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Update logs #10

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Noele    398

Patch Notes #10 summary:
- Completionist Cape updates
- Perk improvements pertaining to old and new perks
- New ;;rswiki command to search on rswiki from in game
- Drop table changes: buffs and nerfs. Major changes to boss drops
- Plethora of bug fixes pertaining to the entire game
- New website is very close!




[+] Hotfixes for patch 10 that have been released (after the patch):
 - Completionist Cape has the original requirements, noted on the cape rack.

    - Completionist Cape (t) has the following requirements (which need to be added to the cape rack) + the regular comp reqs of course
        * 1,000 or more ports score
        * 1,000,000 gp or more donated to the Well of Goodwill
        * Augury / Rigour prayer abilities unlocked

    - There was an issue with the Overclocked perk from a previous developer that added how much unused time you had on your aura to the cooldown, this has been changed and now will work as intended, always!
    - Amount of damage done in Pest Control to receive commendation lowered to 300 (this is to offset how hard it is when there are 10-15 people in the boat), as well as the old boat modifier changing from:

        * playercount > 35 ? 0.3 : 0.2 (1/3 of the players at 35+, otherwise 1/5)
        * playercount > 60 ? 0.25 : 0.2 (1/4 of the players at 60+, otherwise 1/5

    - Polypore has the correct distance (no longer melee distance), and has been nerfed the right way -- not a damage cap, 1/2 the original damage multiplier.(may be buffed in the near future, we'll see how it plays out)
    - Investigator's perk will now finish clue scrolls instantly, and the price has been raised to $15. This will be 1-step in the, probably distant future, when the clue system is re-written.
    - Will no longer receive duplicates of skilling shards / skilling outfit pieces if you already have the item in your shard bag or any of your banks.





[+] Perk improvements
    - Investigator's perk will now make ALL clues 1 step no matter what. 
    - The imbued focus perk now allows you to Chip-off rune essence for free (caps at 250 in inventory)
    - Bank space will now be converted into additional bank containers, some of your glitched items should automatically move (all of them may not, you can talk to any banker and open the "fix my overfilled bank!" option to move overflowing items to the next container.
    - Additional bank containers are currently capped at +8 total, but can 

[+] Small Content
    - ;;rswiki / ;;wiki added - allows you to search RSWiki for things
    - Perfect chitin drop rate changed from 1/75 to 1/65
    - Expert Skillcape Shard Bags have been added! New players will receive this automatically, talk to the Ataraxia Welcomer to get your own!
    - Can use wild arrows with a noxious longbow.
    - Everyone should find it easier to get chronicle fragments, without any issues. The bonus with master diviner was increased 10% from its original.
    - Degraded Ports armor can now be upgraded to its superior counterpart, at an increased price.
    - Lava strykewyrms have been given a different warm-up animation for their lava bomb attack.
    - Lava strykewyrms have been given a killcount as well as messages for their unique T85 drops.
    - Lava Strykewyrms should now drop loot if you kill them whilst they are burrowing.
    - Ashes (such as searing ashes from lava strykeyrms) can now be used on an altar.
    - Added the ability to toggle building mode in your house by right-clicking the portal.
    - Ship timer notification removed, and the timers have been added to your task tab    

[+] Drop table changes
    - Mith dragons DFH drop rate has been changed from 2% - 13%, addy dragons drop rate has been changed from 3% - 16%
    - All demons have been given their corresponding ashes as a 100% drop. This includes lesser, greater and black demons
    - Kalphite Queen now drops noted Grimy Toadflax.
    - Wild arrows are now a 100% drop from Lava Strykewyrms. The quantity you receive has therefore been lowered. 
    - Dark arrows are now a 100% drop from Dark beasts. The quantity you receive has therefore been lowered.
    - Red, Blue and Yellow flowers are now dropped by Rock Crabs for Ironman/woman purposes.
    - The amount of stackable loot received from Kingly/Dragon/Zombie implings has been improved.
    - Herblore secondaries have been added to three different slayer monsters.
* Cave crawlers now drop a decent amount of low level herblore secondaries.
        * Jellies now drop a decent amount of mid level herblore secondaries.
        * Mutated jadinko babies now drop a decent amount of high level herblore secondaries
These changes are useful for ironmen, but regular players may wish to fight the jadinkos too for uncommon secondaries such as papaya fruit and wyvern bonemeal.    
[+] Bug fixes
    - Fixed duo slayer login bug that would not allow you to exit the dialogue.
    - Bat bones can be buried and used on the altar
    - Polypore staff glitch fixed
    - Unable to wear max/comp/comp-t capes when missing summoning points
    - You need at least 15 ascension shards to craft bolts (now a 1:1 ratio)
    - Obelisk can teleport you to the same obelisk in the wild, not a big deal
    - All forms of the dragon dagger spec work (missing (p) case)
    - No more message spam from hungry pets! (you'll still be told!)
    - Emerald bolt tips can now be added to mithril bolts!
    - Vote book 2x bonus (for weekend vote books) works as intended now.
    - The ring of death special should work as intended (without any weird charge outputs)

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Mudflipz    20

Damn, some quality updates here for sure, love the herblore secondaries from slayer creatures! Will make use of tons of herbs I previously had no use for on my ironman! :D

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