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  1. All seems good but , Why not just add grapevine seeds to rago drop table & make us farm the grapes instead of making it 75 vote points? Would be good for people to make money on super brews & guthix rest
  2. Mask from the Arc Second-Age armour Moonclan Slave Robes Recolored rune pouches Chompy hats
  3. Hacker


    So I was really afk training magic at crawling hands and got to 21 hp already, panic teleported soo fast. Won't be lasting long if i continue like this
  4. Hacker


    Do you got any tips? I'm pretty clueless as of right now. Just trying to get like a structure i guess? More into PvM then most thing. Assume i just start with slayer lol.
  5. Hacker


    Hey, So i've been gone about a year now. I want to try getting back into this, But super lost right now with like the new stuff & reset. Trying to find some familiar names to talk to people & get back in the groove of everything. My in-game names are Kyam & Hacker. I don't think i'll be playing on Kyam much though as i'm more interested in ironman style. Looking forward to meeting some new people.
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