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Update logs #8

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Noele    398

Patch Notes #8 summary:

- Combat timers, including PvM and PvP PJ timers have been fixed. Another update on this in patch 9.

- Many bosses had their defence nerfed, as well as many balance adjustments on gears.

- Many item drop rates have been adjusted, with more resource drops added into the game.

- Boss kill log has been added to both versions of the ring of wealth.

- Vote book adjustments - time no longer degrades when offline.

- As always, our weekly round of bug fixes!


[+] Combat - timers and in-combat status
    - You can no longer get easily PJed in combat, it will take roughly 5 seconds out of combat to attack another target, and will be refreshed upon the death of a target. This means:
        * In PvP, you can no longer have combat interrupted by others or yourself spam-clicking.
        * In PvM, you can no longer have combat interrupted by random aggressive slayer monsters.
    - In PvP and PvM - multi-hit spells will no longer hit multiple targets in any single-target zone.
    - In PvM, immobility spells will not stop NPCs from attacking you if they're in range.
    - In PvP and PvM, most major pathing issues have been fixed (and its much nicer to look at)

[+] PvM - Monster Defence changes
    - Dagannoth King attack stats have been reduced by 1/2 (rough max hit)
    - Metal dragons have had a slight nerf to their defence bonuses
    - Corporeal beast has received melee and range defence reductions.
    - Strykewyrms has received defense debuffs. (mainly to stab and slash)
    - Godwars bosses and minions have had slight damage and defensive debuffs
    - Zamorak is now weaker to melee overall, with an overall weakness to magic.
    - Armadyl minions are weaker to melee, and Kree'arra is weaker to range.
    - Kalphite King has had a defensive buff

[+] PvM - Drop table changes
    - The extra amulets have been removed from Zilyana's drop table.
    - Ancient ceremonial has been removed from Nex's drop table and has instead been given to each ancient mob in the killcount room.
    - Fumus, Umbra, Cruor and Glacies also drop ancient ceremonial pieces.
    - The Dagannoth King drop tables have been improved.
    - Hard clue scrolls have been given to a wide range of bosses and slayer mobs.
    - The drop rate of both seismic wand and seismic singularity has been improved slightly.
    - Many resource drops from bosses should be improved.
    - The chaos elemental now has a chance to drop PvP armours/PvP weapons and Corrupt Dragon     armour/weapons.

[+] Small content
    - Vote books will no longer lose time upon logout (only ticks down while online)
    - Exiting the house portal will leave you at Lleyta now, and you can enter someone's house from the home portal no matter where it is located.
    - Added boss kill-log to the rub feature on all forms of the ring of wealth / slayer ring and Kuradal chat. 
    - Slaying ring now has a rub option while worn.
    - Ports armor pieces now cost 50% more materials - the melee/magic offhands are up to 100 from 80, and the magic offhand was increased from 130 to 160.
    - Adjusted the drops from shooting stars to give you decent resources. (should help ironmen with saradomin brews and overloads)
    - Magic golem armor is now on the Squeal of Fortune! Rare item rates have been adjusted to be more accurate! Swagger stick and bag added to the rare SoF loots.
    - Total vote party amount raised to 700 on the weekends (total of 7 vote books)
    - Amount of PK Points required to buy items in the PK shop has been reduced!

[+] Equipment buffs
    - Magic weapons have been reworked. These are subject to change following feedback.
    - Malevolent has been given stat bonuses *hint hint*
    - T90 shields have been given stat bonuses *hint hint*
    - All retro capes (and hooded variants) have been given the correct stats.
    - Accuracy buff to Darklight
    - Each Dragonfire shield variant has been given its charges stats
    - Scythe from Reaper store has been given both a strength and accuracy boost
    - Spellcaster's Gloves have been given a Magic accuracy buff and a small Magic %buff
    - Deathtouch bracelet has been completely revamped. It is now best in slot for magic in the glove spot. It     has also been given defensive bonuses.
    - Drygore Mace has had a crush accuracy increase to reflect the Stab and Slash bonuses of Rapier and Longsword respectively. It has also been lowered by a small 3 Strength bonus.

[+] Bug Fixes
    - Extreme range making now takes 5 grenwall spikes per potion
    - You should not be able to summon or have a summon in the soul wars area.    
    - Your stored BoB items will do not show up for other players when dropped. (Except in the wilderness)
    - Fixed spam-clicking end of agility courses and all of the prif agility course. (If anything else still does this, let me know)
    - You won't lose your items when you die in the red portal safe area, or any PvP "safe area"

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Snixie    145

Hope something good inc, we will see soon:)

Thank you noel for the updates.

The redportal was fun :D

And awesome update here.

Edited by Snix

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Noele    398
14 minutes ago, razzle said:

what about the CHAOTIC RAPIER WAS meant to be buffed because it is weak

Most low-tier monsters have had their defense lowered to compensate for lower-tier gears. You should be fine.

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Xaxa    6

Overall a great update patch, really happy to see most of these implemented!

The pathing fix and no more having slayer monsters pj tf out of me are definitely my favourite fixes out of all. On top of my own issues being resolved :)

Thank you Noel and the Dev Team, Ataraxia is looking more concrete every patch!

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Xethis    3

Amazing dev work! Over the years of playing many variants of rsps' this dev team have released the best and most consistent updates I have seen! Thank you for the amazing work, it is very much appreciated :D

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Acaraje    61

All right. Now you will are playing with me. Jesus! Dem good updates!

Just remove t85+ items from pvp areas and other op items and i will be a happy man :P

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RSTyler    99

I think people should realise that these are running logs and should you disagree with an update or think something needs changing further.. then suggest it in a thread and see what the community has to say.

If you feel low their pvm is still too difficult, try doing some slayer/pve to get some more levels and better gear prior to moving onto pvm.

Sorry this reply is somewhat off topic for this thread.

But noel and the whole team are doing a great job and the updates are always amazing!! Especially some of the big projects coming up ;)



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