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Update logs #13

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Noele    398

Patch notes summary:
- Airuts and Celestial dragons have been added
- Demon flash mobs, an hourly world-event, was added
- New Store launch, with new design 
- RoTs is 90% done and will undergo testing tonight!

[+] New content
    - Demon flash mobs, a world-event based around a multi-zone boss was added. 
        * Read more at ::rswiki Demon flash mobs
        * You can receive 14 custom titles for this boss at a rare chance.
        * There is also a rare "Dragon slayer" set that you may receive as loot!

    - Airuts and Celestial dragons have been added, with all of their respective drops and mechanics!
        * Airuts are accessible far-west of the Falconry teleport (no task), or in Kuradals dungeon (with task)
        * Celestials can be accessed through the "Slayer teleports" menu, without a task

    - Our new store has been launched, which was custom made by one of the co-founders of GPAY.IO, the parent processor of RSPS-PAY.
        * The new platform will allow us to change up our payment methods, include Superrewards content in the future
        * The theme is custom to us, and gives it a nice feel. Will change with our site

    - You can now use a Loom to create milestone capes.
[+] Changes to existing content
    - Hefin monk has been made to be more expensive, based on how much the crystals were compared to bones, regardless of prif requirement.
    - Ironmen can no longer kill people for items in the wilderness.
    - View items stat and item examining on equip-item screen.
    - Pawyas are 100% functional now, with more hunter options coming soon.

[+] Bug fixes
    - Bug fixes on the Account Interface Manager, which allowed for some bug abuse.
        * Special thanks to Micke for showing me this issue in detail.
    - A couple small bugs and nulls fixed.

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Primus    26
17 minutes ago, Noele said:

This spot is reserved for patch notes in the future!

I'm a simple man, I see patch notes, I get har- oh wait it's reserved

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Thanks for the update from yourself and the Development team.

Never fail to bring the best content.

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