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  2. Lookin good, can't wait for Ata2, hard to find a game to fill in the time I would of been on here.
  3. This includes all Updates since the last update of Ataraxia on the 30th November, 2020. [+] General Changes - Changed Great white shark and Crystal urchin fishing exp to match RS3 - Changed Maple, Elder and Evil bark Firemaking rates to match RS3 (evil bark nerfed) - Buffed Mahogany, Ivy, Teak, Cursed magic & Crystal tree exp rates - Nerfed Dream tree, Elder & Acadia exp rates slightly - Untradeable items can no longer be stored in the GIM Bank - Removed announcements for Rare item token store and Chime shop - Pet perks have been discontinued, these
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  5. Hello Ataraxians, as we are now in the project stage, we intend on expanding our community as far as possible, to do so, we need your help! Previously, we've had all of our traffic organically and rarely through YouTubers, but the most successful servers manage to become a phenomenon in the scene through word of mouth, such as Zenyte & Zaros. This competition intends to allow you, the community, to take matters into your own hands with the recent news of Ataraxia's downtime. Details: Go to https://ataraxia-ps.com/forums/ Locate this at the top right:
  6. I look forward to hopping back on after it relaunches : ) 100% support
  7. The system will work very close to if not exactly the same. There'll be different Perks and edited perks though.
  8. This is a tough decision but man this is what is needed. Happy for you and the team. Will be playing when it's released.
  9. James, The day all RSPS players realize will happen at some point, but never want to witness. This decision is a prime example of the dedication you have towards Ataraxia, as well as an insanely large set of balls, considering the consequences of this decision. I respect that, a lot. I've always thoroughly enjoyed Ataraxia (and it's predecessors), albeit with breaks here and there, but I fully understand the reasons for doing this. And while it is undeniably better for the server as a whole, the relaunch of Ataraxia will be a different Ataraxia, atleast to me it will feel
  10. Best of luck with the server reset, tbh this is quite literally the only worthwhile RS3 server to play and even though I haven't played in a month or so, I have enjoyed the time I've played on this server and I can't wait to see what will come for the relaunch.
  11. As upset as I am because I have been grinding so hard this week for comp (t), and I'm 2 achievements away.... I am excited for what is to come and I understand it is best for the economy and the integrity of the game! I look forward to what is next and I hope we can play again very very soon! I will definitely be on in the future, it is by far my favorite RSPS I've ever logged into. Thanks for everything, and good luck. I will be here supporting you guys!
  12. Im sad to see the server shut down but I understand its for the best interest. I look forward to the return and all the new things that will be coming with it. If there is anything I can do to help I would be more than willing to.
  13. I fully support the decisions made in order it take Ataraxia to a new level, I understand how much of a risk it is to pretty much disable your server and any income that comes with that but I look forward to Ataraxia 2. Only question I have is will the perk/donation system stay the same as in buy perk and it adds to total donated and the perk is unlocked perma?
  14. this game is way to good to not be in the toplist, and honestly i have full confident in this being for the best for the server. read the post and the plans setup for future updates are amazing and crusial
  15. I'm for it all.. It's gonna suck about the reset.. but it gives us all something to do again when the server comes back up. Keep us updated, and I'll see you when the server comes back online!
  16. Please take the time to read the whole document before jumping to any conclusions! Hello Ataraxians, As announced previously, the trajectory of Ataraxia has been quite stable for a while. There hasn't been much growth, yet also no substantial drops, at least in the last month or so. We've been maintaining 20-50 people on at one time, which is decent and not too bad for our revision, however, I think we deserve more. There have been a select few people who have consistently played Ataraxia despite the circumstance, and to those people, I commend you. We wouldn't be
  17. Kay Otic


    Hi there. Loving the server so far. I keep forgetting how much I love this game in all its shapes and forms :)
  18. Ataraxia Updates #60 - Christmas Event - Bug Fixes - Full Dungeoneering [+] General Changes - Rewrote Christmas cracker code, will now have the proper chances & World announcements - As voted in the poll, Custom Dungeoneering will co-exist with Full Dungeoneering, as such, Custom dung exp rates and token rates have been heavily reduced, we want people to experience actual Dungeoneering. [+] Dungeoneering - There's a lot to detail in Dungeoneering, I've got a Video here for the starter guide: - Dungeoneering includes
  19. I genuinely loved reading this post. The server really has had an issue with keeping the new playerbase, and I always thought that one of the underlying factors was, exactly as explained, that certain bugs or QoL updates have been overlooked. It really has gotten to the point where certain bugs just become a part of the game. The veterans get complacent and don't mind them as much, the new players do. I also think that the community itself is one of if not the main driving factor behind this. People are constantly asking for the newest pvm updates like Solak and all that good stuff, but w
  20. One of the biggest reasons I left was the nulling and glitches. However, even worse was the complacent staff, who weren't very helpful, friendly or encouraging and had too high of an opinion of themselves. In a word, they were toxic. Note that this wasn't all staff but the general culture was very elitist and toxic. It's good to see somewhat of an acknowledgement of this issue and I hope to see the server grow and be better. Good luck. - cokemuncher
  21. While being deployed has made it difficult to play the server due to lag/time to play, this is one of my favorite servers. I love the NXT and rs3 aspects, it's enjoyable! Looking forward to the updates and the future of the server, you guys are doing great!
  22. Always been a great server, and i continue to endorse it, highs and lows.
  23. I'm not going to lie - I played a ton earlier this year and have since quit.. however I'm still a part of the discord and enjoy looking at the pvm challenges and update logs. What made me leave originally was the nulling issue. A null here or there was fine, but when it started to happen to me every login I lost faith in the server. I'm sure you guys have redeemed yourselves by now, and I know the dedication of the staff team was incredible. I wish you all the best of luck in the future.
  24. Hello, With over 1,000 members still active in the Discord, Ataraxia is still a thriving community. Since August 2018 we've been running consistently with little to no downtime, meaning over 2 years of uptime, 2 years of updates, 2 years of events (more or less). We've built an amazing community and I'm pretty sure almost every high revision fanatic has come through Ataraxia at one point or another, some stayed, some unfortunately not. The past 3-5 months haven't been the best for Ataraxia, we've always had bad months or bad periods but never for this long. It's an extremely draining
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