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  1. Ok this might not be well liked or it may be loved but ithink that the servers updates and such should be based on what the players want, heres how i see it working we have one person that looks at peoples suggestions for updates fixes or changes and sees what players on the forums think about it and than they make a ople with the ideas and sees if the ideas are like by most of the server, if theres a problem where its 50/50 or if there are 4 ways that it should be done the person who is in charge of this would look through them and try to make a combinations of some parts that all sides like and see how the community thinks of the combination idea. The reason that im sudjestion this is bec we were talking about a update that happend last patch and people started talking up on how it feels like that when they put in the sudjestion no one really pays any attition to it and tbh i dont think that is a thing that should be happening the community should be able to have more of a pull on what updates and things happen im not saying let the players rule the server but to do this so people can get their ideas heard and it would prolly help get more players when they find out that a server owner/ staff team is taking their community ideas. Also if the person who would be in charge of this could be argueing ideas with players to get a better understanding of what everyone wants. If this idea is a good one and you guys would like it make sure to let the staff and owners know. if it goes through i would like to be a possible canadate for this if at all possible thanks everyone for reading this long idea. have fun and goodluck on your gains. Letspk
  2. letspk


    this is something that i feell soem people will like to have and some people wont like i was thinking that it might be a good idea to add the range and magic version of the turmoil curse i just feel it would be nice to have a god range and mage prayer on curses to use let me know what u all think about this idea.
  3. Ok so iv made a post prior to this about how somehow black dragonhide armor has better offensive stats than armadyl. so i just found out that also the animacore of zammy the teir 85 range power armor has less offensive stats than black dhide as well let alone than the royal dragonhide im sorry but this is a big problem they need the stats of armadyl and animacore to be buffed they are meant to be stronger than the dhides by a fair bit please can this be fixed rather soon if at all possible because its a massive issue to have it like that in my opinion. thanks looking forward to hearing back about this
  4. i dont know if this was done for some reason but i think somehow armadyl armor has been nurfed its worse thann black dhide and thats not ment to be if at all possible could you guys buff rmadyl please
  5. letspk


    ok so just a heads up i know this is more than likely not gonna happen because it will be considred not worth doing for the work it would probly require but i think that it would be a good idea to make a area where you can kill the gwd2 bosses away from the gwd2 area because of issues that players like myself that have to play on mac cant go to because it causes us to blackscreen and before u say why dont u get a differnt computer cant really do that right now i know its selfish but i really hope that you guys would do this please
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