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  1. not to long ago i restarted a goal i achieved a long time ago on expert mode, today will be the first post of more to come i will be doing 1b magic at soul devourers at soph dung and share the loot from it, i will be claiming frost dragon bones once in a while in order to buy feathers and runes if needed 10m magic xp 20m magic xp 34m magic xp (120magic) 250m magic xp total kc 220,209 isshara drop at 193k kc drop rate 0,0
  2. In-game Name: jojokille7What is your time played?: 1412HDo you have a lot of free time to test?: yes, i got summer vacation so enough time to playWhat content are you looking forward to testing?: skilling content like uncharted islandsHow knowledgeable are you on late-game content, mostly bossing mechanics (Telos, Araxxor, The Magister, Nex: AOD)?: i am pretty good with the latest content that has been release on rs3, and have done a lot of end game content mainly skilling but i am pretty knowledgeable with the end pvm
  3. i have been using blood barrage and i have spend over 300k blood/death runes and about 150k soul runes, right now i am 96m magic xp away and out of blood/death runes so about 400k in total hopefully
  4. my max hit according to ::maxhit is 775
  5. i use full superior elite void(magic), amulet of fury, infinity boots, p ring and enhanced fire cape, the aura is supreme wisdom aura just to increase xp rates:P
  6. recently i started my road to 1b magic on expert ironman mode at corrupted scorpions and i decided to keep track of the loot with a milestone at every 30k kills and keep it updated here on the forums with screenshots i started at 230m magic xp and within the first 30k feathers used i managed to get to 514m magic xp on the way i manage to get 120hp aswell 30k kc loot 60k kc loot magic xp after 60k kc is 777m on expert ironman mode with a end kc off: 86175 i finally reached 1b magic xp on expert ironman, giving me a total loot:
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