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    - The following areas are now multi: Celestial dragons Crystal shapshifters. Kalgerion demons. - The bug with the crystal chest sometimes not taking your key has been fixed. - Seren godbow special attack now uses 60% energy (down from 75%). - Increased the hit probability for the Seren godbow special attack. - Drain rates for prayers have been corrected to RS3 rates. - Global prayer modifier implemented to adjust the drain rate of all prayers. Currently configured to drain 50% slower than RS3. Combat changes: - 2h weaponry now attacks 1 tick slower. - Damage bonuses for magic have been reduced by 15%. - Dual wielding damage has been increased by 10%. We originally had a global 15% damage nerf applied on top of these changes, however after listening to community feedback we've decided to remove this. Credits to @armark1ng, @Nik & @Xenthium for this, cheers guys.
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    Something was implemented and it received harsh criticism. It takes a great dev team to revise the patch and improve on it as soon as possible, and that's exactly what has been done. Great work lads, and thank you.
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