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  1. Noele

    Developer Q&A!

    #1 - waiting on developers to push server-side patch #3 - these capes should already be ingame, you create them with their respective expert skill shards. #4 - if you're referring to the items such as "modified first-age tiara" (for prayer) then these are already added aswell, obtained the same way you obtain the other skilling set items, but at a much higher action amount (I believe it's between 15,000-20,000 for prayer). These were based off of roughly how many actions it took a player to get to 99 on the hardest mode before the reset.
  2. I'm happy to make these changes myself once Chance is free to do GFX work, he's still working on some IRL things and unfortunately I need some work from him myself before I'll let him do this 😇
  3. Hello everyone! Today, we are looking for users who play Ataraxia and want to make active contributions toward our advertising campaign! It's no surprise that Youtube is a great way to get people excited about joining an RSPS - it allows them to take an in-depth look at actual gameplay and decide whether or not it's something they're actually interested in. ⚔️ Requirements: Basic video editing skills (piecing together clips is all you really need) The more experience / skill, the better! Play the game somewhat regularly as most of your content will be from legit gameplay No, we really don't need or want you to come open mystery boxes or pander to constant giveaways. Be willing to verbally commentate your videos (yes, I mean with your voice) Be willing to upload or make videos weekly or at least biweekly. The more flexible or consistent, the better Express some creativity with video ideas and communicate with admins about what you think could make good content! Any experience with motion design (After Effects) or the ability to create an intro like our current is a huge bonus! 📜Mission goals: Create quality content that will attract players to try out the server. Foster a positive environment for our users, where everyone can potentially help the server grow. Distinguish our Youtube content from other "RSPS Youtubers" and hopefully grow the channel. 💸Rewards: Access to a unique Youtuber rank and title in-game, on the forums, and on our discord. In-game crown still pending. Donation credit for regular content uploads, can be sold / traded to others. Ability to PNPC ingame (become an NPC) as well as use animations / gfx. Access to barbarian assault auras (collector, healer, attacker, defender), which you can rank / level up (we will manually trade them out for the next tier) These will grant the Youtuber some additional abilities that will help them host events in-game. Access to staff chat on discord (for planning events) and a rank in the friends chat. Any abuse of either of these resources will result in your rank and privileges being pulled, as well as additional punishment depending on the severity of your violation. ✨Current intro: All video content will be posted to the official Ataraxia 718 Youtube channel. To apply for the position, please DM me here on the forums or join our discord here (my discord is Noele#0001)
  4. Noele

    New Theme

    Done, thanks for the notice, the icons actually stopped working and you were caching old ones, so I'm glad I checked and fixed it.
  5. Hi guys! I've recently finished up some site work for Ataraxia, and wanted to share it with you here: - Old non-functional voting sites have been disabled, now there are 5 sites, with Moparscape being a new addition. Please keep in mind Rune-Server has to be opened again after you vote; please report issues you have with any voting sites in particular to a staff team member, they will escalate it to us. - Fixed slider area on the homepage and created new art for it. - Migrated the forum to seperate containers than the main site. Many people like to target forums because of the longer load time when attacking sites; now, if the forum goes down, it shouldn't affect the main site, which will allow players to continue voting and using the hiscores as they would before. - Created a new forum theme for Ataraxia with assets from the homepage, there are plans in the future to have some more impressive modifications done, but for now I believe this is better than the default skin. - Hiscores has been re-skinned to match the rest of the website. (not finished) Please report any issues you have with the website to a staff member and they will relay it to administration; be sure to include specific information.
  6. Noele


    Welcome, FFX is actually my favorite game I'll have you know...way too much time into that chocobo race.
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