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  2. Hunting guide by Emma Kitty Hi! This is a (hopefully) short guide bringing you all the info you need to train hunter. This guide is heavily inspired by Soren's hunter guide, which is a little outdated, but can be found here https://ataraxia-ps.com/forums/topic/204-hunter-guide/ basic info: So hunter is a gatherers skill, you catch creatures to get xp. There are some advantages I want you to know about before i get deep into the guide: Protean traps can be very advantageous since you can have them auto-place traps for you, allowing you to afk for xp. perks the Huntsman perk allows you to place 2 extra traps (up to 8 at level 80), you will also gain an additional 25% xp, 15% success rate, and 10% chance to receive double loot The Bank Command perk allows you to remotely bank, this isn't nessessarily great for hunter as it is for anything else, but it can still be nice to have allowing to bank caught animals, or for traps incase you fergot them (again...) The ability bar: not everyone is a big fan of abilities, but that doesn't mean you cant use it to put your traps on so you can just place a trap with the click on the numpad Shops You will need box traps, bird snares, butterfly net, etc, these can all be found in the store at ::market, or from the hunter expert, located at the feldip hills hunter location. Starting out alternatives So hunter isn't a fast skill, especially when playing on the more difficult gamemodes with less xp multipliers. That being said skipping the first levels of hunter can be very time-saving since this is probably something your going to do eventually anyways. So what i would recommend start out doing is divination, use the chronicles for hunting xp ideally you wanna get to level 19, but any level will really help your progress. Another early booster is the divine locations at home, however you need to be a donator (or have donated in the past hour) to use these. These will also not work on all gamemodes. Levels 1-19 snaring crimson swifts So incase you were too stubborn to do divination (like me) and you didn't want to (or didn't have access to) the divine locations, you want to use bird snares on crimson swifts. You will start out failing a lot, so even getting a couple levels will help out a ton. these can be found on the east shore of feldip hills (teleport skilling -> hunter -> feldip hills and run east). You can drop the loot you get, but it will get auto-dropped if you inventory is full so you dont need to bother. Levels 19-27 Snaring tropical wagtails These are very similar to the crimson swifts, you place your snare traps close to the birds, and loot them when they get trapped. This location can be found by teleporting to skilling -> hunter -> feldip hills, they can be found right on the teleport, but i found that going slightly southwest was the ideal spot, do not forget to bring a 2nd snare trap as at level 20 you can use 2. Levels 27-46: Cobalt skillchompas If you are blindly reading this guide top to bottom and following it step by step, I'd like to avert your attention to the bottom where I talk about some alternatives as they might come in handy. The next step is cobalt skillchompas, these are useful because the loot can actually be used this time. It also stacks so no annoying full inventories. Bring box traps, bring 3 because you will stay here until above level 40. These can be found by teleporting to skilling -> hunter -> tree gnome stronghold hunter area. Levels 46-63 viridian skillchompas Similarly to previous, these skillchompas can be found by teleporting to skilling -> hunter -> port phasmatys teleport It was at this point where I did some falconry as little breaks here and there, at level 57 when dark falcons are unlocked its slightly faster xp, but a lot more click intensive. Levels 63- red chinchompas These can be found with teleport skilling -> hunter -> feldip hills and running slightly south. Their name is carnivorous chinchompa. THIS GUIDE HAS YET TO BE CONTINUED, FOR THOSE FOLLOWING IT WITHOUT IT BEING FINISHED, KEEP DOING RED CHINS UNTIL 69 FOR FALCONRY, OR KEEP GOING UNTIL 77 FOR GRENWALS AND MOVE TO CRIMSON SKILLCHOMPAS AT 89. notable possibilities: Salamanders - these are actually not a possibility but i wanted to mention them in case you thought about going to do them, and i want to save you some time. at the current moment of writing this guide, salamanders do not spawn, the traps are not intractable (even with bringing nets and rope) therefor these are not possible to do. Do not waste your time trying. Implings - There is a puro puro teleport where you can find implings (a net and jars can be found there too). The lower level item rewards are mainly junk. The higher level rewards are ???? but the overall xp rate is bad because you end up running around for not a lot of xp, these can be done but i would recommend sticking with the main guide. Falconry - This is good xp, but really click intensive, if looking for something more relaxed go for box traps, but if enjoyed, do this at the unlocked levels (43, 57 and 69). Chinchompas - At level 53 you unlock chinchompas, I looked at all the spawns and couldn't find a single spot with enough spawns to make this viable, they are very reduced and I would recommend sticking with skillchompas Deadfalls - really good xp, only issue is, currently at the time of writing this guide, when the trap is set up, but fails to catch the kebbit, it becomes permanently broken until the server is restarted.
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  6. yaaah ECO is saved no more plebs farming easy stuff for cash! Thanks for also fixing the bolts making a lot of ppl have been asking about it. Keep up the great job!
  7. Great update. Big improvement to QOL.
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    Yes contact any Mod+ on Discord.
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    hi, can i donate with paypal?
  10. Ataraxia Updates #53 - Lots of QOL - Lots of Bug fixes [+] General Changes - You can now use noted Magic stones when doing Construction - Buffed the damage of the Zaros Godsword special attack - Removed Pawya meat from Divine Box traps - Increased the amount of Mystery boxes in the Bronze donator shop - Treasure trail completion/point awarding message is now filterable - You can now farm Bloodweed herbs at any Herb patch - Removed all Teleports and mechanics of Bork - Removed the announcement for Godbows - Slightly reduced droprates of Sirenic scales from creature's droptables - Adrenaline potions are undrinkable at 100% energy - Telos kc now announces - You can now cut and craft Bloodwood logs into Bakriminel bolts - Nerfed the amount Abyssal equipment sells to the General store, for too long Abyssal demons have been meta to camp all day, every day, we want to try encourage people to do other content, this will be the first of a few changes we intend on rolling out over the next month or two - Nerfed all Bones/Ashes sell price to less than 20,000 coins per, they sold for way too much and it was unhealthy for the GP Eco - Added Prayer bonus of Deathtouched bracelet to Omnipotence Gloves - Added Bloodwood trees, they can be found all over Ataraxia! (Edgeville is the easiest location), These will provide "Bloodwood logs" which can be crafted into Bakriminel bolt shafts, which combined with Bakriminel bolt tips from the General store can be fletched into Bakriminel bolts. These bolts are base level T80 and can be upgraded to Hydrix Bakriminel bolt (T90) - Vorago unique drop rates have been nerfed slightly, Tectonic energy drop chance lowered from 1-5 to 1-4 - Slightly reduced the amount that Killstreak and Enrage increased the chance of a Unique drop at Telos - You can now split Amulet of souls (or) and Reaper necklace (or) from the ornament kit - You can now open Box of Clue scrolls to receive 2 of either Easy, Medium or Hard sealed clues - Guido's bonfire now drops un-noted so it goes to the Collection log [+] Bug Fixes - Leather crafting not increasing your amount created is fixed - Protean Fletching now works on Portables - Protean Crafting now works on Portables - Noxious weapon crafting has been fixed - Master Fledger perk now functions with the Make-x interfaces - You can now craft Battlestaves with the Make-x interfaces - Fixed Fletching bolt-tips having the wrong animation - Efficiency expert now works for Fletching - Efficiency expert now works for Leather crafting, Gem cutting, Arrow tipping and Bolt tipping - Fixed Completionist cape requiring players to reach floor 50 of Dungeoneering - Fixed nulls in multiple classes; Helwyr, RS3SkillsDialogue, Shop Viewer, Item Transactions, Treasure hunter, Araxxor and Aod - Fixed Ascension bolts not giving Experience - Fixed Nex: AOD dropping the Blood tentacle rather than Reeves - Fixed Arrow shafts from Oak+ logs creating the wrong ID Shaft, meaning you're unable to make Headless arrows - Fixed Feather fletching not giving experience - Fixed tipping arrows not giving experience - Fixed being unable to eat peaches....? - Fixed being able to drag an empty space onto an item to swap them - Fixed Meerkat pouches reward from Clue scrolls being un-noted - Fixed Molten glass/Robust glass and Crystal glass not bringing up an interface - Fixed random make-x interface popping up allowing you to make unlimited raw cods - Fixed Crystal singer mining not unlocking the animation Credits: Xenthium, Armark1ng, JTlrBrad, ATD & Jaedmo
  11. This title is given to the best performing Staff member of the Month. This will include all of the staff promoted within the month. The Staff member will receive this rank: Staff of the Month A new Golden discord rank for the Month. And to top it off, $50 PayPal or RSGP to their desire. The voting is done by all of you! Check the attached Poll and vote for your candidate! Please also post why in the comments below! While there may only be one winner, you are all very much appreciated ❤️ Best, Jaedmo, Dawson, Milo & the gang
  12. Hello, my name is Teabag I was here around 2018 when it started untill some time Love to see the new ingame updates and to continue my progress on my account If someone remember me. Hit me up!
  13. Ataraxia Updates #52 - Clue Scroll Update! - Quality of Life Changes - AOD Drop buff - Boss Meta Shift [+] General Changes - Protean crafting and Fletching is now functional - Cooked Sharks and Prayer potion (3) are now unlimited in the Grand exchange - Divine Charges have been added to Hazelmere for Ironman accounts for 250 chimes each - Divine Charges have been added to the Grand exchange for regular accounts for 1.8m each - You no longer need to have 1000 hours played and 25 Fight kilns for Completionist cape (t) - Added Hydrix to Slayer rewards for 2250 Slayer points - Lowered price of Hydrix from Death to 450 from 500 - Overloads are now all tradeable - Crystal chest will now notify you that it has sent the items to your bank - Araxxor charge on Light path will now be every 45 seconds rather than 1 minute 25 - You will now damage the wall by default 500 points, if you choose the correct option, it will be 1000 - You now have an extra second to press the arrow keys - Angel of Death unique drops have been buffed.. Quite substantially - Salvage now has value at the General store [+] Boss Balancing - The following changes have happened to Boss defences, these changes have been done and discussed in Staff meetings and Community feedback. We're aiming to force a new meta that allows us to move away from Blood barraging everything: Nex: AOD remains weak to Magic Telos remains weak to Magic Vorago remains weak to Magic Kalphite King is now substantially weaker to the combat triangle attacks opposed to his current form (Mage > Melee, Melee > Range, Range > Mage) Corporeal beast is now substantially weak to Melee Chaos Elemental is now weak to Range King Black Dragon is now weak to Melee Giant Mole is now weak to Melee Helwyr is now weak to Melee Vindicta & Gorvek is now weak to Range Gregorovic is now weak to Range Twin furies are now weak to Melee General Graardor is now weak to Melee Kree'arra is now weak to Range Commander Zilyana is now weak to Range K'ril Tsutsaroth is now weak to Melee These weaknesses make it so you're accurate using that style vs the specific boss, meaning, when using other styles, you will/can hit, but it will be much less likely than when using the correct combat style. [+] Clue Scroll Update - Treasure Trails now function close to exactly like Runescape 3. This includes: Stackable Clue scroll boxes Stackable Clue scroll caskets Reward Rerolling - The perk Investigator will retain some of it's existing effects, however, the new effects of the perk are: Investigator Instantly grants you the Reward Casket for Easy, Medium and Hard clues Elite Clue steps will range from 2-4 rather than 5-7 Master Clue steps will range from 3-5 rather than 6-8 You will be able to store 60 of each Sealed clue scroll rather than 25 You have a 1/5 chance to instantly complete an Elite clue You have a 1/10 chance to instantly complete a Master clue - The rates of Rare items from Clue scrolls will remain how they are pending some trial period, so please let us know how you think they are following the update - All puzzles, emote challenges, coordinates, maps, scans and rewards have been added! - Skipping tickets to skip certain parts of Clue scrolls have been added to full functionality and unlimited in the Grand exchange for 5m each! [+] Bug Fixes - Fixed a Vorago null resulting in Vorago launching remaining bombs - Fixed Harold's helmet equipping - Fixed Sirenic crafting not working - Fixed Noxious weaponry crafting not working - Fixed Tectonic armour crafting not working - Fixed Fletching perk not working on Fletching interface - Fixed Tipping bolts not working on Fletching interface - Fixed Dragonstones defaulting to Herblore grinding Not too many bug fixes, but we're hoping to power some out and throw out another patch in 1-2 weeks with a heap. Please be sure to contact me if there are any that need prioritising/haven't received attention in a long time. Credits: Xenthium, Armark1ng, JTlrBrad, ATD & Jaedmo
  14. 1700 total not to long ago.
  15. Sorry for the delay with this Update. Lots of intricate fixes and content pieces were needed and it took longer than anticipated. Ataraxia Updates #51 - GIM Bank/Group Fixes - Herblore, Crafting and Fletching Skilling Interfaces - Rune Pouch, Large Rune Pouch & Unlimited Rune Pouch - Necklace of Omnipotence (blood) [+] General Changes - Double Trouble and Omni ring "double"/"vanish" messages now filter - Triskelion Key fragment rates have been reduced from 5% to 3% drop chance from Mobs on the table - You can now right click convert your Ataraxia dollars into Ataraxia Dollar (vote) - Members Zone, Platinum Zone and Diamond Zone have been removed again. The objects were not the cause of the freezing. - Excalibur and Enhanced Excalibur will now have proper right click options - When opening the Grand exchange it will now tell you to add 5% on Unlimited offers - Glaives have replaced Strykebow for the Saradomin staff combination due to an issue with Strykebow - Vorago Pets now have a threshold system in place, (the higher the kc the higher the chance to receive) - Bombi has been added to Vorago hard mode drop table, you'll need to "maul all rots in hardmode to get it" (idk vorago hopefully you nerds know what this means. 1/100 drop - ALL npcs now spawn faster. From 36~ seconds to 10-15~ I felt the biggest challenge with Slayer on my Hardcore was waiting for them to respawn. - Jellies have been added to Platinum zone instances - Corrupted Creatures have been added to Platinum zone instances - Tormented demon Plat zone instance now spawns 3 instead of 1 - Assembling Crystal triskelion message is now filtered - You can now purchase/sell Ataraxia dollars through the Grand exchange - Blood, Soul and Death rune General store prices have been decreased, a few people have been caught macroing Runecrafting for this, hopefully this devalues the method for those we have failed to catch - You will now receive the Omnipotence equipment on your 11th try 100%, this is to stop people becoming demotivated 🙂 [+] Crafting, Herblore and Fletching Interfaces - These interfaces have been added with the same functionality as Runescape 3! - This allows for "spacebar" skilling, making it faster for you and more convenient! - There are some imperfections yet to be added, however, these interfaces are still more relevant and useful than the previous ones - Here they are! [+] Necklace of Omnipotence (blood) - The Necklace of Omnipotence (b) is the new Best-in-slot necklace, to create it, you must use a Bottle of Blood from the Combination interface on the Necklace of Omnipotence. This will unlock the superior version also granting access to the Blood necklace effect. - The Bottle of Blood will set you back the following: - Hefty price for a great necklace: [+] Harold's Helmet - Harold.. I.E The Grim Reaper of Runescape has let go of his most valuable possession, his Helmet. - To achieve Harold's helmet, simply complete the following Combination! [+] Rune Pouches - Have fun with this one... [+] Bug Fixes - Nex instance will no longer crash - Combination announcements are fixed, no more "-1" spam - Fixed Lady ithell taking your dust without giving you a Crystal Pick/Hatchet - Fixed Slayer rewards stating Imbuing rings is 300 pts, not 125 - Fixed Telos turning into Hans - Fixed Nex: Angel of Death drops occasionally not dropping to players - Fixed Nex: AoD dropping Mazcab ability codex - Professional disassembler is now properly added to Complete and Utility perk packages - Fixed the Dagannoth King ladder not taking you out of the controller - Fixed Group creation and Groups for Group Ironmen - Fixed GIM Banks not working Credits: Xenthium, Armark1ng, JTlrBrad & Jaedmo
  16. This title is given to the best performing Staff member of the Month. This will include all of the staff promoted within the month. The Staff member will receive this rank: Staff of the Month A new Golden discord rank for the Month. And to top it off, $50 PayPal or RSGP to their desire. The voting is done by all of you! Check the attached Poll and vote for your candidate! Please also post why in the comments below! While there may only be one winner, you are all very much appreciated ❤️ Best, Jaedmo, Dawson, Milo & the squaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad
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