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See you all later

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Anarchy4    8

Making this short and sweet because i have little time, am going to be heading back to work and will probably not be around at all/often anymore, i will miss you all and and forever glad to make the friends i did but almost 1000 hours in and i still don't feel as i fit in great

am hoping this will jump start me into doing something better with my life rather then spending 12+ hours on here everyday as its horrible for my health ive already lost 10 pounds since i started playing


ps on the brightside you wont have to deal with me for 12+ hrs

i hope some of you care enough to miss me


i thought i should edit/add this 

the job opportunity did not work out well for me and am pretty much back, just kind of sitting around at home helping out when possible, and fuck my health right? ill jus try to eat stuff rather then not wanting to leave the server for a few minutes

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Guest Jaedmo   
Guest Jaedmo

One of the better ones. Sad to see you go.. 


Keenan that alignment pissed me the fuck off.

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Loure    63

You definitely were one of the awesome player's I've known. i'll miss you, Good luck with your adventures in life :>

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