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  1. Ataraxia Updates #45 - NXT Pre-patch - Bug Fixes - QoL Updates - New Trivia Questions - Voting buff [+] General Changes - Last Man Standing is temporarily disabled - You can now type ;;guides to access Kirito's masterguide - Smouldering lamps have been removed from the Skilling Shop - Trivia questions have been reworked - Pest Control will now only roll for a Hybrid token if you win a game - Hybrid tokens now drop from Corporeal beast - Added a new fire to ;;home where the afkers afk - Moved the altar to a more open area so it's more noticeable - Moved Ellis to where the altar was - Added Hefin monk for Cleansing stones - Removed Grenwalls from ;;g1, ;;g2 - Replaced them with Corpse spiders, now accessible for Diamond players through ;;s1, ;;s2 (Grenwall one will be back soon) - Added Waterfiends to Plat Boss portal - Reaper quest now reactivates daily, it is repeatable and you will lose your 10% damage bonus if you don't complete it again - Harmony moss rate from Juju farming potion increased by 7.5% - Harmony moss rate changed from 2-4 to 2-9 - Trisk key rewards will now be sent to the bank if your inventory is full - Bank Value Hiscores, Object at ;;home to view the richest Normal, Gim, Ironman and HCIM players - HCIM News will now post to the discord channel, stats every Monday and Friday and it will post if a player dies from the top 25 - You can no longer get Edimmu slayer tasks below 115 dung - Combination potions now count towards Herblore actions - Evil tree and Shooting star will no longer spawn at the same time - Your Prismatic exp will now be 0 when changing gamemodes - GIM Accounts can no longer access the Home zone objects, only with voting [+] Voting Changes - New accounts will no longer have the 48 hour grace period for the home area - Voting will now provide you DXP for 30 minutes as well as an hour of access to the Home area objects - You will need to vote for 2 or more sites to receive these bonuses [+] Skilling Contracts - Lowered Exp multiplier slightly - Doing the same contract back to back will result in less rewards - 10% nerf to rewards on the first contract done after skipping - You now need at least 10 non-combat level 80s to access Advanced skilling master - The Global Skilling contract multiplier now caps at 2.25x [+] Hybrid Armour Edits [+] Bug Fixes - Players will no longer be stuck online - Hopefully fixed the periodic random kicking incidents - Stargazer perk box now functions properly - GIM Looters perk pack now functions properly - GIM's will now properly be able to access Miscellaneous on Uzi's perk shop to buy Cosmetic coins and Bank containers - Final boss title no longer has no space - Credits: lare96, Xenthium, Armark1ng, Kirito & Jaedmo
  2. Ataraxia Updates #44 - New Home/Donor Area - Uzi's Perk Shop Update - Hybrid Tokens Be sure to change your Home through ;;settings to access new home! [+] General Changes - Farming contracts will now work when collecting from Divine locations - Tarromins have been added to Herb boxes - Bronze/Iron bars, Normal/oak logs, Raw shrimp, anchovies, sardines, herring & Tin/Copper ore added to Grand Exchange unlimited items for Skilling contracts - You can now cook food by pressing "Use" on a fire - Bob has been added to ;;bossportals - Donor Zone teleports have been changed to the new Home area - All old Home/Donor zone areas have had NPCs/Objects removed - Reworked the Donor store & Uzi's perk shop - Pet perks now give $5 when redeemed rather than the amount donated when donated for - You can now choose your Task with the Perslaysion perk! - Aura effects no longer work in LMS and will not reset your cooldown - Cleaning cloth now costs 5 instead of 15 Vote points [+] Rare Item Token Store - The new shop contains everything Spring! [+] Hybrid Tokens Hybrid tokens are a new currency which can be obtained from certain bosses & activities and used to purchase T85 hybrid sets from the Hybrid armor shop. Hybrid tokens can be obtained from the following bosses & activites: Token drops are separate from the boss / activity drop table. Example: 1:35 = 1 in 35 chance of receiving drop. • Nex - 1:180 • Vorago - 1:35 • Araxxor - 1:60 • Queen Black Dragon - 1:350 • The Magister - 1:480 • Telos the Warden: - 1:75 • Nex: Angel of Death - 1:125 • Kalphite King - 1:180 • Barrows: Rise of the Six - 1:250 • Temple of Aminishi (Elite dungeon one) - 1:35 Why so rare? Hybrid tokens are intentionally very rare, as these armor sets will essentially be the new best-in-slot non-degradeable armor. The sets are non-degradeable, provide a health buff & when a full set is equip, all of your outgoing damage is buffed by 10%. The odds for each boss & activity have been calculated based on the average time each activity/boss takes to complete. You should treat obtaining these sets as a long term goal to work towards while doing general pvm/activities, because completeing one set of armor is expected to take 200-300 hours of pvm, regardless of the boss or activity. To add to this, both the tokens and armor are untradeable, so you must earn everything yourself. Vanguard: Trickster: Battle-mage: [+] New Home & Donor Zone Changes - This project has been under Development since October, 2018... Huge Credit to Xenthium for being the lead on it! - The idea of this new Home area was to bring the entire community together. Too many years were spent with the Donors hidden away in their respective areas skilling away. - This area has it all combined, and a nice little hub in the middle for everyone to hang out! - This home will be defaulted, however, you will all need to manually set your home to it from the current one! - It is still in the early stages, we want to make this as good as it can be for everyone, if you hate it, tell us. Navigate to the Discord Channel: #New-home-suggestions - The centre Fountain will provide you with: Bank, Grand Exchange, Teleports around the area & Boss portals & Best of all, the new Fountain of Goodwill! You can fill this for 2 hours of 1.5x exp - You will receive Experience bonuses in this area dependant on your Donor rank, Non-donor/Bronze/Silver/Gold = 1.1x, Platinum = 1.2x and Diamond = 1.3x - Accounts with under 72 hours playtime will have access to all Objects/NPCs except: Great white fishing, Dream tree & Banite rock - The following NPCs are at this Area: Father Aereck (Gravestone Options) Solomon (Donation/Cosmetic Options) Surgeon General Tafani (Healing) Kuradal (Slayer Tasks) Death (Boss Tasks) Cook (Recipe for Disaster Minigame) Lottery Coordinator (<-----) GIM Guide & Prestigious Paul (Group Ironman) Estate Agent (Home options) Party Pete (Vote shop) Diango (Rare Item Token shop) Scavvo (Melee equipment, Ranged equipment, Magic equipment & Food/Potions) Wise Old Man (Trivia shop, Skill capes, Diamond outfit) Xuan (Loyalty shops) Bob (repairing) Brother Omad (Bronze/Platinum Donor shop) Uzi's Perk Shop (All donor items) - The following Objects are at this Area: Non Donor Fountain of Goodwill RFD Chest Altar Death's Portal Crystal Chest Supply Table Furnace Anvil Ports Portal Scoreboard House Portal Thieving Stalls GIM Objects Bank Chests Lava crater Donor Gem Stall (Bronze) Gem Rock (Bronze) Blurite Rock (Bronze) Cavefish/Rocktail/Karambwan Spot (Bronze) Dramen Tree (Bronze) Divine Locations (Platinum) Seren Stone (Platinum) Robust Glass Machine (Platinum) Yubiusk Portal (Platinum) Crystal Tree Shard (Platinum) Harp (Platinum) Delicate Gem Stall (Diamond) Robust/Crystal Glass Container (Diamond) Great White Shark Fishing (Diamond) Soul Altar (Diamond) Portables (Diamond) Dream Tree (Diamond) Banite Rock (Diamond) MEDIA Home Hub Shops Skilling Donor Skilling More Donor Skilling & Misc Fishing [+] Uzi's Perk Shop - I've reworked Uzi's Perk Shop & the Donor Store. You can now only purchase Ataraxia Dollars, Animation Overrides & Keepsake Keys from the Store. - When opening Uzi's shop you'll now be faces with these options: - You can now purchase all Pets & Pet perks from this Shop - You can now purchase Bank Containers, Ataraxia Coins & Squeal of Fortune Spins (forgot to rename to Treasure Hunter) through Miscellaneous - This will hopefully clean everything up a bit! And make it easier to transition to our new store soon. - If there's anything missing please let me know and I will add it as soon as possible [+] Bug Fixes - Fixed players not being automatically kicked when they become "soulless" (no received packets in 20s) - Fletching will no longer be limited to 27 actions - Dungeon Architect perk item finally added so you will no longer receive "Skeleton cape" - You can now create Armadyl runes properly - Fixed an issue with Malevolent armour smithing - LMS Smuggle fixed credit to Quantum (MonniRS) - Fixed wrong sled id - Ice dyed items are no longer tradeable - Fixed duplicate players in FC - Fixed Jadinko drops You might notice a lack of content.. Why? Armark1ng is currently working hard on NXT 😉 Credits: lare96, Xenthium, Armark1ng, Kirito & Jaedmo
  3. Post here if you're interested in applying! Check Announcements on Discord for a detailed expectation list for Supports.
  4. Head to our Discord and download the new Pinned client in #general!
  5. Ataraxia Updates #43 - Juju Potions - Bug Fixes - Mystery Box additions - Skilling contract edits! [+] General Changes - Added ;;hidefamiliaroptions or ;;hideoptions shortcut, Command for hiding familiar and pet options - Made barrows tunnel multi-combat area. - Added araxxor base enrage limit of 300. - Skilling contract gathering contract amounts edited to be similar/equal time to the artisan skills - Added Seiryus claw to ED1 mobs & bosses drop table - Added Seiryus fang to Bryll Thoksdottir for 100k dung tokens. - Invention blue prints will now reset on game mode change. - Added Telos drop simulator ::simtelos (Kills 1 - 1000) (Enrage 0 - 4000) (Streak 0 - 100) - Doubled the max charges of augmented items that don't use the universal charge system [+] Juju Potions - You can read all about Juju potions here: [+] Bug Nuke Minigame/Boss Fixes - Fixed RoTS not being able to start if the team size is bigger than two players. - Fixed barrows dig option not letting you inside the tomb and saying "you find nothing!". - Fixed Hardmode Vindicta not counting for reaper task. - Fixed The Violet Lotus miniboss spawn location. - Made elite dungeon bosses and minibosses freeze immune. - Fixed Muspahs not always counting for slayer task. - Fixed Kurask combat animations. - Fixed the Magister collection log. - Added correct handling for stackable items in collection log. - Fixed Kalphite Queen teleport location on new interface. - Fixed RoTS collection log not registering all drops. - Made it so you cant summon pets/familiars inside Fight Cave. - Fixed new Rax interface dead click areas. - Fixed Vorago instance costs (3m, 1.5m with perk). Skilling Fixes - Fixed not being able to create "Titans Constitution Scroll" from any of its possible pouches. - Fixed Fletching not checking if player has enough inv space. - Fixed agility pyramid planks getting player stuck. - Fixed agility pyramid ledge getting players stuck. - Added correct skill requirements to milestone capes. - Fixed not being able to disassemble ores sometimes. - Fixed silver crafting animation. - Fixed arrowheads Smithing requiring two bars instead of one. - Fixed Platebodies Smithing requiring three bars instead of five. - Fixed the "walk across" shortcut for red dragons in Brimhaven dung.'} Combat/Item Fixes - Fixed Masutas warspear cone attack. - Increased the cone attack for weapons to hit the correct area targets (See gif below). - Fixed overload salve not giving potion timers. - Fixed Ascendri Bolts giving full damage on bows other than Ascensions. - Fixed not being able to spawn Zaros godsword special attack sometimes. - Made weapons/armour degrade only if your under combat. - Fixed Shieldbow sight not working for Elder shieldbow. - Fixed augmented spirit shields effects. - Fixed prayer restoring effect from necklaces/aura for ash scattering. - Fixed heal other spell. - Fixed Staff of light passive effect of not consuming runes when casting a spell. - Made Elite armour/weapons not degrade from dying inside Elite Dungeons. - Fixed Celestial handwraps stats - Fixed Soul split heal (made it RS3 heal rate +50%), It was healing WAY more than it should have been. - Fixed an error in drain rate calculation it will now not include drain rate for items that don't use the universal charge system. Miscellaneous Fixes - Fixed the add item method to 100% insure the player gets the item if their inventory is full (fixing herb box etc etc). - Fixed tormented demons weird text. - Fixed vote not giving players items if they dont have space in their inventory. - Fixed Auburys apprentice perk not working for rune pouches. - Fixed God Wars Dungeon altars. - Fixed filter chat mesages options not saving on logout. - The "Withdraw-to-bank" option on the trisk key bag will no longer reset when its contents are deposited - Bowstring will now be given as a possible reward from completing contracts - Skillchompas have been nerfed when Woodcutting (same as the Mining nerf) - You can now do ;;ltp to teleport to the last location you clicked on the Teleport Interface - Dragon platebody shards/parts are now worth 3M. Dragon platebodies are now worth 10M. Karil's pistol crossbows are now worth 1.5M each Credits: lare96, Xenthium, Armark1ng, Kirito & Jaedmo
  6. Right, here it is, the mega thread. What you've been waiting for! Find every single change since Update #30 on this thread! Enjoy. Ataraxia Updates #31-34 - Invention - Group Ironman - Dual Wielding - Degrading Rework - So many bug fixes/QoL changes [+] General Changes - New Discord commands - ;;gimscore ~ See top-5 teams on leaderboard - ;;pollhistory ~ See the names and dates of all past in-game polls - ;;viewpoll [poll name] ~ See the results of a past poll - Can now use ;;swapchins to replace messed up skillchompas (they must be in your main bank) - New ;;npcdrop interface! Check it out! - GWD2, Vorago and AOD will now drop Noted items properly for Diamond Donors - Server date now displays on Task tab - Grand exchange offers board, you can find this at ;;home, it will display the latest offers on the GE - Diamond Donor stall Coin amount increased, you're now more likely to receive more coins - You can now feed a Ban hammer to Pet troll - Extra Arms now adds the extra resource to your bank - Pet perk message colour has been changed - Bonfire and Auras will now be added to Potion timers - Your potions/prayers and spells will no longer be reset after exiting a Pest control round - The Magister pet drop and Glove drop will now announce - The Minister has been added to Pet interface - Trivia shop has been revamped - Low level slayer experience has been greatly buffed - You can now right click dig on Clue scrolls with a Spade - The create pouch interface now has filter support. - Deaths are now cheaper - Fixed teleport interface not working for certain teleports - GIM no longer get cooking great white shark contracts - The "Wear" option has been removed from the slayer gem - Will no longer get priff agility contracts if you cannot access priff - Platinum donors and above can now purchase skele outfit from wise old man - Change ;;players on Discord to only show player count. Use <;;players all> to get the full list like before - Skilling backpacks now have Communicate and Disband-party options when worn - You can now request to leave your GIM group. The request will still need to be verified by any Staff member https://i.imgur.com/0ylOMAL.png - All skilling contract rewards are now noted. All skillchompas are now in their stackable forms - Non-GIM can no longer pick up GIM p-ring drops - Skilling contract rewards have been redone, thanks to Kiri for the help. New drops (auto-generated) https://pastebin.com/rRBwcGYW - Replaced squeel of fortune with treasure hunter, all spins will be converted to keys and hearts of ice(x3 spins amount). - New Skills tab, will now show bonus xp you get, alot more informations. https://i.gyazo.com/dcbd7501bea9af123d8b4404718af5ad.png - A new option added to misc settings, Gold Trim 99: Will show gold boxes around your maxed skills if enabled. - A new claim xp interface which has invention and divination. - New in-game walk overrides - Lumbridge mining, Divination teleports, and Invention guild added to teleport interface - Serenity stones lotus pose Fixed - Cosmetic interface: color picking, keepsake items, loading every cosmetic! - Lil goop pet - Slayer now will go to level 120, not virtual and a new comp requirement - Added freedom ability to the following shields: https://pastebin.com/stU61sCE. - Added a shortcut to cast freedom ability : ctrl + x - Make reaper contracts display bonus points from extended massacre perk (lare) - Increased cash bags amount by x 20 - Edits on treasure hunter rewards - Invention patch 2: Skilling tools and perks added: > Fishing rod-o-matic > Pyro-matic > Hammer-tron > Dragon and crystal hatchets and pickaxes - Invention Perks coded (their effects are like rs3 check wiki for more info): - Rapid - Charitable - Imp souled - Confused - Cheapskate - Butterfingers - Pyromaniac - Polishing - Precious gem rocks will now respawn faster - You can now gamble capes for jad and kiln pet - Flat 25% buff to all defenders damage. - Added ;;path command to discord/regular commands(sends current vorago/araxxor rotation and days left till next rotation) - Added ;;toggleauraglow command to toggle aura's weapon visual effect. - Changed the "x14" in bank to custom amout. - Changed chaos elemental respawn delay to 30 ticks instead of 60 (wildy spawn) - Nerfed starter gear stats again - Removed sapphire bolts (e) from mbox reward table - Made ocellus able to change your ascension crossbow to opposite version when u use it on him. - Added total xp announcements at 5b,10b,...,54b - Updated charge befriender description in ;;perks - Added more kingly impling spawns. - Changed the scale repair from 2% to 5%(dyed armour) - Added rise of the six pets to the chest (1/2500) DR and made it that it can't give u duplicates. - Made ironman/gim/hc ironman drain charges from charge pack at 25% reduced rate. - Buffed Steadfast scale,Glaiven wing-tip,Ragefire gland drop rates, and made them recharge the t90 boots by 75% instead of 50% charges. - Added option to destroy your previous nex instance (so u can destroy it when it stops spawning) - Precious gem rocks will now respawn faster - You can now gamble your jad and kiln capes for a chance at their pets. Talk to TzHaar-Mej-Jeh > Jad pet - Fire cape ~ 1 roll - Kiln capes ~ 2 rolls - Enhanced fire cape ~ 8 rolls > Kiln pet - Kiln capes ~ 1 rolls - Enhanced fire cape ~ 5 rolls - Edits for iron man items disassembly table ( https://pastebin.com/RYzBZDBw ) - EXPERIENCE NOW GOES TO 2,000,000,000 [+] Christmas Event - Talk to Santa on the upper level of ;;home. He needs help! - Follow hints and 'steal' his presents. Or you can 'find' his presents skilling, bossing, and playing minigames. These ones have to be returned to him, because you feel guilty. Whichever method you choose will yield rewards. If a reward has a special benefit it will be explained by "examining" it. - Rewards that needed to be coded - Gingersnap cookies, stackable and heal some health - Ring of Snow, transforms you into one of many "snowman" models - All toy horsey "play-with" animations - Snow globe "Shake" option - Christmas amulet, gives bonus XP while equipped. Evaporates once all its charges are gone - Present sack, stores presents to save inv space - All marionettes now work [+] Treasure Hunter - The Treasure Hunter has rolled in, replacing Squeal of Fortune! - Find a full list of rewards here: https://runescape.wiki/w/Treasure_Hunter - We will be rotating the Lamps etc.. Similarly to how RS3 did it! - All rare items that were previously in Squeal of Fortune have also been added to Treasure Hunter [+] Group Ironman - Group Ironman has been added! - You can start an account by simply logging onto a fresh account and selecting the gamemode "Group Ironman". - The Gamemode is a competitive (or not) seasonal gamemode in which you can gain points through bossing, gaining experience & losing points through deaths. - At the end of the season, the team at the top will win rewards! - You can find all of the information related to Group Ironman through our Discord! Check the #gim-info and #gim-score-info channels! [+] Invention - Invention is an elite skill which requires you to have level 80 in divination/smithing/crafting skills. - Two new spells have been added to all magic books( analyze & Disassemble): Analyze: Check to what components each item is converted. Disassemble: Disassembles items for components that can be used in gizmos to create perks, manufacture tools. - Invention Workbenchs: Discover new blueprints and manufacture tools. - Augmented items now can be levelled up and can store gizmos. - Augmented items/gizmos will show their xp/level/perks inside them when hover them. - You can switch between legacy/rs3 inteface skin for invention interfaces in misc settings. - Two new commands have been added:- ::bag or ::materials - Opens bag of materials interface. ::charges or ::divinecharges - sends you a message with the current divine charges you have in your charge pack. - List of added perks effects(The ones that have //done) above them have coded effects (rest will be added along the way) https://pastebin.com/7Gefnams [+] Dual Wielding - Dual wielding has been added! You can use any RS3 off-hand weapon in your off-hand slot and it will do a second attack! - We are using rs3 hit chances and item bonuses and npc stats. - Combat auras effects reworked completly, and added reckless/manical auras for 10k loyality points. - Prayers/curses are now using the rs3 effects and curses now drain your enemies stats like they are supposed to. - Magic speed/dmg have been buffed and now spell damage is correct to rs (balancing the combat triangle) - Magic Debuffs are now applied correctly and actually affects your enemies. - NPC's weaknesses (style/affinities), and special weaknesses (bone ammo against drags etc etc) are now fully working. [+] Bug Fixes - Fixed ancient cavern tele - Fixed deathtouch bracelet amulet of souls, reaper necklace recharging - Fixed divination skill in skills interface and added invention skill - Fixed the DC that happens on login - Fixed the Blackscreen that happens after fetching updates for some users - Fixed the loading 50% crash (there are still some issues for DirectX users you can use OpenGL instead for now for no crashes) - Buying a Clue scroll from the Vote shop will no longer give you 2 - Mystery boxes will no longer announce when purchased for Chimes - Acid spider will no longer run at you like Dash from the Incredibles - ;;vote now opens properly - the Ataraxian title now has a gap before " the" - Dagannoth Kings will now die properly - Shooting star will no longer gain levels - Efficiency perk no longer deletes an item when crafting gems - Fixed dtd with new combat - Fixed chrismas scythe/reaper hood stats. - Added a toggle for disassemble warning in misc settings. - Added a teleport to invention guild in new teleports interface skilling tab - Fixed ava collector - Fixed attack range for bugged weapons (magic shortbow, etc) - Fixed slayer tasks not counting. - Fixed range/mage on kree area. - Added a reset for imbued items. - Made Xuan exchange imbued gear for VP or Chimes. - Fixed how augmented dyed items can be repaired. - Fixed NPC stats for Telos P5, mature grotworms - Fixed polypore when degraded below 50% - Fixed a lot of missing item disassemble data(all reported ones + more i found). - Fixed the message spam on login for invention. - The "Efficiency Expert" pet perk will no longer send items to the inventory - Draconic Visages, crystal keys, loop halves, and tooth halves will now drop noted for diamond players - Gargoyles are now aggressive - G.E noticeboard will no longer show completed offers - Commands will now ignore letter casing - Old Barrows Items(100,70,50,25) will now revert to the correct item id and degrade & repair correctly - Fixed Bolt Rack As the only ammo that can be used for All Karil items. & tainted repriser - Fixed Teleports Interface allowing you to go to priff without requirements - Fixed Goliath gloves DMG and Accuracy calculations - Fixed the fragements msgs that spams on login - Fixed repairing items with 1 coin - Fixed co-op slayer interface cache and server side. - Fixed araxxor bugs: - Instant kill spider now has a warning telling you that araxxor has spawned one. - Araxxor web invisble sometimes now has been fixed. - Crash in p3-p4 now has been fixed. - Fixed diamond players noting items effect for nex aod - Made kiln send the reward to your bank if you dont have enough space for it in your inventory - Fix bug with Pet efficiency perk where it doesn't work properly if the inventory is full - Fixed Dagganoth kings instances error. (You will now be able to destroy your current instance if its bugged). - Fixed artisans workshop clue - Fixed treasure hunter items not stacking in bank (you will have to withdraw them and re add them to bank for them to work) - Added coins bags and dung token boxes - Made dominion weapons only have stats while your inside dominion tower - Fixed goliath gloves giving extra accuracy - Fixed tortured souls stats - Fixed arraxor giving null reward. - Fixed silverhawk boots charging/recharging. - Fixed nomad tent options. - Fixed gwd2 kc interface. - Fixed sarabrew extra health effect. - Fixed telos phase 5 west stream. - Fixed mage bank lever teleport. - Fixed reaper perk: EXTENDED_MASSACRE - Added stats/combat definitions to desert bandits - Fixed item perks displaying for augmented items (it will now update correctly when u used gizmo dissolver and what ever ) - Made all queen black dragon attacks hit zero after the dragon is dead. - Fixed twin furies and kk blackscreen when they charge at you. - Fixed ascension bolts giving halv damage on augmented crossbow - Fixed the bug where items cannot be picked up sometimes - ;;addbosspets will now check the ;;pets interface for missing pets - Fix issue with death where items with large quantities prevent all items from being claimed - Fix rax NullPointerException causing GIM to get lots of points - For accounts that had issues, you can now change your display name again - Portable skilling packs from Treasure Hunter now work - Fixed the bug where people cannot pick up items - Fixed mining spawn locations (mining guild, falador underground mine, mining guild resource dung) - Added invention 99 max cape requirement to the interface (server and cache side). - Fixed players being able to keepsake non stackable items (items with attributes). - Fixed dragon dagger p++ spec - Fixed items losing attributes when u die in wildy. - Fixed gwd2 pets not registering in collection log and made ;;addbosspets command search your whole account for pets to add to collection (this will search your banks,inventory, ;;pets) - Fixed sgb (ice) special attack - Fixed augmented nox scythe spec - Fix issue with death where items with large quantities cannot be claimed - Fixed disassembly/siphon xp for hammer-ton/fishing rod-o-matic/pyro-matic (they where processed as tier 0 instead of tier 70) - Portable skilling packs from TH now work - Fixed augmented serengodbow (ice) spec. - Made pot timers interface refresh the icons (no more bonfire icon becoming a pot). - Fixed levelup message interface showing incorrect skill icon. - Fixed reaper giving 2 bork as reaper task. - Fixed smithing dwarf random event (being invisble for a while). - Fixed items not showing correct attack styles (mud pie, magic shotbow, etc etc)(this needs client update) - Fixed npcs stats (no more invincible npcs). - Replaced smithing autoheater with coal bag in dung reward shop. - Fixed attack styles for some more items (dragon dagger and few more).(this needs client update) removing items sold to general store. - Fixed the ticket command - Added cresbot and corgi to pets interface Sorry for lack of media, due to Discord not having a convenient way to add media when we were doing our updates through it. This is about 75% of what we've done. The rest is undocumented and I'm sure you'll find some stuff to be fixed that might have been broken. Enjoy the updates, thank-you for your loyalty. Much more to come! Jaedmo Kind regards, Jaedmo, Node, Lare96, Armark1ng, Xenthium & the Staff Team
  7. Ataraxia Updates #30 - 907 Client/Cache Update - Death System - Legione Bosses - Ice Dyes - Reaper Perks - The Magister!!! [+] General Changes - Tztok-jad's in the Fight kiln minigame now count towards your reaper contract - All missing pets from the ;;pets interface have been added, if there are still some missing, please message Shnek - Rune h1-h5 has been added to Hard clue scroll rewards for the Collection log - Zamorak, Sardomin & Guthix armour has been added to Hard clue scroll rewards - Ironmen can no longer join other people's Evil tree instances - Supply table in Diamond zone will now show potion timers - Supply table in Diamond zone will now give the Pet perk effect if you have a pet out with the perk - Barrows items have been added to Drop collection - Dreadnips, Familiars and pets will now count towards your hits on a Monster - Added Vorago & Kalphite Queen contracts to Reaper - You will now have Curses disabled upon entering the Warriors' guild - Vesta/Superior Vesta's spear special attack is now exactly like rs3 - Removed Ranged strength bonus from Elder Shortbow/Shieldbow - You can now use Evil dust on an Altar to offer them - Noxious scythe special attack has been added to Xmas scythe - You can now tan hides correctly at Tanners - You can now enter Menaphos and Sophanem - Fight Kiln drop collection has been added - You can now teleport out of your Telos instance provided the fight hasn't started - Ring of Death effect has been added to the new Death system - Glacors can now hit through Prayer, their Magic accuracy has also been increased - Kree'arra's magic defence has been nerfed - You can now see how many Mystery boxes you've opened with a counter (will only count from now) - Examining a Player will now also show Virtual levels - You can now revert Crystal equipment back to a seed through the Singing bowl - You can no longer create defenders with Main-hand drygores - You can now use Firelighters - You can now pay for ;;eviltree with Coins - General Tafani has been added to the Max guild - You can now revert the Christmas scythe back to a regular Noxious scythe (why would you) - Poison damage inflicted by you to a Monster will now count as your hit - Tormented demons have been added to Morvran and Kuradal tasklists - You can now create a private Nechryael instance in Platinum Zone - Ring of wealth (c) now degrades, you can recharge it with Onyx's - You can now use 40 vis wax to reset Wisdom aura cooldown - You can now view daily Skilling contract leaderboards on the Scoreboard - Black h1-5 has been added to Easy Clue scrolls - Adamant h1-5 has been added to Medium Clue scrolls - You can now type ;;clearpatches to clear all bugged patches - Evil tree experience rates have been nerfed again - Starter equipment has been nerfed, we don't want it out-performing the gear you should strive to get - Minigame & Clue scroll collection logs added [+] New Death Mechanics - Death will take all but your 3 (influenced by protection prayers) most valuable items when you die. You will have to buy them back for a fee - If you die again while he's already holding items for you, a 25% tax will be added to the final fee. He will never 'lose' your items - You will keep items with charges, but they will lose 20% of their charges - Having a charged ROW (c) or ROD will allow you to keep your items [+] Rare Item Token Store - This rotation will last until November. - The following items are new: Phantom Deathbeard's whole outfit, Scurvy (cannon pet), Fish in a Bag, Yin-yang amulet and Crocospeak Amulet! [+] Chime Shop Rotation - Chime shop has had some edits! We've taken out a few of the old items and replaced with new cool items! This is just the beginning as there'll be more edits in the near future: New Items: Chic Scarf, Globetrotter backpack, Peg legs, Peg legs feet, Gnome Goggles, Ring of Rares, Ban hammers & Bad weather umbrella [+] Ataraxia Panel - The Quest tab has received a glowup! It is now the Ataraxia Panel - You can interact with it to access all the lovely information you'd want! - Access: Game Settings, Quests, Achievements, Highscores, Teleports, Collections, Server info, Titles & Cosmetics in a neat little Interface! - Have fun exploring it! [+] Reaper Perks - You can now purchase Reaper perks from the Grim Reaper! - These perks cost Reaper points and provide the following "toggleable" effects Reaper's Choice (150) - Random chance of being able to choose your assignment when receiving a new one Reaper's Blessing (200) - While killing your assigned Reaper target, receive 5% increased drop rate Extended Massacre (150) - All reaper tasks will be extended by 25% and you will receive 25% more points for completing your task Take Two (200) - After completing a task, you will get the ability to skip your task once for free - Enjoy! [+] Ice Dyes - You can now receive Ice Dyes from Elite clue scrolls (exclusively) - You can use them on T90-T92 equipment to get an Ice-variation of the equipment: [+] Combat Pets - You can now receive Combat pets! Get these by receiving an experience drop in: Attack, Constitution, Defence, Magic, Prayer, Ranged, Strength and Summoning. [+] Boss Timers - You can now type ;;timers to get an Interface showing all of your best times & kill-counts! [+] Legiones Update - Legiones combat has been edited, before it was clunky and "private-server-esque" but they have been worked up! - All Legiones now follow the combat patterns similar to RS3! - Read up on the fights here: https://runescape.wiki/w/Legiones/Strategies [+] The Magister - The Magister has been added! - You can use the Key to the Crossing to access the Magister through the Sophanem Dungeon - You can run through the whole Dungeon or alternatively use the Boss portal at ;;bp or Tune a portal at the Max guild! - The mechanics are quite basic.. If you know what you're doing that is! - Battle The Magister for great loot including Phylactery, which can be Shattered for Scrap of Scriptures - 100 Scraps can be used to create one of three blessings; Sky, Sand or Sea - All three blessings are required along with the Khopesh of the Kharidian/Off-hand Khopesh to create the T92 Khopesh of Tumeken/Khopesh of Elidinis - Here are the bonuses! - Get them both to see their individual bonuses 😉 - Read up on the Magister's combat here: https://runescape.wiki/w/The_Magister/Strategies [+] Bug Fixes - You will no longer be able to wear items through presets if you don't reach the requirements - You can no longer use the options on Max cape without Max stats - Pet perk: Power exchange now works as intended - Fixed mismatched Dagannoth King & GWD contract ids - Fixed Kiln counting twice on reaper contracts - Reward potential will no longer reset when dying far away from Evil trees - Fixed not being able to pick up items unless you are under them in the Animated armour room of Warriors' Guild - Fixed not receiving Dungeoneering tokens/experience from Dungeoneering instances - Fixed Nex's blood sacrifice attack, it will now function exactly like Runescape 3 - Tormented Demon Reaper contracts should function properly - Ports & Gambling teleports can no longer remove you from any circumstance - Fixed being able to use ;;pets in LMS controller - Fixed Nice but Dim trigger rates - Cooking formula has been edited to work as intended (again) (fr this time tho) - NPCs unrelated to your instance will no longer show up unannounced - Fixed Kalphite defender effects proceeding even after unequipping the defender - Fixed Gaze aura effects not working while having an Aura active - Fixed Portable crafters saving way too many gems while crafting - Fixed Vindicta reaper contracts - Portals in RFD no longer teleport you to GWD2 bosses - You can now pick up Muspah spines and Elder charms - Fixed Aggression pot effects on Strykewyrms, you'll now automatically walk to them and stomp - Fixed all circumstances in which the Bank doesn't display your edited bank until you remove/add/move an item - Fixed unreachable Rocktail/Cavefish fishing spots - Fixed Double trouble pet perk not working at GWD2 - You can no longer get duplicate Skilling/Combat pets - Fixed Crystal pickaxe having no animation - Fixed being unable to mine Red sandstone - Fixed Ladder to Mining guild not working - Bane ore tuning has been fixed - Araxxor Drop collection has been fixed - Hydrix dragons will no longer lose aggro - You will no longer receive garbage rewards when soloing Evil trees - Ironmen can now rejoin their own Evil tree instances - Picking Fellstalk will now add to Farming actions - You can no longer kill Nex: Angel of Death without killing all 4 of the minions - Fixed Glacors resetting HP - All degrading issues fixed, all items that didn't degrade but should've, now do - Skilling actions will no longer persist after using ;;ports - Fixed being able to use Protean items after they've been converted [+] Coming Soon GIM Invention Thank-you for your patience with this update. Likely the most difficult update we've done in terms of motivation and drive. Glad we finally got it out. Credits: lare96, Xenthium, Armark1ng, Shnek & Jaedmo Ask the developers questions here!
  8. Ataraxia Updates #29 - Pets interface/Massive overhaul - Boss Updates - Teleport Interface - New Perks - A metric tonne of everything!! [+] General Changes - Evil dust Prayer XP nerfed - You can now get Evil Tree skilling contracts, if you have killed at least 100 evil trees and you have at least 70 Woodcutting OR Firemaking. You must "Talk-to" the skilling masters to unlock them - The "Activate" option on corrupted slayer helmets will no longer equip them. Instead, it'll show your current slayer task - The "Tree Hunter" perk box has been fixed (no longer acts as a lootshare shard) - You can no longer reset slayer tasks when you have 0 points - Dragon 2h has been added to Giant mole drops - Corrupt dragon longsword has been added to Chaos elemental drops - You can now do Telos reaper tasks - ;;ticket now has a cooldown - Evil tree rewards have been adjusted back to a healthy medium - Dwarf trader thieving has been added, access them through the Teleport interface - You can now type ;;hidepets to hide all pets - Runespan no longer teleports you back to the start on login - Hardmode Bosses now count towards Reaper tasks - You can now receive Rise of the Six/Barrows Reaper tasks - Gemstone dragons are now a task you can receive from Kuradal - Potion timers have been added! Please let us know if there are any potions that don't pop up with timers, ;;pots to show/hide - Telos has been added to Kuradal's boss log - Dreadnip interface will now only open should you be able to use one - Dreadnips now have an attack animation - You can now decant into 4/3/2/1 doses through Bob barter - Added Teplin Macagan near Bob barter, he will decant flasks to flasks, potions to flasks and flasks to potions - The ;;cosmetics system will now only show you the items available to override your currently equipped items - Evil potions now count towards pots made - Added Crystal chinchompa hunting along with a heap of others such as: All deadfalls, all Kebbits, butterflies [+] New Perks - $8 Dungeon Architect: Dungeon Architect allows you to create a private instance in Dungeoneering. Up to one friend may join you. - $10 Pet Trainer: Pet trainer gives you the ability to add pet perks to Boss/Skilling pets. [+] Pets, Pet Perks and New Interface - New Pet Perks: Extra Arms - Tier 1/2/3: 2%/4%/8% chance to double resources gathered from Fishing, Mining and Woodcutting. 1%/1%/0% chance to lose the item you would've gathered. Efficiency Expert - Tier 1/2/3: 2%/4%/8% chance to save a material when cutting gems, Leather-working, Cooking, Fletching or Smithing 1%/1%/0% chance to use twice the materials when creating an item - Pet Perk Removals: Executioner's Demise has been permanently removed - Pet Perk Edits: Kuradamnn - Tier 1/2/3: 3%/6%/10% extra Slayer EXP on Task 2%/5%/10% chance for a Slayer kill not to count towards your Slayer task Overloaded - Tier 1/2/3: Your combat stats cannot be reduced below 25%/20%/10% of your level when drinking brews When sipping any Overload, you receive the bonuses of a Supreme Overload salve. (Tier 3 only) You no longer take damage when drinking Overload potions - We are still working on the Pet perks, more to come, more to edit. Stay tuned. - All pets you receive can now be dropped to add to your ;;pets Interface. - Through this interface you can; Summon, Favourite, Add Perks, Remove Perks & View your awesome collection - Here's some media: - When you receive a Pet perk, you now "Redeem" it in your Inventory, this gives you a credit in that slot. - You can then add it to an Unlocked pet (you've dropped it) - When adding it to the pet, it will show all of the perks your pet has in the middle of the interface such as this: - You can also now remove your perks and chop/change as you like... HOWEVER, each removal costs you 5,000,000 gp. So don't change too much or you might go broke.. (i know you all have like 2147m shards) - Another awesome effort by Shnek, this has been a long time coming. [+] Teleport Interface - You can open this new interface through ;;teleport, ;;tp, ;;t - It should be a much easier way to navigate the game - You can click it, Teleport to it, Favourite it for easier access and it'll open back on the last tab you had open. - Thanks to Shnek for this awesome interface, will be much better than the dialogue despite all of you memorising the number order for content you always do. [+] Boss Changes Nex (Godwars Dungeon) - Nex will now place a shadow trap at the start of the shadow phase inevitably - Nex's wrath attack on death has been adjusted to 5 tiles - You can now bring all pets/familiars into Nex encounters - Nex's Blood sacrifice attack now mirrors Rs3's: https://runescape.fandom.com/wiki/Nex/Strategies - Nex's blood sacrifice heal limits at 1500 - Nex's ice prison attack is 100% like rs now Nex: Angel of Death - AOD will now have Killcount Rise of the Six - Rise of the Six will now have Killcount Vorago - On phase 2 if you fail to damage Vorago enough and lose the weapon piece you will now only have to shoot 2 gravity fields instead of 3-4 - Fixed multiple instances of Vorago glitching the stone spawns on p4 - Fixed p5 Vorago pushing you back too fast - Killcount on pet is now fixed - Fixed Hardmode "The End" rotation - The timer to knock down the weapon piece on p2 has been increased - Fixed stones on p4 spawning in walls - Added health bar/status to Vorago, displaying: Health, Energy balls left, Bring him down progress (p2), damage required percentage (p2), waterfalls left (p4/9) - Reduced damage required to bring him down - Reduced the push multiplier on p5/10/11 - If a player disconnects with a weapon piece it will now drop it - Damage cap increased to 1500 Araxxor - Araxxor minions can now walk underneath other NPCs - Combat definitions for a few NPCs added in Acid path - Araxxor will now follow players down the path properly in p2 - Araxxor's healing on the web ability will only trigger after the animation is completed - Araxxor will no longer pull you on p2 of the acid phase - Araxxor enrage resets every day - You can now roll your loot for a chance at the Araxxi pets Telos - Teleporting away from a fight now resets your Killstreak - Telos golems can now walk underneath other NPCs - Dying in a Telos instance without starting the fight will no longer reset your streak - Anima golems will no longer be immortal and stay alive - Dreadnips are now usable on p5 - You can now properly attack Telos from every side on p5 - Fixed Telos' spawn/death position on p4/5 - Added current/max health to the Health bar - Soothsayer will now swap your orbs [+] Bug Fixes - Evil trees should no longer randomly gain health - Edited typo in "the Ataraxian" - QBD drop collection KC has been fixed - QBD completionist requirement fixed - King Black Dragon's Visage drop now properly counts towards Drop collection - Araxxor drop collection now works as intended - Telos drop collection now works as intended - Tormented demon drop collection now works as intended - Fixed Collection log not recognising drops from Armadyl's minions - QBD reaper tasks will now work properly - Evil seed player limit now displays properly - Multiple Fight kiln instance fixes to avoid nulled encounters - Fix Evil tree not clearing after all rewards have been claimed - Mithril dragons no longer drop Prayer mixes - You can no longer heal on the same tick as ::killme to avoid death - You can now customise Hooded max cape - Nex will no longer teleport into the pre-game lobby - Nylessa added to Boss pets command - You can no longer trade in LMS - Players will no longer receive no coins on some occasions when opening Mystery boxes - You can now create pins that start with 0 - T95/99 Prayers will now properly work for Tokhaar-ket-dill, QBD and Legiones - Collecting loot from Sophanem dungeon Cache will no longer collect from Telos - Fixed A BUNCH of cosmetic item overrides in ;;cosmetics, please let us know any that aren't working still - Manual decanting works better with a new system - The Cooking burn formula has been reworked, you will no longer burn a ridiculous amount of food - Corruption sigil now adds properly to the Collection log - You can now complete Trivia in Runespan [+] Coming Soon 9 0 7 G I M Enjoy guys, apologies for the delay, lots of testing required for this patch. Credits: Jaedmo, Uzi, lare96, Xenthium, Node, Armark1ng & Shnek Ask the developers questions here!
  9. Ataraxia Updates #28 - Account Pins - Quality of Life changes - Bug Fixes - Evil Tree perk - Updates teasers!!! [+] General Changes - You can now destroy your evil tree instance by right clicking the portal or leaving your instance after collecting your rewards - Entling can now change colours - Blade of Nymora/Avaryss are now rarer from Twin furies - Twin furies HM now deal more damage on auto attacks - Spawns of Dung monsters doubled in every room - You can now do Gargoyles in Platinum Zone instances - All players can use ;;ports to enter Ports - Supports/Moderators now have a Yell colour - Soul wars server announcement has been removed as the minigame is inactive and non-functional - You can now have 10 Presets instead of just 5 - The following potions have been added and drinkable from flask: Super Saradomin brew, Regular/Super/Supreme/ Ranging potion, Magic potion, Combat potion, Agility potion, Super zamorak brew & Every antipoison - You can now use a toolbelted pickaxe vs the Dills in Fight kiln - You can now type ;;hidepets to hide every player's pets (and your own) - The Collection log now displays the amount of an item you've received, not just that you've unlocked it - Added Papaya fruit drops to Sophanem Slayer Dungeon, Evil trees and Skilling contracts - You can now do construction with "Quick-ids", meaning you can press 1, 2, 3, 4 to build the object relevant to the number! - LMS games no longer show the Rarity of the loot, people didn't attend lower standing ones, the rewards for all will be reworked soon - You can now claim the Evil title through ;;titles, completing 100 Kills on an Evil tree unlocks this - You can now "Repair-all" at Bob, rather than repairing your items one by one, Bob will detect all of the items and Repair them at the same time - Adrenaline potions now have an effect timer before you can use another one again - ;;g1-4 now has 1.3x experience to match the Diamond zone bonus - You can no longer use Quick chat in the Friends chat - You no longer require Completing floor 50 for Completionist cape (t) - Divination teleports now display the Level alongside the Wisp Teleport [+] Account Pins - Due to the issues with Players losing their items and accounts to hackers abusing the fact they haven't changed password, we've decided to add a Pin system - The Pin system will come into action when you log on your account directly after the update, you must type a Pin, this pin is then saved to your account. - When logging in from a different IP/Mac address (from the original pin location), you will be required to enter the pin before your account is playable - If you forget your pin, you may change it and recover it within 3 days. Alternatively, you may ask a Staff member to help you reset it. - This is all for the security of your accounts, like 25% of you used Maclock, so Lare has worked on this. - It is compulsory but don't worry, you'll get used to it and it'll help keep all of your accounts secure. [+] Evil Tree Perk - Was meant to be added alongside the Evil tree release - "Tree Hunter" - $10 : - 25% More XP from Evil Tree related actions. - 2x Better chance at getting evil herbs, bark, and seeds - Free banking when fighting the Evil Tree - Free teleports to the Evil Tree [+] Bug Fixes - Evil tree should no longer randomly disappear - Evil tree instances will no longer delete when you log out - Special energy will no longer drain into the negatives - Dreadnips are no longer usable in New-old Dung - Rune pouch can now use all spells with runes in the pouch, before a few didn't work - Superior ports gear is now repairable as it should be - When switching gamemode you no longer lose your Tool-belted Tools - Guards in Varrock are now Pickpocketable - You can now eat Kebabs - Fixed issue with a Shop overriding existing ones - You can no longer attack Kuradal's Slayer monsters off-task - Kalphite King minions will now disappear on death of KK - You can no longer enter LMS on a brand new acc.. (Before tutorial) - Muspah slayer has been fixed - Auras no longer reset when entering LMS - Fixed players having attack options after exiting a LMS game - Fixed the issues coinciding with Barrows/Telos/Sophanem and claiming the same stuff/abandoning - You can now jump the Stepping stones in Kharazi - You can no longer bypass NPC requirements such as Slayer level/Slayer task using Aggression potions - The Dungeoneering shop at home that you can buy Keepsake-able gear from has been fixed - You can no longer trade ^ that armour - Evil Dust is no longer dropped by monsters/sold in shops - ;;G1-4 rate of catching fixed - Gamemode titles now work properly for Ironman modes [+] Coming Soon Oh we also have new client loading backgrounds: https://imgur.com/a/iRYv2VI (Can't post them all) Not a huge update, but this past fortnight has done wonders for our productivity. We've now got a great system to focus on the important things and we'll be implementing this system in patches to come. Credits: Jaedmo, lare96, Xenthium & Shnek Ask the developers questions here!
  10. Post your applications here.
  11. Quite a big announcement coming.. So enjoy the read: Over the past few weeks it has become apparent that the future of Ataraxia rests on the next month. The Development team, Administrators and I have been discussing the options for the future. We know that you all want Group Ironman, and don't worry, you will get it. However, the server just isn't in the place that I/we want it to be for that release. I plan on making the GIM release huge, YouTubers, Advertisements etc. I want it to be the biggest we've had, not many servers have GIM and especially not a 718. I know it'll bring players back, I know it'll bring a tonne more traffic. Simply put, the server isn't ready for it. There's been so many underlying issues in the base code of Ataraxia that have been overlooked by myself and the Developers (to my direction). I decided early on that we can just add content and the playerbase will increase, as it has. But it's not good enough. There's so many issues that we need to fix before I'm ready to invest a few thousand into the Advertising of GIM. The server needs to be capable and ready to handle the traffic we will receive. There's so many bugs that have been hanging around for months, and it's about time we tackle them. We have a steady playerbase & Runelocus rank and I appreciate all of you maintaining that. Over the next few weeks, the Development team's focus will be on improving the base game of Ataraxia, ensuring that all issues are ironed out. This will include: - Fixing bugs that have been extremely long standing - Reworking the Pet perk system to be handled better - Reworking a few Store prices and Perks - Reworking Skills that aren't amazingly coded (Hunter, Divination etc) - Reworking Instances - Getting a new Website & Theme, reworking the Hiscores & Store layout - Reworking Bosses that are dodgy, coded by external people (Nex, Kalphite King, RotS, Vorago, Rax) - Rebalancing the combat on Ataraxia to ensure it's not too "easy", I attempted to make it easier towards the beginning of Ataraxia, however, I overdid it, E36 will be attempting to balance the combat system once more - Virtual levels (not really a bug but, would be cool right?) What does this mean in the short run? Well, this may not mean consistent patches. Bugs will be hotfixed to the game in chunks and there won't be designated patch days/notes. Instead it'll be a collation of all Bugs fixed over a certain period. You won't be receiving new content for a few weeks. Don't worry, we have so much stuff lined up for after this, we just have to focus on making the game a better place. I want Ataraxia to last years, and the way we're going is just overloading the server when it can't handle it. This is a good thing, stick with us and you won't regret it. ----- Now, on a less-positive note. Unfortunately, Arham has decided to resign from his position of Development Manager. With most things in life, you lose motivation. Arham has sadly lost the spark that used to drive him for Ataraxia. It's not a bad thing, these things happen, Arham will still be around and he'll still impact the way Ataraxia continues, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Arham has been with us from the beginning of Ataraxia, when he received a message from Noele asking him to join. This was without a guarantee of money, throwing him into a terribly-coded source, making him work with someone he didn't know (me) and he did it. And holy fuck am I glad he did. Ataraxia wouldn't be here without Arham, the pure intelligence and positivity he brought to the Development team was unparalleled. His efforts over the past 10 months have been incredible. The success of Ataraxia truly lays on Arham's shoulders and that's without over-exaggeration. I thank him so much for everything he has done for Ataraxia and me. He's an incredible Developer and person and I'm so glad I met him. This kid has more potential than all of us, and I can't wait to see what the future holds for him. He's smart, kind, intuitive, trustworthy and overall a top class person. I have no doubts that he is going to go on and do something great. And it'll be a proud moment knowing that I worked with him once upon a time. Thank-you for everything Hammy, Ataraxia is always here for you, as am I Jaedmo
  12. Ataraxia Updates #27 - Evil Trees Skilling DND - Dungeoneering - New Account Interface - Rare Item Token Store Rotation - Voting Fixed - Presets & Bank QOL!!! Once again, screenshots aren't working, Pls click Gyazos i try hard when I write these and I'll know if you didn't click them. Edit: POG I GOT THEM WORKING [+] General Changes - Dreadnip stuns no longer stack, the stun will apply for the first person to use it. You can no longer perma-stun late-game bosses - Corrupted ore now stops smelting after 60 ores, rather than the previous 28 - Greater Berserker aura now gives 15% boost - Drop catcher changes and Construction changes from the previous update have been removed due to popular demand - 100m Experience announcement has been removed, it is rather pointless with the 120 announcement so soon after - Telos enrage leaderboard now shows the player's KC - Barrows amulets now automatically activate if you choose to enable the effect - Novice experience announcements have been removed from announcements - Zaros Godsword special attack now requires 60% energy rather than 80% - Sirenic's defence is now better than Refined anima core of Zamorak - Giant mole has been added to Boss teleports - When examining a Player you will now be able to see their Game mode - A variety of Herblore secondaries have been added to Unlimited on Grand Exchange - Duo-rax is once again functioning, you can now tackle the Spider with a friend! - Adrenaline potions have been nerfed - You can now click the Golden ticket received from LMS for a 1/999 chance at a Black Santa hat, 1/998 chance at a Christmas cracker. You have approximately 25% chance to receive 5 Mystery boxes and a 74% chance to receive 2. Don't quote the math - You can now repair Refined anima core with the relevant essences - Many potion combinations have been added, too many to list - Ectoplasmator now has a cap of 10,000 charges instead of 5,000 - Telos enrage multiplier has been drastically reduced in relation to Rewards, we're aware that too many weapons have come from this and I know a sink that'll work, which will come next update [+] Evil Tree Distraction and Diversion - Will spawn every 4 hours - You can 'fast travel' to the tree's location by typing ;;eviltree or speaking with the Evil Tree Hunter at ;;home - Join someone's Evil Tree instance by talking to the Evil Tree Hunter at home. Start an instance using a new item obtained as a drop from the trees - Adds new training methods for Firemaking, Woodcutting, Farming, and Herblore - New potions, 1 of which can be used for Farming, Firemaking, and Woodcutting training - New perk 'Tree Hunter' - New pet 'Entling' [+] Tier 92 Weapon Edits - You can now Dye all T92 weapons to receive their coloured variants - These dyed versions share the same Bonuses as the uncoloured version - T92 weapons now all degrade to a broken state, you can repair them at Bob for a hefty amount of GP - The Seren Godbow's special attack has been edited.. Well, nerfed slightly, while we realize it's the best bow in the game, the maximum accumulative damage of all arrows was far too high. Not wanting to give it a flat nerf, we decided on having your maximum hit reduce by 10% for each arrow fired. I.E first arrow can do 100% damage, second 90%, third 80% etc... [+] Preset Interface and Bank QOL - Look, it's clear Shnek deserved Developer of the month, and you guys should thank him for this! About time we got it - Firstly, you are now able to set custom removal amounts through the "1x" button - You can set a quantity and 1 click on an item will remove than many from your bank - This should make Herblore, Farm runs, whatever else you kids do for fun easier! - Preset interface! - On the screenshot above you can see a Button on your bank that looks like a Box and has a + next to it - You can click this to open this interface above, in which you can set and save different presets for whatever you would like to do - Uses of this would be Bossing/Slayer setups and it allows a quick transition between the load-outs! - This has been a suggestion for about 3 years, and finally we have someone capable, Great job by Shnek! [+] Tune-able Max Guild Combat Portal - You can now tune the combat portal in the Max guild to a wide range of bosses and slayer monsters. - Diamond+ members can use the portal free of charge and no cooldown will be applied. - This is a thing on Runescape 3 and Xenthium did a great job adding it, while many of you may use the Platinum instances/;;bp, this should add some nice QOL for those who aren't Platinum/Diamond! [+] Starter Interface - This was added last patch however, I don't know why I missed it...! - Shnek added this interface for new accounts! [+] Collection Log Edits - Collection log bugs have been fixed such as: - Gregorovic & Vindicta and Gorvek not counting drops - Araxxor & Twin furies Killcount fixed - Vorago & QBD added - All 6 Legione bosses added - Rune Dragons added [+] Rare Item Token Rotation - Captain Deathbeard makes a return along with some pretty cool animation-changing items, take a look: - Thanks to Uzi again for this! Genuinely have no idea how he finds these awesome items. [+] Voting Update - Votes have been reverted back to the original state, Runelocus you receive 2 points, the other 3 you receive 1 per. - Voting was a long task, and luckily we have such a dedicated Admin, Node. - He worked for over a week on the Voting issues and finally, I can confidently say, it's fixed. - You will now receive your Votes and Vote rewards from every available site! We have removed one, unfortunately, but their system was outdated which resulted in your Votes not counting. - Also it's the start of the month, vote. [+] Dungeoneering - We recently polled whether or not you guys want Old Dungeoneering, or New, or both. The result of the poll was a vast majority asking for both. - Unfortunately, new Dungeoneering's issues still aren't resolved, however, in the meantime, you can do the new-old Dungeoneering by typing ;;dung - You go room to room, killing 20 creatures in each and the further you go the more experience and tokens you receive - For obvious reasons, Aggression pots have been disabled in this Dungeoneering - The good thing is, you can use your own gear, rather than Primal etc. - As such, Dungeoneering items have been removed from the Vote shop, Dungeoneering requirements have been re-added to Max Cape and Completionist cape - It's not ideal, but it will have to do while we do extensive testing on Full Dungeoneering. It's not worth the issues at this point. [+] Bug Fixes - Players who are Jailed and AFK are no longer sent to Bob and leave jail - Sayln the Shark is no longer tradeable - Prayer renewal now properly says 6-12 instead of 5-10 - Corrupted scorpions now properly drop noted gems rather than un-noted - Telos no longer drains your special attack lower than 0% - You can no longer use ZGS spec at 50% energy despite it requiring 80% - You can no longer use Quick prayers to enable protection prayers in LMS - Anima core of Zamorak legs bonuses fixed - Dyed T92 weapons special attack now works - When examining a player it now properly shows their Time played - Zaros Godsword attack options reworked, it should hit as fast as and be as effective as a Scythe, but better obviously - You can no longer use T99 prayers in LMS - Fish barrel no longer gives cooked food Oh we also have a new client background: Credits: Jaedmo, Arham 4, lare96, Xenthium & Shnek Ask the developers questions here!
  13. Ataraxia Updates #26 - Collection Log - Rare Item Token Store Rotation - Telos/Araxxor edits - Commands Update - Examine Interface!!! I'll put this here because you guys may not read the bottom. We've started delegating tasks related to Perfecting: Nex, Araxxor, Kalphite King, Vorago, Telos & GWD2 bosses. It's time the Development team focus on redoing these pieces of content made by other less-competent developers at the time. Hopefully this leads to perfection in late game content, something we've not had before.. [+] General Changes - Auras can now be unequipped from the Equipment interface - Boss Portal teleport is now in the Member's zone teleport dialogue - T90 resources now repair 10% instead of 5% - Lootshare items are now tradeable - Skilling points are now "Skilling tickets" - Every log is now fletchable into Arrow shafts - The three stages of "the Warden" title have been added, requiring 500, 1500 & 2500 enrage. - Araxxor attack speeds have been drastically reduced, no more minigun rax - Corrupted sigil is now untradeable due to the achievement - You can now answer "telos" for the GWD2 trivia question - There's now a warning dialogue when collapsing bank tabs - Vesta's Spear has been added to Last Man Standing shop - Nex: AoD pet drop has been added - Dreadnips have been nerfed, they were way too powerful, Bonuses & maxhit reduced - Dragonbane ammo has been nerfed, too powerful, now it should be best in slot for dragons and that is it - You can now use hotkeys to build furniture in your POH for Construction - A Sawmill operator has appeared at Diamond Zone - A few pets have been edited to look better according to the Poll results, the following pets have been changed: Rory the Reindeer, Prototype Colossus, Warborn Behemoth. The rest were the best model choice (we're not having 18ft drakes flying about sorry) - Dreadnips are now untradeable - All Gardening supplies such as Bagged Trees & Bagged Roses are added to Construction shop - Serenity Posts have been added! Read up on them here: https://runescape.fandom.com/wiki/Serenity_posts - Refined Anima core now degrades to it's original un-refined state - Hydrix Jewellery now degrades... Soz - Telos' healing now caps at 500, I.E Once you reach 900-1000 enrage it'll cap there - Telos' damage now scales faster with enrage - Greenthumb now notes Farming produce from all sources - Ore spawn time has been decreased, for every ore - Co-op skilling contract rewards have been increased - The Zaros Godsword's Black hole special attack has been added, it increases all melee damage by 25% while active and damages nearby npcs for 50-150 (50-300 for bosses) every 2 seconds for a total of 20 seconds, consuming 80% special attack energy. - Added Grim Reaper and Kuradal to Boss Portals - If you have alcohol more than 3 times you will be drunk for 10 minutes in-game - ;;dropcatcher filtering has become a bit easier, it will no longer show noted items, to apply to noted items type (noted) after it - ;;bug and ;;suggest timers have been fixed - Ring of Death will now send you a message when it activates - Dungeoneering is re-added, however, the null issue is not fixed, when it happens we'll be able to debug the cause [+] Examine Interface - A new Examine interface has been added! - Right click examine will now pop up with this: - And when clicking on the levels: - Awesome work by Shnek on this! - Still a few edits to be made, but enjoy! [+] Collection Log - Collection Log has been added! - Type ;;col to open it! - Collection Log will not collect items from your past, as they haven't been tracked. - You can "Claim" your boss pets have been collected by typing the command ;;addbosspets with your Boss pets in your inventory - This is what it looks like (these aren't the drops from Graardor completed) - Each bosses' unique item drops will be collectable and will unlock when they're dropped from the boss ONLY. - Collection Log also applies to Clue Scrolls! - Get hunting those items! - Complete collections, boast your collection through the examine interface "Collection Size"! - Titles will be added in the near future for Complete collections. - Another great job by Shnek adding this interface! [+] Rare Item Token Rotation - I don't know what these items are.. Looks like a bunch of summer stuff. - It's really cold in Australia. - Witchdoctor equipment, Ice Lolly wand, Beachball orb, Strawberry Parasol, Surfboard Shield, Sand cape, Octopus backpack.. Now that I wear them ingame, they're pretty cool! - Thanks @Uzi [+] Website News - I have purchased a new Website and it is under Development - This will bring new: Homepage, Voting, Store setup, Hiscores & Forums - This will end the pesky annoyances with Voting and the Store.. As well as revamp the Hiscores to be.. GIM friendly. - Also, the whole Ataraxia theme as is.. Is kinda depressing, so I want to liven it up a bit. - An update on Voting: Node has been debugging why Runelocus isn't working and is in contact with the Admins at Runelocus desperately trying to get it fixed. We're just as annoyed by it as you, believe me. - Please keep voting on Runelocus despite it not working ❤️ [+] Commands Update - We've had heaps of Suggestions over the last 6-7 months about revamping Commands, adding new ones, making them better. - I spent a few hours whipping this up, it should hopefully be better. - ;;commands then you type ` on your keyboard to bring up the Developer console - All of the commands will be listed like this: As well as some Donor related ones below too big for one ss - Hope you enjoy it. [+] Bug Fixes - You can no longer cast spells that you don't have runes for - You can no longer place bets on the Lottery just before the winner is chosen - Fixed typos in Effigies and Ataraxia dollar donation claim - Price checker interface will no longer delete your items if you log out with them inside the interface - You no longer get Magic shieldbow tasks while 80 Fletching (85 req) - Completionist cape & Completionist Cape (t) equip requirements re-added, not sure why they were commented out, you can no longer wear it if you once claimed it while you were worthy - You can no longer use ;;b1 at Telos - Antipoison++ flasks are now drinkable - You can now pick up Demon horns from Nihils - Anima golems will no longer get stuck behind Telos' arms - T95/T99 prayers now properly work on Telos & Magic leech now functions properly - Araxxor will no longer randomly heal above 30k Health Credits: Jaedmo, Arham 4, lare96 & Xenthium Ask the developers questions here!
  14. Staff of the Month - May 2019 This title is given to the best performing Staff member of the Month. This will include all of the staff promoted within the month. The Staff member will receive this rank: Staff of the Month A new Golden discord rank for the Month. And to top it off, $25 PayPal or RSGP to their desire. The Voting is done by all of you! Check the attached Poll and vote for your candidate! Please also post why in the comments below! Kind regards, Jaedmo
  15. Player of the Month - May 2019 This Title is given to the player who has been an outstanding member of Ataraxia for the previous Month. The winner will receive this fancy Icon for the Month: Player of the Month A nice Discord rank & best of all... Access to Diamond Zone for a month.. If you're already Diamond.. Don't worry. You also get $50 Store Credit. The Staff Team has voted and the Player of the Month is: @Arachnid Despite not being Staff, you still maintain the unbelievable professionalism you had when you possessed the title. You've been loyal since the start and I love having you around. I don't think you have any issue with any player whatsoever and you're always looking to go the extra mile to help. A fantastic month for you, I hope you stay with us for a long time to come. Congratulations, Kind regards, Jaedmo & the Staff Team.
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