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Alkan's Farewell

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Alkan    11

After some real life issues happened i just lost my motivation to playing games. This was a hard decision, but sadly the time in Ataraxia has came to an end for me. Ataraxia is one of the best RSPS made, and i simply loved it. Ataraxia gave me the feeling i had when i started playing RuneScape for the first time <3

Im really sad to let Ataraxia go because the game experience was a joy most of the time.

Id like to thank the community, the community is one of the most friendly communites i've seen. Everyone is always helpful and does care about everyone. I'd be proud to say that this community is like a huge family and im glad i could be a part of it.

Id also like to thank the Staff team for making the game so joyful to play. The staff team is professionals and they are all helpful and caring.

A Special thanks to Jaedmo, Noel, Feed my ego, you 3 are simply awesome and im sad to say that i have to leave. thank you all three for making my time in Ataraxia so beautiful.

Some day i might return. :) 

Everyone take care!

Thanks everyone for making my time in Ataraxia so beautiful! <3


- Alkan

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The Japan    97

Take care ^^

 I never really chatted with you too much but i just wanna say thanks for the giveaway and good luck with whatever you decide to do in future.

I hope someday you can return to ataraxia when irl stuff is out of the way & You have time to play.

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