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Norway    0

Hello there fellow players! 

I finally decided to say hello here on the forums. So i hope this will give you a quick brief of who i am.

Hello, my "username / in-game" name is Norway, and im currently working on a skiller account. I enjoy skilling and achieving some weird things like ive done on Ataraxia. Like achieving 120 dung / 120 slayer and 120 prayer without having to kill 1 single npc. Some will find it weird and easy, but i enjoy it and thats why i decided to do it.

Me: I'm 18 years old, currently not working and spending my day on ataraxia instead AND yes i do live in Norway, what a suprise..

I hope to get to know as many of you fellow players as possible.

Hope to see you around.

Thank you,



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Fat Panda    35

M8 you've been long overdue for this, glad to see you've come to the forums to make it official. I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay :^) I know we all will.

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