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  2. Sent a PM via discord with my application. Edit: Posting in here via Jaedmo request. In-Game Name: Gynx Timezone: CST(Central America Standard) Total Hours Played: Infractions: None Explanation: N/A (Never got infracted) Desire To Be Staff: I desire to be a staff member of Ataraxia due to the fact that I have fell in love with the community and the staff team. There's been some situations in-game that I know how to solve but I lack the power to assist so have to find a staff member to assist and I feel I would make a great guidance for any newcomer Additional Information: I understand that there's probably tons of other applicants out there and you wonder why you'd pick me over anyone else... Action speaks louder than words and that's my moto in life but I would like to share some of my RSPS history. I started RSPS in late 2008, became moderator for the first time in 2009 and was basically staff on any server I joined. I ran my own server back in 2012 and 2014. Tried again in 2016 but just lacked the ability to have time to do it. I haven't been staff of a RSPS since 2016 but my maturity and leadership skills still are top knotch and I can still handle things professionally no matter how bad the situation becomes. I'll be looked at as a model of Ataraxia and I'll do all I can to relieve some pressure off the moderators and assist the best that I can and be active as much as possible. I just feel I would fit perfectly with the staff team and we could build a legacy and I'd love to work with you guys as a team instead of just a simple member with a voice :). May the best applicant(s) get accepted.
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  5. Post here if you're interested in applying! Check Announcements on Discord for a detailed expectation list for Supports.
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  7. Not sure if this has been resolved, but I attached the current client to this comment. Hope this helps! Ataraxia_Live_Patch_43.jar
  8. having the same problem keep redirecting my back to a dowload link every time i download the client
  9. Hello everyone, This is my first time back on Ataraxia in a long time since I've been getting destroyed by college work, and getting my career together in general. I'm trying to open up the client but I just cant. Attached is a message that I get popping up every time I open it. I have Java downloaded and cache has been cleared, so I don't know what to do. If anyone can help me out that would be great, thank you!
  10. Welcome to Ataraxia, I told with you now and then in Discord. Have fun and stay outta trouble!
  11. Everyone really knows who I am by now but uhh. Hi, I am Gynx, a 25 year old crazy boy. I tend to get along with everyone pretty well and goof off sometimes but in a good way. I used to be amazing at all kinds of shit but grew up, got old and just left it all behind but here's my past: Video editor GFX Artist Web Developer Multi-Server Owner/Hoster/Developer Just say I got multi talents but never use them anymore. I just come around to hang out, make new friends and have a good time when I'm bored. Anyway, want to know more just ask.
  12. yeah i need a invite aswell please DeanoDabo#4449 is my discord <3 and thank you for the logs for updates thats awesome :D
  13. https://discord.gg/GcCmJTe You can also do ;;discord ingame.
  14. i cant find the link or invite to join the discord server. could someone help me out please?
  15. how do i join on discored? dont i need an invite?
  16. Head to our Discord and download the new Pinned client in #general!
  17. cant seem to load launcher now and when i download new launcher still doesnt work ?
  18. Ataraxia Updates #43 - Juju Potions - Bug Fixes - Mystery Box additions - Skilling contract edits! [+] General Changes - Added ;;hidefamiliaroptions or ;;hideoptions shortcut, Command for hiding familiar and pet options - Made barrows tunnel multi-combat area. - Added araxxor base enrage limit of 300. - Skilling contract gathering contract amounts edited to be similar/equal time to the artisan skills - Added Seiryus claw to ED1 mobs & bosses drop table - Added Seiryus fang to Bryll Thoksdottir for 100k dung tokens. - Invention blue prints will now reset on game mode change. - Added Telos drop simulator ::simtelos (Kills 1 - 1000) (Enrage 0 - 4000) (Streak 0 - 100) - Doubled the max charges of augmented items that don't use the universal charge system [+] Juju Potions - You can read all about Juju potions here: [+] Bug Nuke Minigame/Boss Fixes - Fixed RoTS not being able to start if the team size is bigger than two players. - Fixed barrows dig option not letting you inside the tomb and saying "you find nothing!". - Fixed Hardmode Vindicta not counting for reaper task. - Fixed The Violet Lotus miniboss spawn location. - Made elite dungeon bosses and minibosses freeze immune. - Fixed Muspahs not always counting for slayer task. - Fixed Kurask combat animations. - Fixed the Magister collection log. - Added correct handling for stackable items in collection log. - Fixed Kalphite Queen teleport location on new interface. - Fixed RoTS collection log not registering all drops. - Made it so you cant summon pets/familiars inside Fight Cave. - Fixed new Rax interface dead click areas. - Fixed Vorago instance costs (3m, 1.5m with perk). Skilling Fixes - Fixed not being able to create "Titans Constitution Scroll" from any of its possible pouches. - Fixed Fletching not checking if player has enough inv space. - Fixed agility pyramid planks getting player stuck. - Fixed agility pyramid ledge getting players stuck. - Added correct skill requirements to milestone capes. - Fixed not being able to disassemble ores sometimes. - Fixed silver crafting animation. - Fixed arrowheads Smithing requiring two bars instead of one. - Fixed Platebodies Smithing requiring three bars instead of five. - Fixed the "walk across" shortcut for red dragons in Brimhaven dung.'} Combat/Item Fixes - Fixed Masutas warspear cone attack. - Increased the cone attack for weapons to hit the correct area targets (See gif below). - Fixed overload salve not giving potion timers. - Fixed Ascendri Bolts giving full damage on bows other than Ascensions. - Fixed not being able to spawn Zaros godsword special attack sometimes. - Made weapons/armour degrade only if your under combat. - Fixed Shieldbow sight not working for Elder shieldbow. - Fixed augmented spirit shields effects. - Fixed prayer restoring effect from necklaces/aura for ash scattering. - Fixed heal other spell. - Fixed Staff of light passive effect of not consuming runes when casting a spell. - Made Elite armour/weapons not degrade from dying inside Elite Dungeons. - Fixed Celestial handwraps stats - Fixed Soul split heal (made it RS3 heal rate +50%), It was healing WAY more than it should have been. - Fixed an error in drain rate calculation it will now not include drain rate for items that don't use the universal charge system. Miscellaneous Fixes - Fixed the add item method to 100% insure the player gets the item if their inventory is full (fixing herb box etc etc). - Fixed tormented demons weird text. - Fixed vote not giving players items if they dont have space in their inventory. - Fixed Auburys apprentice perk not working for rune pouches. - Fixed God Wars Dungeon altars. - Fixed filter chat mesages options not saving on logout. - The "Withdraw-to-bank" option on the trisk key bag will no longer reset when its contents are deposited - Bowstring will now be given as a possible reward from completing contracts - Skillchompas have been nerfed when Woodcutting (same as the Mining nerf) - You can now do ;;ltp to teleport to the last location you clicked on the Teleport Interface - Dragon platebody shards/parts are now worth 3M. Dragon platebodies are now worth 10M. Karil's pistol crossbows are now worth 1.5M each Credits: lare96, Xenthium, Armark1ng, Kirito & Jaedmo
  19. In-game Name: CerioushellWhat is your time played?: 333 hoursDo you have a lot of free time to test?: I would be embarassed if I told you just how much free time I have.What content are you looking forward to testing?: Skilling changes and new combat/bossing mechanics.How knowledgeable are you on late-game content, mostly bossing mechanics (Telos, Araxxor, The Magister, Nex: AOD)?: I know all araxxor mechanics easily, Still learning a few of the other bosses like Telos but I've learned a lot about them recently.
  20. To get started with juju potions you'll need vine herb seeds for the herbs and the secondaries for making the complete potions. You can obtain those by talking to the Witchdoctor at ;;home and buying some Marasamaw plant traps. Then ask him to teleport you to the jadinkos. They can be caught using the plant traps (in a similar way to box traps) and yield various seeds and/or secondaries. God jadinkos are special they can drop harmony moss seeds, and are only available for a set amount of time each day. They're always available on weekends. You can plant your vine herb seeds in vine bush patches, and you can get to the patches by talking to the Witchdoctor. All seed types take 80 minutes to grow and will never become diseased and/or die. Once you have herbs and secondaries, you can begin making juju potions! Here is a cheatsheet for them. You can also examine juju potions in-game and they will tell you their effects. If you add harmony moss to certain 3 dose juju potions, you can make 'perfect' juju potions which have better effects and last much longer. Here is a cheatsheet for perfect jujus. You can examine these in-game as well. In order to grow harmony moss, you must have access to Priffddinas. Talk to the Witchdoctor and ask him to take you to the harmony pillars, then rake the pillars to reveal what skill the pillar is attuned to. Then you can either plant a harmony moss seed, or wait until the weeds re-grow in order to re-attune the pillar. Once a harmony moss seed is planted, gaining 75,000 XP in the attuned skill (NOT affected by XP multipliers or bonus XP) will grow the seed a stage. After 4 stages the harmony moss will be grown and can be harvested. Juju potions will be released in Patch #43. Hope you guys like it!
  21. I honestly can't think of anything in the entire game that can't be Solo'd(With the appropriate effort) outside of Veteran boat Pest Control. Even RotS only really requires an extra person to open it, and can be successfully solo'd after that. If anything we could use more encouragement to do content as a group, in my opinion. This is the specific reason that Exoz and I recruit newer players to our clan rather than veterans - It gives them a group of people to work together to conquer content, rather than being forced to do everything solo(Because it's possible to do Solo, so most veteran players do it that way.)
  22. Elite dungeons can actually be soloed or grouped. If you have some suggestions for content please let us know though. We're always looking to add more content!
  23. Server needs more solo content...
  24. Massive credits to @armark1ng for developing this, as well as everyone else involved in creating this pog piece of content! Can't wait to get my hands on that juicy elite sirenic
  25. Surge and Escape abilities EoC here i come ^_^
  26. [+] Game Additions Temple of Aminishi (Elite Dungeon 1): You can get there by going to the teleport>Minigame Teleports>Temple of Aminihshi You will need to create an elite dungeon part in order to enter by typing ;;pd or ;;partydetails or using Ring of Kinship All drops inside the dungeon can be auto-collected by the treasure chests all around the dungeon (Note: you can disable auto-collecting, gaining 20% (Normal Mobs), 5%(Bosses) chance of getting double loot!). Dungeon progress will be saved upon server restarts so you don't have to worry if the server restarts or is updated! You wont lose any of your progress! All elite armours/weapons won't degrade while inside the dungeon. You can use Ctrl + C for Surge and Ctrl + V For Escape (only in the Temple of Aminishi) ***Details about the Elite Dungeon*** The dungeon has five large rooms filled with monsters. There are a total of three bosses located in the dungeon (Room two - The Sanctum Guardian, room four - Masuta the Ascended, room five - Seiryu the Azure Serpent). You can enter the dungeon solo, or with a group (max of three). Rewards include tier 92 range armour (Elite Sirenic), Dungeoneering Tokens, a new boss pet (Kuroryu), a handy bunch of items to disassemble for materials, and Onyx Dust which can be turned into Uncut Onyx's! [+] Bug Fixes -The skip intro crashing the client when using treasure hunter has been fixed -The Fishing Rod-o-matic having only one gizmo slot has been changed -The "buy all" option from the shops has been replaced with a "Buy X" option
  27. Updated 01/02/2020
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