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  1. To get started with juju potions you'll need vine herb seeds for the herbs and the secondaries for making the complete potions. You can obtain those by talking to the Witchdoctor at ;;home and buying some Marasamaw plant traps. Then ask him to teleport you to the jadinkos. They can be caught using the plant traps (in a similar way to box traps) and yield various seeds and/or secondaries. God jadinkos are special they can drop harmony moss seeds, and are only available for a set amount of time each day. They're always available on weekends. You can plant your vine herb seeds in vine bush patches, and you can get to the patches by talking to the Witchdoctor. All seed types take 80 minutes to grow and will never become diseased and/or die. Once you have herbs and secondaries, you can begin making juju potions! Here is a cheatsheet for them. You can also examine juju potions in-game and they will tell you their effects. If you add harmony moss to certain 3 dose juju potions, you can make 'perfect' juju potions which have better effects and last much longer. Here is a cheatsheet for perfect jujus. You can examine these in-game as well. In order to grow harmony moss, you must have access to Priffddinas. Talk to the Witchdoctor and ask him to take you to the harmony pillars, then rake the pillars to reveal what skill the pillar is attuned to. Then you can either plant a harmony moss seed, or wait until the weeds re-grow in order to re-attune the pillar. Once a harmony moss seed is planted, gaining 75,000 XP in the attuned skill (NOT affected by XP multipliers or bonus XP) will grow the seed a stage. After 4 stages the harmony moss will be grown and can be harvested. Juju potions will be released in Patch #43. Hope you guys like it!
  2. [+] Quality of life changes - The message notifying you of your extra arms perk giving you an extra resource is now filterable - Removed the easy clue from starter equipment - Skilling pet announcements will now show up in #ingame-sync on Discord - Celestial handwraps can now be traded - The message notifying you of your lucky perk reducing damage now filters if it reduces less than 500 damage - CTRL + G will now open the GIM bank, if you have the bank perk - Salmon and trout fishing contracts have been combined - "Magic Emporium" shop has had its stock greatly increased - Polypore staff is now worth more than Polypore stick - Added "Successfully loaded preset" to game filter - Bronze donators can now start Fight Caves at wave 32 - Entering the gambling area will now make you auto-join the gambling FC - Teleporting to the Evil Tree will now let you choose between paying with coins or tickets - Clue scroll completion counter will now differentiate between clue types (<x> easy clues, <x> hard clues, etc.) - All bugged fishing contracts have been fixed - Nerf skillchompas when mining (was being abused with contracts) - Increase Coeden's seed shop stock - Added offhand Rune c-bow and offhand Dragon scimitar to rock crabs drop table - You will now be notified when your degradable items have reached 25% and 50% [+] Bug fixes - Aggression potion effects will now be reset when entering a dungeoneering instance - Fixed the non-functioning portable braziers at diamond zone and boss portals - Fixed afk players returning to empty map areas & other instances - Fixed an error related to the title command - Updated the URL for the donationinfo command - The Enhanced fire cape now has a "Wear" option ~ With love from @Jaedmo, @Node, @armark1ng, @Xenthium, myself & the staff team ❤️
  3. Hey guys, happy holidays! Just a small update for you guys. - Added "You have sold <x>" message to filter - Complete perk package fixed to have all perks - You can no longer sell things to the skilling shops - Left clicking Ataraxia dollars now opens Uzi's perk shop dialogue - ROW (c) now has a disassemble warning - The amount of items you can have on the "Drop catcher" perk has been doubled - ;;kickme Discord command now works - Added divine-o-matic chronicle message to filter - Co-op skilling contract progress will now appear less often - 2x,3x,4x pickpockets will now count as skilling contract actions - ;;stafflist Discord command - Bag for triskelion keys, can be obtained from LMS and vote shop - Rune pouch not lighting up spellbook issue fixed - The following areas are now multi combat: 1) Hellhounds @ Taverly resource dungeon 2) Glacor cave 3) Guthix cave 4) Slayer tower - Fixed an issue with players being able to hit twice as fast when they switch from 2h to dual - Fixed problem with not being able to augment some items (lava whip, staff of darkness, etc) and degraded items - You can now dye/undye augmented items and degradeable items (their charges will carry over) and broken items - Fixed all problems with augmenting items it will now work correctly (no more items nulling) -God Wars Dungeon bosses are no longer available in Platinum Zone Portal instances. Enjoy the rest of your Christmas! ~ ❤️ The Ataraxia Staff Team
  4. It will be based on store price, also the formula isn't just as simple as adding up all the items X is total store value of all items * is multiply =< is below or equals Tier 1 Death: X =< 50M X * 0.50 = Price Payed on Death Max = 25M Tier 2 Death: X =< 100M (X * 0.40) + 5M = Price Payed on Death Min = 25M Max = 45M Tier 3 Death: X =< 300M (X * 0.25) + 20M Min = 25M Max = 95m Tier 4 Death: x =< 750M (X * 0.05) + 80M Min = 95M Max = 117.5M Tier 5 Death: X =< 1.5B (X * 0.02) + 102.5M Min = 117.5M Max = 132.5M
  5. After much deliberation, we've decided that it's best to change the death mechanics. We think that we should let you know beforehand, as nothing here is final and we'd like your input. We think this is a good idea because It's a new cash sink It adds a 'risk' factor to the game It can help game modes be more competitive (Ironman, GIM, KoTS, etc.) How it works: Prayers and skulls still influence what items you keep. When you die you'll be taken to death, where you can buy your items back for their store value. Initial costs will range from 0gp to 130M All prices will be based on STORE value, not G.E value A 'tax' of 25% is added to the cost if you die while it's holding items for you. The items you died with will be added the existing items it has. Death will never lose your items You will always keep degradables, but they will lose 25% of their charges Cash stacks that aren't in your money pouch are always lost. Cash stacks in your money pouch are left untouched We were also thinking about adding a perk that disables tax and let's you buy specific items instead of having to buy everything at once. The safe death areas are as follows Pest control LMS Clan wars Fight kiln Fight caves Duel arena Recipe for diaster Dungeoneering Soul wars If you aren't happy with this, please let us know why below or on Discord. Nothing here is final yet.
  6. This is a neat idea and will definitely be polled
  7. I haven't forgot about this. How would you guys feel if it was integrated with the skilling contract system? You could talk to a skilling master to join the event, and the points you'd get would be for the skilling shops. The time that it exists would be longer than 15 minutes (maybe 30?). While in there maybe you'd get dangerous skilling random events (which can be avoided) that drop rare and new skilling items/outfits. Or maybe parts of this idea can be taken and used with a (custom?) skilling boss. Up to you guys
  8. Looks like this has some support so I'll add it to the backlog
  9. It seems like Group Ironman is a feature a lot of you guys really want, so we want to get this one right. The purpose of this dev blog (and the in-game poll) is to get a feel for your wants and expectations. Most things in this thread are subject to change; if you see something you disagree with, reply with your justifications. Creating a new group When creating a new group, first you'll have to specify which type of group you'd like to create. There is only one XP/drop rate type for a few reasons - Way simpler to code - Ironman is supposed to be a hard(er) mode, having a team of 5 people with x100 XP probably isn't ideal - To keep things competitive for highscores, not ideal having tons of different highscores for different rates Then, you'd specify the name and the amount of players you want in your group. After that, all you need to do is wait for other players to join and enter your group's name. At this point, logging out will delete your group and remove all your pending members. Joining an existing group When joining an existing group, simply type the name of the group you want to join. You can only join existing pending (awaiting members) groups, you can't join a group that has already been created and saved to our database. (The name is case-sensitive when displayed, but when joining you can use all lowercase) Then once you've typed the name, you must wait for the remaining members to join. If you logout at this point, you will be removed from any pending group you have joined. Mechanics Hardcore groups will truly be hardcore. If one of your team members die your entire group will be reverted back to a regular ironman group. There will be an NPC who you can go to in order to see all vital info about your group (group type, group leader, members, total XP, current place, current score, etc). You will also be able to view the stats of other groups (as long as you know the group name) and delete your group (with the consent of every member). I will update this thread with more pictures as development progresses. Ironmen in the same group will be able to - Trade - Duo slayer - Lootshare - Dungeoneering ??? Whatever else you guys want? Post below. Highscores There will be separate highscores for hardcore and regular ironman groups. In my opinion the fairest way to do XP-based highscores would be to use the group's average XP instead of total XP. If there's a group of 2 with a 900K experience score and another group of 5 with a 1M experience score. Even though the first group has 100K less XP, they only have 2 people so they're actually working much harder than the second group. Using averages instead of total XP, the first group now has a score of 450K and the second now has a score of 200K. TL;DR Averages are better because they rank harder working groups higher. "What do we get for being in first place?" Nothing, if you're a regular (pleb) group. The #1 hardcore group however will receive - A special title - A special item (its a surprise) - Bragging rights - The finest women in all of Ataraxia As long as they remain the number one spot.
  10. Thanks for your suggestion, will be in the next patch
  11. Just a heads up, we may strikethrough things in your post we complete/look into to keep track of what we've done
  12. Locking this as its been looked into
  13. Thanks for your suggestion, been added to our private issue tracker and will be considered for a future update.
  14. I'll be posting a dev blog about this sometime next week
  15. Thanks for your suggestion, been added to the backlog and I'll take a look at it.
  16. Great work these past two weeks everyone. Been hectic. Would like to give a personal shoutout to @Vincent, @Snowie, @E36 and all of the other beta testers for their help this patch
  17. Will be looking into this and will lock it once it's on our private issue tracker
  18. Ataraxia Updates #16 - LootShare - Pest Control Expansion - The Exterminator - Dominion Tower Expansion... DREADNIPS!!! [+] General Changes - Removed spam from Drop Catcher dialogue - ;;toggleperks command for toggling the drop catcher and arcane alchemist perks - Rare token trivia answer has been changed to 25 from 30 - Herbicide now works for noted herbs - Drop catcher will now pick up ghostly essence and AOD drops - Ectoplasmator will now count towards bones buried - Trisk Fragments are now picked up with the Drop Catcher perk - Hydrix has been removed from LMS Common loot & the price has been increased in the shop - Khopesh weapons finally have stats - Discord sync is now be fixed - ;;clue & ;;trivia will refer you to the relevant guide - You can now attack with a Scythe while 2 tiles away [+] Pest Control Expansion - Novice and Intermediate boats are unaffected by this expansion (excluding the QOL changes) - You can now start a game early if all players in the boat accept - Monsters are scaled to the boat level and team size - New mechanics have been added and the monsters/portals have been buffed - Rewards have received a large buff (agro pots, PVP armors, herbs, secondaries, etc. 👀) [+] LootShare - Rare drops will split between players in the form of "virtual shards". When you receive 120 virtual shards of an item, you will receive that item (physical shards will be added once we fix issues with the cache) - Common drops will be randomly awarded based on LootShare points/potential (LSP). Every time you don't receive a drop your LSP goes up - There is a delay of 2 minutes before LootShare will activate - Ironmen cannot use LootShare, sorry 🙂 [+] Dominion Tower Expansion - Every round of Dominion Tower will now grant you Dominion Factor, you can spend this at the store to gain BONUS Experience in Combat skills as well as flat experience! - You can receive a Fire Lycan pet for 20 million Factor..! - As well as buy Dreadnips. These little scarabs will fight alongside you when deployed! [+] The Exterminator Valued at only $7! - Boosts your damage in Pest Control by 25% - Double the amount of rolls on the Pest Control loot table (4 instead of 2) [+] Dominion Domination - This new perk follows the Dominion Tower expansion.. - Costing $10, the Dominion Domination perk grants the following: - Gives an extra boss killcount each kill in Dominion Tower (stacking with minigamer) - Gives 2.5x factor each kill in Dominion Tower. - Gives 25% more bonus experience from DT rewards - Gives 25% more experience to a skill from DT rewards. [+] What Noele has been doing - Noele has been working hard on an awesome logging system on the Admin CP of the Website.. - This includes: Ad Referral tracking, In-game logs tracking & Website registration tracking. - I'm sure I can't go into nearly as much detail as it's worth.. But here: - This will help the entire staff team have a place to track in-game activities and chat logs from the comfort of the Forums/Website. - On top of this, the Ad referral tracking will be extremely helpful for our upcoming Advertisement plans. We'll be able to trace where the best Traffic is coming from and tailor our advertisements towards the websites that do so. - We've also sourced some fancy new artwork: Just a couple to show. [+] Media Credits: Jaedmo, Arham 4, _jordan, lare96, Xenthium & Noele - Ask the developers questions here! There wasn't much this week, as almost all of this is Lare & Jordan's work. Arham has had IRL responsibilities. I have to personally apologise for my lack of activity recently, I've moved house and have been without internet for two weeks. The next few weeks we'll be tryharding getting Advertisements and awesome updates out for you all. Thanks for sticking with us. And a huge shoutout to Lare & Jordan for this week.. And of course.. Noele. Thanks to Jaedmo for writing these patch notes! ❤️
  19. Good ideas so far everyone. I agree that ;;help is lacking info, would any of you be down to write a more thorough guide? You all know the game much better than I do.
  20. @Socrates How do you not receive all the rewards?
  21. This is a wonderful suggestion, and I'd happy to work on it. Although coding what you described would be a pretty big undertaking (which would require a LOT of testing), so I do think it'd be worthwhile to consider what @Skcam is trying to say. Doing this and then having it be dead content would be a massive waste of time. In my opinion though, things like "who has raw sharks?" will be resolved if the rewards for skilling contracts are good enough. If they're good enough, sharks will become more valuable since they're needed to obtain the rewards. It's all about making skilling resources more valuable.
  22. Locking as the thread has died down and I've received all details for this.
  23. Keep the suggestions coming, I'll lock this topic once the next patch notes are released and work begins on it.
  24. Okay, I'm gonna look this over with the other devs and hopefully come up with a plan to get this in a future patch
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