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  1. Lookin good, can't wait for Ata2, hard to find a game to fill in the time I would of been on here.
  2. I fully support the decisions made in order it take Ataraxia to a new level, I understand how much of a risk it is to pretty much disable your server and any income that comes with that but I look forward to Ataraxia 2. Only question I have is will the perk/donation system stay the same as in buy perk and it adds to total donated and the perk is unlocked perma?
  3. Invention Guide Introduction Invention is an elite skill that requires you to collect materials by disassembling items in-game and discover blueprints that allow you to use those materials to create items that will help you along your adventures in Ataraxia whether it be Skilling or Combat. Invention can seem quite daunting at first glace for new players and this guide is aimed to help you get on your feet so you can go out there and make those gains! Disclaimer - this guide is mainly focused for new players on regular accounts Requirements 80 Crafting
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