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  1. With the perk alchamical smithing, we get to make bars without the use of coal. with this perk i think it makes no sense that the iron bars are still able to fail. i can make steel with the same type of ore without coal and don't fail, but when i use iron ore to make actual iron, a tier lower, i can fail the bar. might be a reason for that, it just doesn't make sense to me.
  2. That would be a nice option to have. But I think for balancing it would have a kickback like the overload, so it would be something that has to be considered when bossing, making the pvm scene just a little bit more interesting.
  3. with the herbivore perk we get herb boxes, more xp and 200% potion duration. i thought about this and there is something what could give more options to players. as we all know, novice players got a huge xp rate. they maybe just want an quick and easy pvm account. Players like this maybe don't want the herb boxes and extra xp, so i thought of a new perk Binge-Drinker 4$-7$: Makes it possible for the Player to drink up to 3 doses of potion. as a result the player will recieve up to 300% time on the potion. this wil mainly be used for prayer renewals and anti-fire/posion, this will not effect the overload timer. for a quality of life addon for this perk the player may recieve 2 extra right click options for the potion, named: Drink 2 Drink 3 I would love to hear all the feedback on my first suggestion on the forums. I'm thinking of more perk splits and other suggestions for quality of life and just plain fun and useless stuff. If you would like to see more suggestions please tell me on the forums or in game! P.S: Sorry for my bad english.
  4. Fence

    Hello there

    Hello there! I'm Fence. I used to play back in the day before the roll back. Had a lot of fun and recently I came back to try the server again. I made an iron man account called Deun and I thought it was too easy. Now I switched to my hcim Fence and I'm having a lot of fun! The name fence comes from my job. I'm a fencing mechanic irl and I love my job! I'm 22 and soon to be 23. Living a humble life in Holland. I hope to make good friends on the server! Thinking of posting my progress on the forums.
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