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  1. What's good everyone, I'm Steez aka Sorceri in game, I used to play here maybe a year or so but figured I'd do another intro since its been awhile. I'm from Houston, Texas working in the construction industry - currently doing residential code inspections. It's been really cool to see how the server has progressed since my time here and i'm looking forward to gettin in good with the community again. Aside from playing in my spare time I'm also pretty heavily involved in the underground music industry here as a producer. I make trap/r&b mainly but i'm currently learning sound design to get into dubstep/riddim. If you see me in game don't hesitate to say whats up! https://open.spotify.com/album/7Fa7eNxIGpdUZnn0F08kbF?si=QE0LQnHmQVuUIh0pWPWoCQ
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    Yeah I know exactly where that's at; I've had to go out there for a few jobs.
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    Whats good yall, I go by sorceri in most games. I got the name from the 'source' button on my tv remote when creating my gw2 elementalist. Found myself with some spare freetime recently due to a spontaneous pneumothorax which has taken my more active hobbies from my life for a few months and decided to invest it in this server. Its been years since I've played any rs at all so this rs3 stuff is all new to me. However the community (and google) has been very helpful and I'm learning a lot about the game while enjoying my time on the server greatly. Few quick facts about myself: - I'm 21, from Houston, currently in college at University of Houston (HTOWN HOLD IT DOWN), and work a career in residential construction inspections part time during semesters and full time during breaks. -I make music of all varieties, [shameless self plug, move on if you don't like it] - peep my soundcloud if youre into that kind of thing. Have a full album dropping in January which I executive produced; with videos coming on Worldstar and Say Cheese. If you enjoy any of my stuff make sure to look up Ca$h Ave (da gang) and imnotmelrose (my studio engineer) for some more content. - Besides these months of medical restraint I'm very active and pretty knowledgeable on all things weightlifting and associated diets - feel free to pm me with questions.
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