 ranged was obtainable with Pest control amd before rune Crossbow sounds gorss to say.

Thanks for reading love yall.

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Missing you    3

Update my work schedule is Monday, wednesday, Thursday and, Friday start time 4am shift ends 2pm home by 3 30 after picking sister up from school 

Don't expect anyone to accommodate me but i will be as flexible as possible and make it work. 

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