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  1. Gambling - I support the gambling update, gambling is a big part of any rsps and runescape, and like jaedmo stated its optional no one is forcing anyone to stake. Plus PoH staking is safe but we don't know if there ways to get unfair advantage having an npc to do 50/50 staking will reassure players it's safe and less time consuming. The taxing I'm ehh about it. Death penalty - 100 percent support any type of death penalty. Most likely to be coins or make your Armour in a broke state to get fix. For t90s it can still be in a broken state but once fix with coins it will go back to the charge it was before broken. PVP - like gambling wilderness is also an important aspect of runescape and we should enable it. Also adding new contect new monster or make the ones already there way stronger but with good rewards. For PVP we should allow to the highest tier to take there to be 80 that means barrows, bandos, whips, godswords such items. Jewelry it shouldn't be that much of a problem don't think people will risk 500m jewelry to pk anyways.
  2. Job well done and very fast, kept me updated through the whole process. I would buy again but he already did the 24 I need to requirement and managed to get me the pet. No complains at all, well trusted specially with my bank.
  3. Someone in game brought up the "merch" of this tokens and in reality anything that is tradeable can be merch. Its being done with donations right now as it is. i hold the price of my donation at 60m firm because I see it as a fit price, yet some people need to sell fast for x reason so they'll sell for 55m even 50m. There's no denying that this token will be merch but if we keep donations prices firm then there is no reason the merch side of this idea will be that big of a deal. Bottom line is donations are always in demand and if the donator keeps prices at a fair price there shouldn't be that big of an issue
  4. I suggested this already and I was told its being worked on, but i'm making this post in suggestion from other player to express there opinion/concerned. My idea was to add an in game $ currency you buy and redeem in game to sell to other player or store in your bank for when new perks are being released. A perk box shop would need to be implemented where you can only spend this tokens for perks as if you were buying online. When purchasing this token you will not be awarded towards your donation total, only opening a perk box can contribute to that. For spins, spin tickets can be added to the shop or a mod+ can accept tokens and just award you the adequate amount of spins. As some player suggested this and I fully support it as it can help them slowly achieve higher price perk and keep people who already have enough perks but still want to donate keep donating. -Katana
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