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Reaper Rewards Shop and Reaper Titles

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Hello everyone! This thread is to showcase the rewards avaible from the reaper store!
I'd like to give a thanks to @Phippzy, as I referred to his complete reaper system guide for some of this useful information, however some of the stats were outdated.



Grim Gem
- Points - 5
- The gem allows you to contact Death wherever you may be located in the world. You can also re-roll tasks in order to stay in stay in one area. The use of the Grim Gem is also the only way to access the Reaper Titles.



The Amulet of Souls
- Points - 1000
- Best melee amulet in the game. The special effect allows Soul Split to have 50% chance to heal 25-50% more



 Reaper Necklace
- Points - 750
- Best ranged necklace in the game. This necklace provides a special effect; all hits give a 0.1% hit chance buff in all styles for 55 seconds, stacking up to 30 times (a total 3% hit chance increase)



The Ring of Death
- Points - 750
- Best in ring slot. When a target is killed, there is a 50% chance of restoring the wearer's special attack by 1% for every 150 of the target's maximum life points, to a maximum of 15% special attack. 



Deathtouch Bracelet
- Points - 750
 - Best in slot both for magic and defence in the gloves slot. The special effect from this bracelet is a 1/5 chance of reflecting 25–50% of damage taken back onto opponents.



Grim Reaper Hood
- Points - 500
- The Reaper Hood is an interesting item that provides a 12.5% boost in damage and accuracy on Melee, Ranged, and Magic attacks against the player's current Reaper assignment.



- Points - 500
- Tier 70 2h weapon. The scythe also has the chance of counting for 2 reaper kills, should you finish off a monster with it. 


You can access these through the Grim Gem. The titles and their costs are as follows:
- The Reaper - 500 Completed Contracts
- Final Boss - 5000 Contract Kills
- The Insane Reaper - 1,250 Completed Contracts
- Insane Final Boss - 15,000 Contract Kills


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