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    Hey guys, here are the patch notes for the most recent update: Christmas event: - There is now a chance to find Christmas items in mystery boxes Other changes / Fixes: - Shards have been removed from LootShare - Fix t90 armors becoming degraded when undyed - ;;kickme Discord command, will kick your linked in-game account - Fix "Please finish what you're doing before transforming." spam - The "String jewellery" spell will now stop when banking, moving, etc. - Fix extreme strength potion skilling contract - Complete perk package fixed to have all perks - Fixed bugged ground items (not being able to pick up items). - Fixed runespan teleport (teleport interface). - Fixed presets loading for degradable/augmented items. - Made augmented handcannon unable to expload. - Fixed augmented dragon hatchet not working on evil tree (not gaining xp). - Slightly increased the drop chance for Invention pet - Fixed Death assigning reaper contracts you don't have the slayer level to attack - Made hiscores update the status on death for hc ironman (will remove them from hc table and put them in the correct table after death) - Fixed Stargazer Perk - Fixed a staff command to reset reaper tasks for players - Loading no longer gets stuck at 50% - You can no longer sell things to the skilling shops Thank you @Xenthium @armark1ng @lare96 for these fixes. I like to see these fixes being pushed frequently. Much love from Ataraxia's staff team ❤️
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