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  1. Been busy most of the week, but glad to see the updates are still rolling around! Also awesome to see the hybrid gear get added, gonna grind out some trickster armor for myself! 🙂
  2. I feel like people just don't like the upkeep of using t90 power armor, I say this because when i first heard of t90 gear i was told it degrades even while being augmented and dyed so i never switched over. IMO having t80 nex gear is easier to upkeep and one of the reason why i haven't switched over to a different set as well, even more so because the fact that i spent money getting good perks on it.
  3. Best update by far is the wear option on enhanced fire cape XD Only thing i don't like is the entry level items like off-hand rcb / dscim being 0.3% drop rate, would be nicer if it was like 2-4%
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