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  1. - The following areas are now multi: Celestial dragons Crystal shapshifters. Kalgerion demons. - The bug with the crystal chest sometimes not taking your key has been fixed. - Seren godbow special attack now uses 60% energy (down from 75%). - Increased the hit probability for the Seren godbow special attack. - Drain rates for prayers have been corrected to RS3 rates. - Global prayer modifier implemented to adjust the drain rate of all prayers. Currently configured to drain 50% slower than RS3. Combat changes: - 2h weaponry now attacks 1 tick slower. - Damage bonuses for magic have been reduced by 15%. - Dual wielding damage has been increased by 10%. We originally had a global 15% damage nerf applied on top of these changes, however after listening to community feedback we've decided to remove this. Credits to @armark1ng, @Nik & @Xenthium for this, cheers guys.
  2. Patch Notes: Additions / Changes: Fixes: Big ass shoutout to @armark1ng for busting his ass over the christmas period and consistently pushing out updates. @lare96, you've been great so far as well, no doubt we got a great dev team behind us. As for upcoming updates: - Clue scroll rewrite - Divination changes so it is exactly like RS3 - New content 😉 Thank you everyone for being a part of this and sticking by! Much, much more to come.
  3. Great work guys ❤️ thank you for all the work.
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    This has been resolved.
  5. Fuck. You're a special informant now boy. Best maintain that trust ;).
  6. Hey guys, here are the patch notes for the most recent update: Christmas event: - There is now a chance to find Christmas items in mystery boxes Other changes / Fixes: - Shards have been removed from LootShare - Fix t90 armors becoming degraded when undyed - ;;kickme Discord command, will kick your linked in-game account - Fix "Please finish what you're doing before transforming." spam - The "String jewellery" spell will now stop when banking, moving, etc. - Fix extreme strength potion skilling contract - Complete perk package fixed to have all perks - Fixed bugged ground items (not being able to pick up items). - Fixed runespan teleport (teleport interface). - Fixed presets loading for degradable/augmented items. - Made augmented handcannon unable to expload. - Fixed augmented dragon hatchet not working on evil tree (not gaining xp). - Slightly increased the drop chance for Invention pet - Fixed Death assigning reaper contracts you don't have the slayer level to attack - Made hiscores update the status on death for hc ironman (will remove them from hc table and put them in the correct table after death) - Fixed Stargazer Perk - Fixed a staff command to reset reaper tasks for players - Loading no longer gets stuck at 50% - You can no longer sell things to the skilling shops Thank you @Xenthium @armark1ng @lare96 for these fixes. I like to see these fixes being pushed frequently. Much love from Ataraxia's staff team ❤️
  7. Hey guys so this is the complete list of updates and fixes involving the website so far, from beginning to present. It not much at all, very small list compared to what needs to be done, but the amount of work gone into each small detail is nuts, especially since I've done it from the ground up with virtually no help, making everything custom and tailored to Ataraxia. I know this isn't even the full list and I'm missing out a lot. However, I hope you enjoy seeing what I have done. I'm happy with how much has progressed over the course of a few months. Updates: - Setup new dedicated webserver + configured entirely new environment to run on from scratch - Setup RAID storage (we have redudant storage to recover from any data loss basically) - Wrote a new automated backup system from scratch for both gameserver and webserver. These run every 12 hours - Installed Invision and updated to latest version - Implemented new registration form for forums - New forum theme implemented (Thank you Titanium) - Setup failover network (if webserver / gameserver networks goes down we have another network to use as a failsafe to minimise downtime) - 3 layer DDoS protection configured - Firewall setup - Network optimised - Setup a new system for Developers & Admins to interact with gameserver and webserver if I'm not around - Hiscores added - IPMI interface configured (If either server takes critical failures and are failing to boot or anything, I can still get into contact with the machine and perform wizadry) - New database structure implemented - Vote rewards changed from 1 VP per site to 2 VP per site as we only have 3 sites (Again, thank you Armar) Fixes: - Fixed forum registration error "you are not permitted to register here" > This was caused due to Invisions spam email blacklisting, if your email flags as spam it instead goes to moderation for review and approval. - Fixed specific forum posts unable to load - Fixed voting - Fixed voting issue where you couldn't claim due to spaces in your name (Thank you Armar) - Fixed the multitude of reasons causing the system to hang and site to go down (this took hours to fix so im not going to go into details) - Fixed CAPTCHA issue & added questions to registrations - Spambots now get insta-banned on forums - Fixed normal members able to access restricted content on main site (2595 hax) - Fixed Hiscore indexing to update faster upon user logout from in-game - ALL user & groups have had permissions for forums reworked and fixed - Two-factor authentication enabled (you can set this up from your account settings on forum) - If you are given a warning or punishment on the forums, you are forced to read and acknowledge the situation before being able to post again (so you can't cry your way out of your own decisions) - Fixed routing issues with webserver - Fixed packet loss issue with gameserver > Some people were complaining that they kept dcing but not everyone. Found we had some packet issues which has now been fixed! Anything happens after this, most like your end. - Fixed SSL > Website was not redirecting to HTTPS on every request. Has been fixed. - Fixed a handful of security issues with the servers - Fixed our verification emails not working > This also allows password recovery to be available without needing to wait for staff - Fixed Hiscore crash when searching for non-existent player > This would cause the webpage to 400, fixed by tweaking the config ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The credits here will have to go to Myself and @armark1ng mainly. Without Armar helping me edit the source for Hiscores and Voting you guys wouldn't have had those features. So a massive thank you my man, you're a legend. Props to Titanium as well for being a lad on helping me with the qualms I had in terms of the website itself and getting stuff done for us. Crazy to think when I came here ~3-4 years ago starting as a junior support tech, barely knowing anything about servers or networks etc, turning to a lead systems administrator setting up full on corporate infrastructures IRL full time and for Ataraxia. I've learned so much on the way and a lot of it Ataraxia gave me so thank you all for sticking with us, a big thank you. Much love from me and the staff team ❤️ - Many more things to come!
  8. No problem. I'll be writing a forthcoming list for things to expect in the near future.
  9. Hey guys, here are the notes for recent patch: - Small presents will now be obtained much more slowly from thieving - The naughty and nice lists will now show when they were last refreshed - New players now get easy clue scrolls instead of elite ones - Remove "Now isn't a good time to do this." spam - 300% increase to Evil Tree farming XP - You can now sell stuff to the chime shop (no longer says there isn't enough space) - Fix ;;ticket command - Trivia highscores! Check the scoreboard at ;;home - The scoreboard at ;;home now has a "Last-viewed" second option. This will allow you to quickly open the last highscores you picked - Santa's rewards will now scale with the presents you give him - Temporary donator requirements for voting in the first 48 hours have changed from 10 to 8 - Claiming votes now work if you have spaces in your name - Fixed blue mystic robes dissassembly. - Added Barrows armour effects. - Fixed onion seeds gfx - Client update! Make sure to download the new client on our homepage and delete your browser cache if it gives you the old one. Much love from the staff team! Thank you to the development team for the work ❤️ @Jaedmo @Node @armark1ng @lare96
  10. Great work guys! Hope everyone likes this update 🙂
  11. A lot coming our way for Ataraxia bois stay tuned.
  12. Ah, come one boys, you can do better than this
  13. Congratulations guys, keep it up!
  14. Node

    Speed up Windows 10 OS

    This is a great thread, but I have some pointers to make on this: It's reasonable to say here that the fixes / changes you've provided most likely would not fix an issue such as this, and even then 50% disk usage can be common, especially if the user had a HDD (relating to your pc specifications remark) so it's not an unreasonable feat. Constant 75-100% usage is where issues really start arising with performance. Superfetch is another service that essentially doesn't change much on the performance side of things. When Windows boots it catches prefetch data from the launch configuration which helps faster load times and more failover. This prefetch data / folder also maintains itself so there's no need to fiddle with that. All Superfetch does as a service is preload programs before they're loaded for faster load times, it essentially won't effect the disk usage, RAM etc unless you're hauling ass on over 20+ applications on boot and have bad hardware. Notifications is a great thing to turn off, frees up more space for packets on your network. Peek is another good thing to turn off as it's using Aero themes which can splooge on the GPU way too much which isn't ideal for low-mid range laptops running on the Intel HD Graphics family. Another tip for this is disabling it permanently in the registry which I always do on client installs: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced Change DisablePreviewDesktop to value of 1 instead of 0. Vulalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. For opening task manager, using CTRL+ALT+DEL is pretty obsolete unless used as a last resort since you can just right click your task bar and open task manager, even Start in Windows 10 has most of the features you need without having to navigate through the whole system. I'm not here to shit on your post at all by the way! It's good and informative, just lacks a few specifications. I'm all for these kinds of posts and don't mind helping out or helping refine this into something more if you like. Hopefully I can teach a thing or two within this comment as well. Nice thread man!
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