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  1. This is my setup, I prefer this setup because refined anima core isn't degradable. Inventory Equipment Helm : Sirenic helm > Grim reaper hood > refined anima core > Anima core of Zamorak/Pernix > Armadyl/Void Body: Sirenic body > refined anime core > Anima core of Zamorak/Pernix > Armadyl/Void Legs: Sirenic legs > refined anime core > Anima core of Zamorak/Pernix > Armadyl/Void Gloves: Ascension grips > Tracking gloves > Swift gloves > Pernix gloves> Armadyl gloves Boots: Flarefrost boots > pernix boots > glaiven boots > Armadyl boots Amulet: Reaper necklace > Farsight blood necklace > Farsight sniper necklace > Amulet of souls > Blood amulet of fury/Saradomin's murmur > Amulet of Fury Cape: Completionist cape (t) > Completionist cape > TokHaar-Kal-Xil > Max cape > Ava's device Ring : Ring of wealth (c) > Ring of death > 'perfect ring > Archer's ring Aura: Supreme vampyrism > Best vampyrism you can get Weapon: Seren godbow > Ascension bow & Divine spirit shield/Noxious longbow > Decimation > Zaryte bow/Attuned crystal bow Mechanics: P1-P2 you Pray protect against melee. If you're standing away from telos he will mage you until he comes in melee distance. P3-P5 you protect against mage. Telos has multiple attacks that he does over all the phases. Telos will hold you in his grip, you have to deal a certain amount of damage, starting at 300 if you're at 0% enrage. This will go up the higher enrage. While being stuck Telos will heal up. The higher the enrage the more he will heal. He will yell "Ataraxia give me strength!" when he does just walk back a couple of steps and you won't get hit. He will yell "Hold still invader." This will freeze you for a couple of ticks. After that he will throw himself on you; click east and you should avoid the damage. Telos Phases: Telos has 4 phases if you're under 100% enrage. Once you reach 100% enrage a 5th phase is added. Out of 3 phases different color beams will be u shot out from the sides. Prevent Telos from standing in it by standing in it yourself. This will block it off from Telos. Phase 1: green beam = this will restore spec so if you have a decimation. Stand in it and spam telos with the special attack. Phase 2: black beam = this will lower your attack damage by -30% but will add +30% more defence. Phase 3: red beam = this will do the opposite of the black beam, it will add +30% attack damage and lower your defence by -30% Telos will sometimes use some kind of earthquake, this will hit you for 200 pretty fast, just keep drinking brews and you should be fine. Phase 4: Attack Telos as normal. Stand in the green circle. After a few hits Telos will charge up and send a bomb. If you're not in the circle you will get insta-killed. WAIT FOR THE MESSAGE: YOU HAVE SURVIVED THE BOMB BEFORE LEAVING The minions that spawned wont do a lot of damage so you can just ignore them. The Circle you're standing in will hit you for 100's a couple of times. If you attack the minions and soul-split you will heal it back up easily. After Telos' bomb, a message will pop up saying you survived the bomb, only after that should you leave the circle and go to the next one, which is located east. Same thing will happen, after this bomb you run to the last circle. You will get hit for about 500 from Telos, this will go and max at 666. Now you're at the last circle same thing will happen after this bomb you can just finish off Telos. Phase 5: In phase 5 you will have all the beams and some extra mechanics.It it HIGHLY recommended that you bring a Decimation (i) for the special attack. The beams do the same as in the other phases. At a low enrage you can stay in the green beam and keep using your Decimation's special attack. Attacks you will see during the whole phase: Small rocks will fall from the sky and a couple seconds later a rock will fall on you hitting you from 200-300. You can avoid this by clicking on a different square and chill there During the fight Telos will "infect" you with a bleed effect which will damage you, and its damage which willl increase overtime. When you get hit by the effect, you will see a color every time it hits. The same colors as the beams. If you stand in the correct beam the effect will go away. Minion Killing: At the start of the kill minions will spawn they are all the same color and will have the color of one of the fonts.green minons = green font red minons = red font black minons = black font Proceed to lure the minions to the correct font and kill 2 minions.They dont have to be in the font if they are 3-4 squares away from it, it will be fine. Proceed to kill Telos by standing in the green/red beam for more effective damage on Telos, but stay close to the font.When Telos charges up to fire a bomb, run back to the font where you killed the 2 minions and click on it. Telos' bomb will be interrupted and you can go back to hitting Telos. After a couple hits Telos will spawn different minions. You just repeat what you did before. Normally it takes around 2-4 bombs to kill Telos. Take your time and don't try to rush the kill. Higher enrage The higher enrage you get the harder it gets and there are a couple of changes in p4. After 1000% enrage you will get rockfall on p4, this only does like 200-300 and its avoidable by walking a couple squares away. Also the minions op p4 will get much stronger. So i recommend once you stand in the fond to pray melee so you can wont take as much damage from the minions. Telos Phases: Detailed for the higher enrage kills around 500+. Phase 1: Dps telos as usual but wait before you go to the next phase. Telos must have done atleast one Grip attack before you go to p2. Or else you will struggle with him p2 because its harder to hit. Phase 2: Kill him fast but dont waste your spec, you will need it if he still uses the grip attack. Phase 3: Pray mage and try to keep him out of the red beam. If you prefer to dps him harder you can do so but he will also hit much harder so thats up to you. Phase 4: I normally safe my spec for p4 because you can skip some fonds if you kill it fast. Every when telos's hp hits 10k he will start with charging up the fond. I prefer to wait until my dreadnip stuns him and then i use special attack to try and kill him asap. Phase 5: I just stand in the green beam and spec telos out. No matter which enrage. Here is me doing a scuffed 2000+ enrage kill. But you get what happens bandicam 2019-12-12 13-44-06-790.mp4 bandicam 2019-12-12 13-44-06-790.mp4 bandicam 2019-12-12 13-44-06-790.mp4 Original author: @*uwu* iwon cwookie :3 Revised by: @E36 / 302
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