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  1. Another suggestion is, instead of decrease the number of players needed, increase the rewards or even add new ones. That would make people do pc more often, which would make games way more faster.
  2. Nono, you didn't get it. It would get to your inventory "x" drops You would choose which drops would automaticaly go to your inventory, the rest would still remain on the ground.
  3. As is your Omicharger perk, which would make weapons and gear prices go up. But I like your idea and that's the propose of the perks, to make your life easier and more enjoyable. It would send to your inventory, not your bank. The only thing is that you wouldn't need to get the loot by yourself. If it is thaaaat OP then yeah, forget about it. But i've worked with such benefits before and nobody complained about it, people even grinded for it. It makes pvm experince less boring, i'd buy it even if it was like 30$.
  4. Perk Name: Auto looterPerk Benefits: Automatically sends x loots to your inventoryPerk Price: 20-25$Would you buy it?: Yes
  5. Support, without any doubt! Get that Grenwals update ASAP. :p
  6. Thanks for doing this mate! Good luck everyone!
  7. Bringing PvP into Ataraxia? PLEASE! Totally support this! +1! Or even make skilling in the wilderness be more profitable, this would lead skillers into the danger and let those who like to pvp have some fun! 😄
  8. Thanks for your opinion!
  9. I've been around for a while now and there are some suggestions I'd like to share to improve our experience into the server. Dragon bones and frost dragon bones price increase. Dragon bones are priced at 1gp and frosts at 85.000gp. Make it so we can see them over the regulars drops and don't have to be there searching for them throw the drops. Make it so we can atleast alch them if we can't sell. Ranged and Magic turmoil. Skilling outfit pieces x2. So we don't get our bank all messed up. - @Aric Make the Supply table also give poison and antifire resistance. - @Nurri - @vengeance Increase the Fletching xp. Just way toooooo slow. Make the priffindas patch usable. Allow us to use the bank command in build mode at our home. Higher thieving chance at priff with perk. You can't even steal more than 4 corrupted ores untill you get caught 3x. Increase drop rate on legendary, the difference isn't that big for the efford it takes to max. Increase dpr on Tier 70 monsters so newcomers can get dharok/arma faster and increase the flow of those items ingame. Also increase its price so newcomers can alch it if they can't sell. Higher quantities of bolt tips/logs/bars/noted herbs that drop from monsters. Increase steal titan damage. Cancelling a Slayer task give a new one automatically. Enchanted gem - (left click) first option "kills left". Toadflax cheaper, Snapdragon & Toadflax autobuy. Stackable food - Dropable (1-3) from monsters with 80+ slayer needed which would heal the same as rocktails. Perk suggestion: Ranged friend - Highly increase the change for your bolt to trigger the spec 5-10$ depending on how % it increases. Ability to donate for customs with "perks/ability" for 20$ 1 perk, 40$ 2 perks and 50$ 3 perks. (Not sure if people will like this) Xp and Drop rate increase with silver+ donator. Bankdrops pot - 25 vote points Works like a reg pot, sends drops to bank for 1h, tradable, can fill up to 4 Bankskills pot - 50 vote points Works like a reg pot, sends skilldrops (ores, logs, fish) to bank for 1h, tradable, can fill up to 4 Doubledrops pot - 100 vote points Works like a reg pot, doubles all the drops for 1h, tradable, can fill up to 4 This would make the people NEVER forget to vote.
  10. If you had the need to earn some cash without leaving home, what would you do? :p
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