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Taking a break.. or i may quit.

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kerisine    6

So, to start off, I don't know if I'm quitting or taking a break.


but life for me has immensely sped up, school, relationship, moving, work, and all around time consuming activites have limited my playing time.

I doubt anyone even knows who i am in-game, but for the ones who do know, ill miss you, for the ones that dont know me, let me list all my display names.

Ivanka Trump

Itz Ryder



and a couple others.

Special shout out to Vr4, who i dont even think plays anymore, but he helped me out with pvm armor and stuff when i needed it.

another shout out to hohenheim, who also doesnt really play anymore.

I'll hopefully be back soon. miss you guys.


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Loure    63

i understand what's going on and i'm in the middle of break of ataraxia aswell, you're definitely one of my favorites on here and would like to see you come back,

Spend a nice time with you gf and family :)

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