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  1. Congrats spooder keep up the great work m8
  2. If that was the case then how have I been able to vote on it before and could get it to work yet this is the only server I have had this problem on?
  3. I think I actually found a fix for the rune server issue as I did what the guide says. Instead of opening rune server after you vote on it wait 5 seconds then open up mopar. When you open mopar click the tab where it shows you the site to vote on and rune server will be green and it will count your vote so you get the point. Mopar is a little odd if u wait 15 min after it can be voted on the second time that day it normally work and you won't get the you have voted in the last 12 hours message. Also some player may be reloading before the vote is accounted for because it is being slow and that can cause the issue also. I appreciate the reply and I totally see your point of view I just think that arena top 100 is a better choice as i have never herd anyone having a problem with it and that's been over 7+ years.
  4. So over the past few weeks I notice top g keeps breaking and not recording the votes when you vote no matter how many times you try or what browser you use. I was just wondering y not change it from top g to top arena 100 considering top arena 100 hasn't broken down like top g in over 5 years+. I think this would allow players to get as many votes as allowed with in the 12 hour time frame and would put less stress on the devs and such as they will no longer need to take time out of the busy schedule to fix minor things like this. I know it isn't anything major but it can be annoying when trying to save up vote points for an item and only getting 4 every 12 hours because top g didn't record your vote. Thanks for taking the time to read this suggestion. Best regards Belzenlok
  5. In-game Name: Belzenlok What is your time played?: 78 hours. Do you have a lot of free time to test?: Yes as i am currently retired i have nothing but time. What content are you looking forward to testing?: Anything that needs testing no matter what field it pertains to. How knowledgeable are you on late-game content, mostly bossing mechanics (Telos, Araxxor, The Magister, Nex: AOD)?: I know alot about in game content and how the mechanics work. I have built and owned several servers in the past have been everything from head admin and lower including the rank of bug tester on over 15 other rsps. I know my play time is on the low side but I believe I could be a valuable asset to the team with the past experience i have and the through testing i do making sure everything is right even down to the tiniest variables to make sure the upcoming content is flawless.
  6. Anything but gospel and redneck country is fine by me and if u need any music let me know i have a 10 tb hard drive full of music as i used to dj.
  7. I Haven't seen you around much but welcome to the server look forward to meeting you in game if u need any help feel free to pm me.
  8. N-Game Name: Belzenlok Timezone: GMT -5 (Ontario Canada) Availability: I am currently available any time needed as I am retired and have nothing but free time to devote to the server.
  9. He has great knowledge of the game and he helped me a lot when I first started he is missing the 25 post Requirement but so are a lot of other applicants. I believe he would make a nice addition to the staff team, maybe put him on a trial run and see how it goes. Good luck
  10. I support this application even tho he is missing the 25 post count requirement. He has been around forever considering his play and the date he joined, I think he would make an excellent addition to the staff team! Good luck.
  11. Thank you for the warm welcome
  12. Hello my name in game is Belzenlok Or Mike irl. I am a 29 year old man that has been playing for around a week now and am loving the server and the community. I have owned a few servers in the past Witch i sold that are still running to this day. I have been every rank from helper to head admin and community manager on over 15 servers. I am happy I found this server with the constant amazing updates and the helpful and friendly staff and players I hope to be here for a long time and be able to help as many people as I can. Thank you for taking time to read my intro. Best regards Belzenlok 🙂
  13. If Naruto is so good why is it one of the lowest anime watched by people over the age of 8 seriously if Naruto is the garbage my kids are gonna have to watch I am gonna start recording power rangers and ninja turtles for them !
  14. To be honest I am surprised Princess Mononoke, Ninja Scroll, and Wrath of the Ninja the Yotoden movie. All 3 are classic anime and have all won awards. When people mention shows like Naruto I die a little inside because they truly have no idea what good anime really is!
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