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    Ataraxia Updates #52 - Clue Scroll Update! - Quality of Life Changes - AOD Drop buff - Boss Meta Shift [+] General Changes - Protean crafting and Fletching is now functional - Cooked Sharks and Prayer potion (3) are now unlimited in the Grand exchange - Divine Charges have been added to Hazelmere for Ironman accounts for 250 chimes each - Divine Charges have been added to the Grand exchange for regular accounts for 1.8m each - You no longer need to have 1000 hours played and 25 Fight kilns for Completionist cape (t) - Added Hydrix to Slayer rewards for 2250 Slayer points - Lowered price of Hydrix from Death to 450 from 500 - Overloads are now all tradeable - Crystal chest will now notify you that it has sent the items to your bank - Araxxor charge on Light path will now be every 45 seconds rather than 1 minute 25 - You will now damage the wall by default 500 points, if you choose the correct option, it will be 1000 - You now have an extra second to press the arrow keys - Angel of Death unique drops have been buffed.. Quite substantially - Salvage now has value at the General store [+] Boss Balancing - The following changes have happened to Boss defences, these changes have been done and discussed in Staff meetings and Community feedback. We're aiming to force a new meta that allows us to move away from Blood barraging everything: Nex: AOD remains weak to Magic Telos remains weak to Magic Vorago remains weak to Magic Kalphite King is now substantially weaker to the combat triangle attacks opposed to his current form (Mage > Melee, Melee > Range, Range > Mage) Corporeal beast is now substantially weak to Melee Chaos Elemental is now weak to Range King Black Dragon is now weak to Melee Giant Mole is now weak to Melee Helwyr is now weak to Melee Vindicta & Gorvek is now weak to Range Gregorovic is now weak to Range Twin furies are now weak to Melee General Graardor is now weak to Melee Kree'arra is now weak to Range Commander Zilyana is now weak to Range K'ril Tsutsaroth is now weak to Melee These weaknesses make it so you're accurate using that style vs the specific boss, meaning, when using other styles, you will/can hit, but it will be much less likely than when using the correct combat style. [+] Clue Scroll Update - Treasure Trails now function close to exactly like Runescape 3. This includes: Stackable Clue scroll boxes Stackable Clue scroll caskets Reward Rerolling - The perk Investigator will retain some of it's existing effects, however, the new effects of the perk are: Investigator Instantly grants you the Reward Casket for Easy, Medium and Hard clues Elite Clue steps will range from 2-4 rather than 5-7 Master Clue steps will range from 3-5 rather than 6-8 You will be able to store 60 of each Sealed clue scroll rather than 25 You have a 1/5 chance to instantly complete an Elite clue You have a 1/10 chance to instantly complete a Master clue - The rates of Rare items from Clue scrolls will remain how they are pending some trial period, so please let us know how you think they are following the update - All puzzles, emote challenges, coordinates, maps, scans and rewards have been added! - Skipping tickets to skip certain parts of Clue scrolls have been added to full functionality and unlimited in the Grand exchange for 5m each! [+] Bug Fixes - Fixed a Vorago null resulting in Vorago launching remaining bombs - Fixed Harold's helmet equipping - Fixed Sirenic crafting not working - Fixed Noxious weaponry crafting not working - Fixed Tectonic armour crafting not working - Fixed Fletching perk not working on Fletching interface - Fixed Tipping bolts not working on Fletching interface - Fixed Dragonstones defaulting to Herblore grinding Not too many bug fixes, but we're hoping to power some out and throw out another patch in 1-2 weeks with a heap. Please be sure to contact me if there are any that need prioritising/haven't received attention in a long time. Credits: Xenthium, Armark1ng, JTlrBrad, ATD & Jaedmo
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