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January Staff Update

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Jad    94

Welcome Ataraxia. Here is the updated list from the Month of January.

@Clumsy To ZI6xJzz.pngAdministrator. 
Welcome back.

@Overpowered From 1Mn5wp3.pngServer Moderator to  L61T2yc.pngGlobal Moderator.

@slither To GuOJwrb.pngServer Support. 
@Lit To  GuOJwrb.pngServer Support. 
@Karuzo To  GuOJwrb.pngServer Support. 



@Dice Resigned as 1Mn5wp3.pngServer Moderator.
@Nobuyuki Resigned from hjSKGqI.pngForum Moderator.
@VR4 Demoted from GuOJwrb.pngServer Support.
@Sander Demoted from GuOJwrb.pngServer Support.
@Fat Panda 
Demoted from GuOJwrb.pngServer Support
@quantum08 Demoted from GuOJwrb.pngServer Support
Good Luck to all of the new members. and congratulations to all promotions.
- Ataraxia Staff Team

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