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  1. James, The day all RSPS players realize will happen at some point, but never want to witness. This decision is a prime example of the dedication you have towards Ataraxia, as well as an insanely large set of balls, considering the consequences of this decision. I respect that, a lot. I've always thoroughly enjoyed Ataraxia (and it's predecessors), albeit with breaks here and there, but I fully understand the reasons for doing this. And while it is undeniably better for the server as a whole, the relaunch of Ataraxia will be a different Ataraxia, atleast to me it will feel
  2. Massive credits to @armark1ng for developing this, as well as everyone else involved in creating this pog piece of content! Can't wait to get my hands on that juicy elite sirenic
  3. In my opinion, all three of the t90 sets, being Sirenic, Malevolent, and Tectonic face a serious issue, where barely anyone feels the need to pursue the BIS items for the three combat styles. And quite clearly, that's not healthy for their use, but also their price. Currently, a single sirenic scale repairs a piece of sirenic equipment by 10%. Doubling this amount, to 20% repaired per scale, would still require people to ensure they have sufficient scales, but it's less of a hassle than it currently is. Moreover, something needs to be done about the other two T90 sets, being Malevole
  4. Something was implemented and it received harsh criticism. It takes a great dev team to revise the patch and improve on it as soon as possible, and that's exactly what has been done. Great work lads, and thank you.
  5. Can't wait to see that surprise hit the game!
  6. 2595

    Hey guys

    Welcome to Ataraxia! I'm sure you'll enjoy your time here, like many others have experienced before. Looking forward to meeting you in-game!
  7. That single mainhand Khopesh though. As well as skilling supplies for days, lol! Nice progress though, that chest will be pretty impressive by the time you reach 1 Bil exp
  8. Great guide, Love the use of clear pictures and colour. Especially helpful for newer players looking to improve their gear, and/or to make some money on the side. My suggestion would be to include (an estimation of) the prices that players can expect from certain items. Whether it be from the General Store, or prices frequently offered by other players. Also, two small remarks: - Be aware that Verac's armour set enables him to hit through your prayer. Therefore, it is recommended to bring some pieces of food in case you get knocked down to low health. Pointing at you, Har
  9. I'm in love with this layout. Might wanna copyright it, before someone me steals it. Definitely bookmarking this to check up on your progress!
  10. 2595

    Hello there

    Welcome to Ataraxia! I'm sure you'll enjoy the Hardcore life (while it lasts)! Looking forward to seeing your progress
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