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  1. @Imagine Dat is Staff of the Month for July 2019. (Not April CJ 4head) An excellent month for Imagine as he's put in a lot of work and is super valued on our team. The consistency Imagine has showed this month was awesome to see. Looking forward to many more months! Congratulations. Regards, Milo.
  2. Staff Updates 7th August 2019 @C J has been promoted to Global Moderator CJ was promoted to Global moderator due to his valuable commitment to Ataraxia. He has shown that he is well capable of making decisions and is insanely knowledgeable of the game. Always willing to get on in a heartbeat should anyone need his help. Top bloke. Congratulations on the promotion. @imagine dat has been promoted to Game Moderator Imagine was promoted to moderator after hours and hours of slaving as a Support. Since that time he has improved a lot and has a great knowledge of the server. He consistently showed us that he is putting in heaps of effort to better himself as a person and as a staff member. Congratulations on the promotion. @Krittur has been promoted to Server Support After seeing Krittur had applied we already knew he was someone we were interested in. He is always online and helping whenever he can, and now with Support he can project that even more. I see a lot of potential with him. Congratulation on the successful application. @kevinnothell has resigned from Server Support Kevin was promoted alongside Krittur but unfortunately decided after a short ride he wasn't as keen anymore. We respected his decision to resign and appreciate all the help he has given us in the space he was there. You were very valued in the team 🙂 Best of luck in future endeavours. @E36 has resigned from Global Moderator This was inevitably going to happen at some point. Anyone that knows E personally knows he is an insanely fun, enjoyable person to talk to and get to know. I fucking love this guy. No homo. He has been by my side on here for years, from regular players in Duel Arena to side by side as staff. We witnessed the destruction of version 1 due to his hands, and yet still kept him around. I remember being on call with him for hours on end with Uzi as his kids harassed him while we trolled and messed around. Unfortunately he has run into life issues and no longer can find the time to continue being staff on the server. He is by no means quitting! Not under my watch 😛 You've done a lot for this team, and server. A lot more then people know. Much love and goodluck with real life 💗 @Witt has resigned from Game Moderator Unfortunately Witt has resigned from Moderator due to not feeling motivated to log in anymore. He decided that he would rather step down and open a position rather then wait for the flare to get back into it. He put in a lot of hours and work for us which, of course, is super appreciated. Wish you the best outside of Atar. We'd welcome you back with open arms ❤️ @Debuff was demoted from Server Support While Debuff's promotion was short-lived, he did help whenever he was online. We appreciate all that you did. Unfortunately, we decided that Debuff wasn't fit for the purpose we were after at the time. Although, that being said in future I'm sure we can revisit 🙂 Regards, Milo, Jaedmo, Uzi and Node
  3. Staff Updates 14th July 2019 I know, I know, the post is long overdue. Please don't slaughter me. @Uzi has been promoted to Co Owner This shouldn't come a surprise to anyone, Uzi has been here since the relaunch and has sacrificed a lot of time to help, whether that's players, Staff and Developers. He is, and always will be a model for what staff should be. So congrats on the promotion, you deserve it. @Node has been promoted to Administrator Node is a great help to Ataraxia, he is our System Admin but yet does more work than a system admin should, all for no reason other than to help us out. So with that he was promoted to Administrator. Great to have you back on the team Node! @Kirito has been promoted to Global Moderator Kirito has proven time and time again how valuable he is as a staff member and player. He has constantly gone out of his way to come up with new ideas, leading projects that are BTS and still hanging out in-game actively. Incredibly grateful to have him on the team. Congratulations on the promotion Kiri, you deserve it. @C J has been promoted to Game Moderator CJ has returned as a Moderator. He was an insanely good Moderator when he left so I'm sure you will all see him around and get to know him if you haven't already. Welcome back to the team CJ, it's good to have you back. @Sandy (Swish) has been promoted to Server Support Sandy is a loyal player to Ataraxia and very, very knowledgable and friendly. We offered this position to him and thankfully he agreed. We are happy to welcome him to the team with open arms. Congratulations! @Nemesis has resigned from Administrator I know a few of you are aware of Nemesis' sudden resignation. Unfortunately there was a problem within the staff team that went unrecognised for a period of time which eventually led to a situation which caused Nem to decide to leave the staff team. He was an incredibly active, community driven Admin and it's a shame that this is the way it went. Thank you for all you did, and all the great banter within the staff team. I wish you the best in your future endeavours for whatever it is you are doing from now onwards. Much love. ❤️ @Benny Mulder was demoted from Game Moderator Benny was a great staff, very community driven. Unfortunately certain events piled up which led us to demote him. Thank you for all you did during your time with us. It never went unnoticed. Regards, Milo, Jaedmo, Uzi and Node
  4. Lol I got robbed. Gratz Spooderman
  5. Staff Updates 20th May 2019 @imagine dat has been promoted to Server Support Imagine Dat is a very active member of the community and has shown maturity, especially over the last few days with the problems that occurred, and it definitely did not go unnoticed, I hope you take on this role and enjoy every bit of it. Goodluck! @Perfect has been promoted to Server Support Perfect has been a great community member and easily approachable about anything. Is very knowledgeable across all aspects of the server and extremely active, Therefore, We figured we'd give the man a shot 😉 Goodluck man, enjoy. @iron cookie has been promoted to Server Support Iron Cookie is a very helpful, and knowledgeable about the server, always has a positive attitude and goes out of his way to help people to the best of his abilities, this is why he deserves this rank. Proud of you fellow Ironman xoxo ❤️ @Rikku (Kirito) has been promoted to Server Support Kirito is an OG and very dedicated to helping the server in any way possible, and is active, helpful, knowledgeable and an all round great person so just chill with. Easily approachable. Enjoy the position! 🙂 @Witt has been promoted to Game Moderator No surprises with this promotion, Witt is extremely active and interactive, whether that's Discord or In-game. Super friendly and approachable and has shown great responsibility as a Support so figured we'd promote him. Keep at it lad 😉❤️ CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF YOU @Vincent (2595 ) has resigned from Game Moderator Unfortunately 2595 had to resign due to real life commitments, It is a shame to see you no longer in the Staff chat but we wish you the very best with what it is you are pursuing 🙂 You will be missed, ❤️ Take it easy. @Couchy was demoted from Server Support Inactivity/Poor communication with higher ups although very understandable, I hope you do choose to re-apply when the time is right and take this demotion as a learning opportunity for next time and not taking it to heart 🙂 Hopefully, see you back soon 😛 @Chris was demoted from Server Support Inactivity, lending account to non-staff members, lack of communication, you should of known better. Best regards, Milo & Jaedmo (And Uzi)
  6. Stop voting for rock you weirdos
  7. Staff Updates 1st May 2019 @Benny Mulder has been promoted to Server Support Benny is a loyal, long time player of Ataraxia and has always given his time of day, whether that is to help a new player with questions, or teach a boss, host an event, even helping staff, the list goes on. There's a reason he is also Player of the Month. Congratulations on this deserved promotion. @Couchy has been promoted to Server Support Couchy is a committed member of the community who is easily approachable, friendly and extremely knowledgeable and helpful. He has already proved that he is well capable of his promotion so far, and I hope he continues to grow and move up the ladder! Please don't rob me of my position. ATTENTION We have made a change to the way we are going to do staff applications, please read here for the change and click here to show an EOI. Best regards, Milo & Jaedmo (And Uzi)
  8. Staff of the Month - April 2019 This title is given to the best performing Staff member of the Month. This will include all of the staff promoted within the month. The Staff member will receive this rank: Staff of the Month A new Golden discord rank for the Month. And to top it off, $25 PayPal or RSGP to their desire. The Voting is done by all of you! Check the attached Poll and vote for your candidate! Please also post why in the comments below! All the best, Milo
  9. Player of the Month - April 2019 This Title is given to the player who has been an outstanding member of Ataraxia for the previous Month. The winner will receive this fancy Icon for the Month: Player of the Month A nice Discord rank & best of all... Access to Diamond Zone for a month.. If you're already Diamond.. Don't worry. You also get $50 Store Credit. The Staff Team has voted and the Player of the Month is: @Benny Mulder Your loyalty and commitment to Ataraxia has always been insane and has not gone unnoticed. You have been extremely active with the community and bringing positive vibes whether that is helping new players or just standing at home saying nothing. I hope you appreciate this award as much as we appreciate you. Congrats All the best, Hot Milo and the Staff Team.
  10. Staff Updates 9th April 2019 @Witt has been promoted to Server Support Witt is an extremely active, loyal player and that was shown with his POTM award. Players find him easily approachable for help, and very chilled. He has met the role with a good attitude and overall brings a good vibe in the team, Welcome to the team and I hope you have enjoyed it so far 😛 @Chris has been promoted to Server Support Like Witt, Chris is an active loyal player and even though was denied countless times, continued to push on and has proven us wrong for denying him. Well deserved and well done to you Chris, Keep killing it. @Nemesis has been promoted to Server Support Wait.. Game Moderator Wait.. Global Moderator In case it isn't evident enough Nemesis has proven himself to be an EXTREMELY good, hard working asset to the team and has on countless occasions gone out of his way to try help anyone in any way he can. His quick promotions prove that he is well trusted and is overall an amazing staff member. It's good to have you here, Nem. Hope you are enjoying it ❤️ @Vincent has been promoted to Game Moderator Vincent (2595) has proven his time as Support valuable and knowledgeable about the game. As a wise man once said with great power comes great responsibility, And Vincent is well fitted for that. Like Nemesis he also reaches to great lengths to help others. Players or staff. Thank you for your effort and we hope you continue to be as awesome as you are. @Snowie has resigned from Game Moderator. It is a shame that you lost motivation to play as a staff member, but as they say all good things come to an end. You were a tremendously good staff member. I hope you are finding it more enjoyable now as you're free from our wrath 😉 Best of luck for the future, take care. ❤️ @Arachnid has resigned from Game Moderator Like Snowie you were an amazing staff member that lost motivation and time, yet you still held on an extra month to make it easier for us and put in a lot of hours, and withstood my low IQ, And I appreciate all that you have done to help us. Lurking in Discord to staff, back to lurking in Discord. We will miss you ❤️ Take it easy @Nik has resigned from Server Support Nik was an amazing staff member, lots of highs and a few lows, one in particular which unfortunately came down to Nik resigning. No matter what happens your time and effort you put in for the short time you were staff, will not go unappreciated. Thank you ❤️ @Moo was demoted from Server Support You should of talked to us. This was a shame to write as you had a lot of potential. Take care. Best regards, Milo & Jaedmo (And Uzi)
  11. Hot Milo


    Aye welcome, welcome. Already spoke to you once or twice to fix issues, one day we'll have a proper conversation. 😛
  12. Ooh I love the layout of the boss pets. Goodluck on keeping up with this thread- I mean achieving the goals in the diary. 😄
  13. I believe Sirenic scales have a global drop-rate of 1/250 across Slayer monsters Ascension Creatures + (Excluding nechryael). The 1/1k is for their base sirenic scale drop. Sirenic isn't meant to be easy to get, it's meant to be grindy. It was nerfed because it was too easy. FYI - I still believe ganodermic beasts are best to farm scales. That's what I did post-nerf for my sirenic.
  14. Welcome Welcome 😛
  15. Since it might be worth letting you know, I believe it takes 4 and a half hours for a magic tree to grow.
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