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  1. Welcome to Ataraxia, I told with you now and then in Discord. Have fun and stay outta trouble!
  2. Elite dungeons can actually be soloed or grouped. If you have some suggestions for content please let us know though. We're always looking to add more content!
  3. [+] Game Additions Temple of Aminishi (Elite Dungeon 1): You can get there by going to the teleport>Minigame Teleports>Temple of Aminihshi You will need to create an elite dungeon part in order to enter by typing ;;pd or ;;partydetails or using Ring of Kinship All drops inside the dungeon can be auto-collected by the treasure chests all around the dungeon (Note: you can disable auto-collecting, gaining 20% (Normal Mobs), 5%(Bosses) chance of getting double loot!). Dungeon progress will be saved upon server restarts so you don't have to worry if the server restarts or is updated! You wont lose any of your progress! All elite armours/weapons won't degrade while inside the dungeon. You can use Ctrl + C for Surge and Ctrl + V For Escape (only in the Temple of Aminishi) ***Details about the Elite Dungeon*** The dungeon has five large rooms filled with monsters. There are a total of three bosses located in the dungeon (Room two - The Sanctum Guardian, room four - Masuta the Ascended, room five - Seiryu the Azure Serpent). You can enter the dungeon solo, or with a group (max of three). Rewards include tier 92 range armour (Elite Sirenic), Dungeoneering Tokens, a new boss pet (Kuroryu), a handy bunch of items to disassemble for materials, and Onyx Dust which can be turned into Uncut Onyx's! [+] Bug Fixes -The skip intro crashing the client when using treasure hunter has been fixed -The Fishing Rod-o-matic having only one gizmo slot has been changed -The "buy all" option from the shops has been replaced with a "Buy X" option
  4. I like your organization and color coding. Very nice job, hope others find this helpful!
  5. Staff of the Month - January 2020 Hello fellow players, it's that time of the month again! .....what? ....No not THAT time of the month.... It's time to vote for your favorite staff of January! This will include all of the staff promoted within the month. The Staff member will receive this rank: Staff of the Month A new golden discord rank for the entire perio...er....month. And to top it off, $50 PayPal or RSGP to their desire! The voting is done by all of you! Check the attached poll and vote for the person you think deserves it the most! Make sure you let us know why you voted the way you did so our staff team can take note and strive to get better! All the best, Jaedmo, Kirito, Node, Xenthium, the development & staff team.
  6. Great work, knew it would be quality. I can tell you spent a good amount of time putting it together and working on how you wanted to set everything up. Good job and keep it up mate <3.
  7. Nice to have you here, I hope you enjoy your stay with us.
  8. Player of the Month - June 2019 This Title is given to the player who has been an outstanding member of Ataraxia for the previous Month. The winner will receive this fancy Icon for the Month: Player of the Month A nice Discord rank & best of all... Access to Diamond Zone for a month.. If you're already Diamond.. Don't worry. You also get $50 Store Credit. The Staff Team has voted and the Player of the Month is: @Hans You've done an outstanding job in reporting any bugs and/or exploits that you've found as well as giving wonderful suggestions to better the server as a whole. You've also been extremely helpful in-game, answering questions and helping newer players whenever you can. We hope to see your continued support to Ataraxia! Congratulations, Kind regards, The Staff Team
  9. Update looks absolutely beautiful!
  10. Hello letspk, I really like the fact you put so much time into your thought process and what you think might better the server. We do have a discord with different sections on it like polling, suggestions, and update teasers. I was wondering what would be different if we implemented your idea? In the suggestions section players are free to suggest anything and everything they want added. The developers, owner, and admins all make sure they read the suggestions whenever they're posted. We try to implement any player suggestion that is doable and wouldn't break the game mechanics. We also have polling, which is where we ask you, the player, what we should focus on as a team. This is where the player has the biggest say in what we should be doing to better Ataraxia as a whole. You guys as the players steer the development team in the direction you all want it to go. If you guys do or don't want something added you can vote on it there. We also poll changes to existing content as well there. Great hearing from you, Kirito
  11. Kirito

    What's up?!

    Welcome to ataraxia! Good luck with the grind man.
  12. Thank you guys for the support and opportunity. I hope to better the community and help wherever I am able!
  13. Hey, I'm Kirito/Sinon. I talked to you a bit in-game, it's nice to meet you. Hope you enjoy your time spent with us!
  14. Unfortunately I'm not sure, or I would find a way around it. It's like Mopar for me, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it doesn't for for me for a whole week, and Rune-server has never worked for me. A lot of it also depends on if they run their website on different servers too. I'm really not sure, and I wish I had the answer but I simply don't. I don't think there's an easy solution to the problem at all, especially since it's different sites for different people.
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