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  1. I hope big pest control event for elite 😏
  2. Great idea! But... what about the hardcore ironmans and ironmans that already choosed gamemode they also get 1 chance to team up with someone? Or do you need to create a new account? regards EDIT: would it not be easier to just let ironmans play together? slayer, dungeoneering? Duo slayer and able to play with only ironmans dungeoneering maybe
  3. @Jaedmo could someone reply please. I think this is important so Ironmans can share their experience without normal players say use G.E. or use shops at market and other stupid stuff. We cant f****** do that shit we ironman. Regards, Teabag
  4. you still here? 😧😧
  5. Teabag


    Welcome to the world of Ataraxia, relax time! Gaining experience! πŸ’ͺ
  6. Teabag

    HCIM Lives

    I like the idea, however what about the REAL hardcore ironman that died it's also lame to give them a chance and knock everyone down on Hardcore Ironman hiscores I have seen rsps with HCI with buying lives with gp. 200M/400M/600M/800M/etc.. Never seen an Ironman walking there. - Teabag One life. One goal. Survive.
  7. Hahahhaha that sucks mate gl on getting trim comp easy 😎
  8. Congratutalions, they are both awesome! 😎
  9. Im only 65 slayer at the moment, but that would suck for people on Legendary mode and HCI to get at slayer 95+ green dragons task I support you
  10. Can't wait for the HCI ranks then ❀️ loving it already!
  11. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ @hardcore tok RIP MATE😘
  12. Rest in peace my soldier. πŸ˜”
  13. Hello, If you could grab donator status with ;;updaterank Could you also add Hardcore Ironman and Ironman And maybe also a Ironchat for ironman roles I would love that so Ironmans can speak under Ironmans Regards, Teabag
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