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  1. Glad to have you here, enjoy your stay with us and don't be a stranger.
  2. Pet Perk Guide Introduction This guide will list all of the pet perks that can be obtained, and what they do. Each pet perk has three ranks and pets are limited to how many perks it can have on it at one time. The amount of perks a pet may have on it is determined by your current dono rank. As you dono rank increases, so too does the amount of pet perks you can use at one time. It is important to note that the amount of perks on your pet is NOT affected by increasing the perks rank. This means if you are limited to two perks on a pet, you can have two different perks AND them both be rank 3 on one pet. Pet Perk Limits Bronze - One Pet Perk Silver - Three Pet Perks Platinum - Five Pet Perks Diamond - Six Pet Perks Master - Seven Pet Perks How to Get Pet Perks The first step to obtaining pet perks is to acquire Ataraxia Dollars. You can do this by either donating, or buying them from other players. Ataraxia Dollars is the in-game currency used for all donator related content. After you've gained Ataraxia Dollars, go to Uzi's Perk Shop at home. He is located all the way North and to the left of the poll booth. When you talk to Uzi, an interface will pop-up prompting you to select which store you'd like to open. You'll want to click on the one that says "Pet Perks". This shop will have all of the currently available pet perks to choose from. After you've got the perks you desire, click them in your inventory and they should disappear. You'll want to type ;;pets and an interface with all the poets in the game should pop-up. Click on the legendary pet you would like to equip you perks on and click the green "+" button at the top right corner. Doing the above will allow you to equip your desired perk through a chat dialogue. You can put up to three of the same perk on a pet at once. If you'd like to remove a pet perk from your pet so that you can put it on another pet, simply click the "X" next to the "+" button. It will cost five million gold pieces, but you can remove and reuse any perk through the dialogue options that appeared. Anything in green is a perk that you currently have on your pet that can be removed and reused elsewhere. Related Perk ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Perk Name: Pet Trainer Perk Type: Utility Usage: Allows the player to use any pet as a legendary pet, allowing you to put pet perks on all types of pets. Pet Perks ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Pet Perk Name: Nice but Dim Perk Type: Combat Rank 1 Increase your drop rate by 5% Decrease your experience gain by 10% Rank 2 Increase your drop rate by 10% Decrease your experience gain by 5% Rank 3 Increase your drop rate by 15% Decrease your experience gain by 3% ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Pet Perk Name: Power Exchange Perk Type: Combat Rank 1 Increase power damage by 10% Rank 2 Increase power damage by 20% Rank 3 Increase power damage by 25% ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Pet Perk Name: Double Trouble Perk Type: Combat Rank 1 Gain a 2% chance to double your loot from killing a monster Gain a 2% chance to receive NO loot from a monster Rank 2 Gain a 4% chance to double your loot from killing a monster Gain a 4% chance to receive NO loot from a monster Rank 3 Gain a 6% chance to double your loot from killing a monster Gain a 6% chance to receive NO loot from a monster ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Pet Perk Name: Kuradamn Perk Type: Combat Rank 1 Gain a 3% Slayer experience bonus Gain a 2% chance for a Slayer kill to not count towards the task Rank 2 Gain a 6% Slayer experience bonus Gain a 5% chance for a Slayer kill to not count towards the task Rank 3 Gain a 10% Slayer experience bonus Gain a 10% chance for a Slayer kill to not count towards the task ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Pet Perk Name: Overloaded Perk Type: Combat Rank 1 Using a Saradomin Brew wont drop your stats below 25% of your level Sipping an Overload no longer damages you Rank 2 Using a Saradomin Brew wont drop your stats below 20% of your level Sipping an Overload no longer damages you Rank 3 Using a Saradomin Brew wont drop your stats below 10% of your level Sipping an Overload no longer damages you Regular Overload potions will work like Supreme Overload Salve ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Pet Perk Name: Efficiency Expert Perk Type: Skilling Rank 1 Gain a 2% chance to save materials when creating an item that requires a resource Gain a 1% chance to use twice the materials when creating an item that requires a resource Rank 2 Gain a 4% chance to save materials when creating an item that requires a resource Gain a 1% chance to use twice the materials when creating an item that requires a resource Rank 3 Gain a 8% chance to save materials when creating an item that requires a resource Gain a 0% chance to use twice the materials when creating an item that requires a resource ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Pet Perk Name: Extra Arms Perk Type: Combat Rank 1 Gain a 2% chance to double the resources gained while training a gathering skill Gain a 1% chance to ruin the resource gained while training a gathering skill Rank 2 Gain a 4% chance to double the resources gained while training a gathering skill Gain a 1% chance to ruin the resource gained while training a gathering skill Rank 3 Gain a 8% chance to double the resources gained while training a gathering skill Gain a 0% chance to ruin the resource gained while training a gathering skill ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Conclusion Hopefully this guide helps you better understand the pet perks and what they do. If any are added and removed, this thread will be updated to reflect that. Thank you for taking the time to read this! -Kirito
  3. Nice to have you here mate, hope to see you in game!
  4. No worries man, I hope it helped!
  5. Try following this guide: If that doesn't work, try following this jar fix: http://johann.loefflmann.net/en/software/jarfix/index.html
  6. Nice to see you on the forums! Working in construction is pretty neat, before my work injury I worked in a steel mill and can't wait to get back there! The music isn't my cup of tea, but it does sound like it's good quality and wonderful mixing. Thanks for the post mate! ❤️
  7. Kirito


    It's nice to see you on the forums, glad you see you're still enjoying the server! Let us know if you have any suggestions or ideas for stuff. 🙂
  8. Welcome to Ataraxia, I told with you now and then in Discord. Have fun and stay outta trouble!
  9. I like your organization and color coding. Very nice job, hope others find this helpful!
  10. Great work, knew it would be quality. I can tell you spent a good amount of time putting it together and working on how you wanted to set everything up. Good job and keep it up mate <3.
  11. Nice to have you here, I hope you enjoy your stay with us.
  12. Update looks absolutely beautiful!
  13. Hello letspk, I really like the fact you put so much time into your thought process and what you think might better the server. We do have a discord with different sections on it like polling, suggestions, and update teasers. I was wondering what would be different if we implemented your idea? In the suggestions section players are free to suggest anything and everything they want added. The developers, owner, and admins all make sure they read the suggestions whenever they're posted. We try to implement any player suggestion that is doable and wouldn't break the game mechanics. We also have polling, which is where we ask you, the player, what we should focus on as a team. This is where the player has the biggest say in what we should be doing to better Ataraxia as a whole. You guys as the players steer the development team in the direction you all want it to go. If you guys do or don't want something added you can vote on it there. We also poll changes to existing content as well there. Great hearing from you, Kirito
  14. Kirito

    What's up?!

    Welcome to ataraxia! Good luck with the grind man.
  15. Thank you guys for the support and opportunity. I hope to better the community and help wherever I am able!
  16. Hey, I'm Kirito/Sinon. I talked to you a bit in-game, it's nice to meet you. Hope you enjoy your time spent with us!
  17. Unfortunately I'm not sure, or I would find a way around it. It's like Mopar for me, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it doesn't for for me for a whole week, and Rune-server has never worked for me. A lot of it also depends on if they run their website on different servers too. I'm really not sure, and I wish I had the answer but I simply don't. I don't think there's an easy solution to the problem at all, especially since it's different sites for different people.
  18. Honestly I think it's a regional issue. Different regions have different issues with the voting sites. Even following the guide, and what you just said Belzenlock, I am still unable to get the Rune-server site to go green but all of the others work fine. I don't know this to be true, but that's what would make sense to me.
  19. I've not had a problem with Top G ever. The one that gives me trouble no matter what is Rune-server and occasionally Mopar. These seem to vary from person to person though, meaning different players have problems with different vote site. Rune-server seems to break for the majority of players though.
  20. How's it going Dezzik? Welcome to the forums, glad to have you aboard!
  21. Even following the guide, I cannot get Rune-server to go green. Still, very detailed and helpful guide. Thank you so much for making it.
  22. Welcome to the server man, enjoy your stay.
  23. Introduction: Today I decided to work out my ideas for clan/guild events as well as the citadel addition that I brought up in the Q and A a while ago. In this suggestion I will be talking about the features I personally think are awesome and would get people to invest more into the game and into working as a team. Some of the ideas here are based on what I've read about the group Ironman Idea with my own spin on it, as well as a few things of my own. I hope you enjoy the read, and please feel free to voice your opinions below! Clan/Guild Events: I believe a large portion of the server doesn't get involved in guilds or creating new things because they don't really know where to start or don't think they'd be able to handle a clan/guild of their own. I feel as if we implemented a small tutorial for creating a clan/guild that showed players the benefits of being apart of a clan/guild they might be more apt to try it out. What benefits are there to being part of a clan/guild though? Are there server side rewards, whats clan/guild would be good for me? Who would i contact to join a clan/guild? What makes a clan/guild official? The questions above is what leads to the meat and potatoes of this post. If we add something serverside to kickstart these types of things, we may see an influx of activity with player based events and activities involving clans/guilds. How as a server would we do this? It wont be easy nor is there a simple answer to the questions. We could leave it entirely up to the community but that hasn't worked out too well. We could make it super rewarding serverside but then we're introducing more baseless items and wealth into the eco that could potentially be abused. All of this in mind, I will be listing a few ideas of mine below that might work for the server and community that we current have. Clan/guild Banks: People seem to like the idea of a clan/guild bank but whoever the owner is really has to be trusted. That being said, a clan bank has a smaller chance of success than say a group bank. This idea will stem off of the group ironman bank, however there will be small differences. I love the idea of having a group bank, however; there are certain items that you may not want everyone to have access to. Below I will list some bullet points of what clan/guild bank features I would love to see: The different tabs in the bank can only be accessed by specific ranks. This would allow the owner or administrators of a guild to limit the resources players can take from the clan/guild bank, and would make it so higher tier items can only be taken by higher ranked players. This would encourage loyalty to clans/guilds as well as give a reason to obtain rank. The downside to this is that it could be abused by players that take everything they can from the tabs they can access. The only way I see around it is limiting how much a rank can take from the bank at one time. The bank wealth could count towards the clan/guilds "power level". The "power level" of a clan/guild will come into play later so please just keep this in the back of your head for now. Due to people coming and going frequently, if the leader of a clan/guild leaves the game and does not return the bank would now be an issue. To solve this issue, there could be a system as suggested in the group Ironman system where the members could vote to kick a player after they've been inactive for a certain period of time. The other way around this is to ask a staff member to deal with the situation and have them change ownership of the guild to the next in line player in that specific clan/guild. There could be clan/guild points given to players that donate to the clan/guild bank, those points would be used to obtain other items in the tabs they could access. This would limit the abuse of item stealing from the clan/guild banks as well. If the clan/guild point system is implemented, but not used to gain items from the clan/guild bank, they could be used for a cosmetic clan/guild cosmetic store. This idea will be expanded upon later so please keep this in the back of your head for now as well. Clan/guilds Becoming "Official": Part of the problem with clans/guilds is that you can simply form one, have people join, then disband it all in the same day with little to no effort. If we did implement the clan/guild bank idea above, there would have to be people that joined the group all at the same time (Like in group Ironman which will be referred to as GI from now on). After getting around three to five people to join it all at the same time, there is a week long probation period before you can use the clan/guild benefits that would be added to the server. This would make it so that people that form these groups are people that truly want the challenge of running a clan/guild and will lower the probability of people just forming clans/guilds to get a clan/guild bank going and stealing the items. Finding the Right Clan/guild: If we were to introduce the making clans/guilds "official" we would have a stored list of clans/guilds in our system already. Those groups would also have a leader attached to it, which would make it somewhat easy to make a command in-game to view official clans/guilds with their group leaders name next to it. This would allow players to type a command such as :: clans or :: guilds and see a list of all the clans/guilds available to them. This would also allow them to see the group leaders name allowing them to know who to contact to apply to get in. What are the benefits?: One of the big reasons there are no clans/guilds in servers (or very few) is that they offer no real reward. A lot of players now play solo and make more profit doing so. The only thing I see players working together on are things they can't do on their own, or things that benefit them more by doing them together. These things include duo slayer, which allows players to finish tasks faster whilst still getting good experience and loot; bosses, which most good bosses cannot be soloed until you get endgame gear; minigames, which require a certain amount of players to play. But what do all of those things have in common? They are all things that give you a reward that is better or faster than one you would be able to receive on your own. Here are a few things that I've thought of that would make clans/guilds similar to these listed activities: Implementing a Clan/guild "Power level" which will count towards a monthly contest. The clan/guild with the highest power level gets rewarded with a physical item(s) or could be given a boost in experience for a week after the event (Wouldn't stack with well depending on how much of a boost). The reward could also be Clan/guild points for each member of the clan/guild. This idea will be expanded upon later. Have clan/guild specific minigames like clanwars that give rewards similar to castlewars in RS. You would face your clan/guild verses another in a fight to the death (Like LMS but in a group) and the winner gets minigame points that can be spent on items (A list will be made at the end of this suggestion). Add citadels that would allow players to afk certain skills more than they normally do, but give less experience. Using these skilling areas would also allow players to upgrade their citadels and/or simply boost their clans/guilds "power level". Recognize clans/guilds on the forum in some way, perhaps the clan/guild that wins the monthly event gets a rank on the forums until the next months event ends. Clan/guild Points?: The clan/guild points system would allow players to spend points they've earned whilst being active in their clan/guild on cosmetic or useful items. These items could include outfits that would boost the amount of "power level" a guild gains while performing specific tasks. The points shop could also include minor pets or unique perks for legendary pets that are only obtainable through clans/guilds points shop. Below I will list some items that could be included, trying as well to include outfit sets and pets. Outfits: Pirate Bandana Stripy Pirate Shirt Priate Leggings Pirate Boots Tricorn Hat Naval Shirt Navy Slacks Rogue Mask Rogue Top Rogue Gloves Rogue Trousers Rogue Boots Druidic Mage Hood Druidic Mage Top Drudic Mage Bottom Shade Robe Top Shade Robe Bottom Zombie Mask Zombie Shirt Zombie Trousers Zombie Gloves Zombie Boots Camo Helmet Camo Top Camo Bottom Lederhosen Hat Lederhosen Top Lederhosen Bottom Frog Mask Prince(ss) Top Prince(ss) Bottom Hats (Bobble, Jester, Tri-Jester, woolly) Scarf (Bobble, Jester, Tri-Jester, woolly) Antisanta Outfit Pets: Bulldog Dalmatian Greyhound Labrodar Sheepdog Terrier Creeping Hand Minitrice Baby Basilisk Baby Kurask Abyssal Minion Penguin Cat (Various different models) Hellcat Purple Cat Random Items: Boogie Bow Eek (Spider) Snowglobe Warlock/Witch Outfit Anger Weapons Blurite Weapons Glow Dagger (317 nostalgia for any old staff members?) Conclusion: I'm not good at coming up with items at all, but I found a few that I've never seen on the server before. If you guys can find different items or would like to see items from other shops in the game that don't get used frequently feel free to suggest them below! I truly believe that the above suggestions (Aside from maybe the items lists) would really help improve the clan/guild system in the server as well as getting the community to work together. I understand that this would be a ton of work to the developers, however; I feel this would be the best way to do it. Even if all of the suggestions above are not implemented, adding a few of them at a time might increase the activity of the community and get them to start working together as a group. With Love, Kirito
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