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  1. The Magister I will post a video guide soon, keep an eye out. The Magister is a high level solo boss found in the depths of the Sophanem Slayer Dungeon. The fight can be accessed through the Diamond-tier donator ;;bp command, or by running through the Dungeon itself. When you reach the First Gate, you have arrived. What you need: 99 Range (recommended) 99 Constitution (recommended) 95 Prayer, or 99 Prayer and Desolation unlocked 115 Slayer, which is 63,555,443 xp - you can use the ;;virtual command to toggle virtual skill levels.) High tier or BIS Ranged equipment is recommended. A 'Key to the Crossing' [key image] - required to start the fight; it can be obtained as a drop from all the monsters in the Sophanem Slayer Dungeon Perks Recommended, by priority The Pyromaniac - allows max non-brewed health up to 1366 LP Soul Siphoner - provides 25% more healing from Soul Split - stacks with Vampyrism & the Amulet of Souls Prayer Betrayer - decreases prayer point drain by 25% Ava's Secret - recovers ammo, without having to wear an Alerter/Accumulator Recommended Gear & Inventory: This is my personal setup. I can get sub 1-minute kills with it and I almost never die, even tanking most of The Magister's abilities. However, if you do not have all the gear above, follow this progression below. If you aren't confident in how well you can survive, bring more brews & restores. If you do not have a Seren Godbow or a Decimation (i), don't bring an Adrenaline flask. Gear Progression: Helm: Reaper hood > Sirenic mask > Superior morrigan's > Refined Anima Core of Zamorak > Superior Death Lotus > Pernix cowl Body: Sirenic top > Superior morrigan's > Refined Anima Core of Zamorak > Superior Death Lotus > Pernix body Legs: Sirenic top > Superior morrigan's > Refined Anima Core of Zamorak > Superior Death Lotus > Pernix legs Gloves: Ascension grips > Deathtouch bracelet > Tracking gloves > Swift gloves > Pernix gloves Boots: Hailfire boots > Glaiven boots > Pernix boots Amulet: Amulet of souls > Reaper necklace > Farsight blood necklace > Blood amulet of fury Ring: Ring of wealth (c) > Ring of death > Perfect ring > Archer's ring (i) > Archer's ring Cape: Completionist (trimmed) > Completionist (untrimmed) > Enhanced fire cape > Max cape > Ranged kiln cape (TokHaar-Kal-Xil) Weaponry: Seren godbow > Ascension crossbow w/ kalphite repriser > Dual Ascension crossbows > Noxious longbow > Decimation (i) > Shadow glaives > Zaryte bow Ammo: Ascendri bolts > Ascension bolts | Araxyte arrows Aura: Supreme vampyrism highly recommended. In max gear, this boss is cheesy and can just be ran through with just Vampyrism, Soul Split, and the Soul Split bonus from an Amulet of souls, easily outhealing all damage he deals. However, in lesser gear, you may have difficulty tanking everything and might have to dodge and evade certain attacks. The Magister's Abilities & Attacks: (credit to the rs.wiki for most of this information, and to Armar for confirming some mechanics) The Magister primarily attacks with magic using a twirling animation. After three auto-attacks, he randomly uses one of the following abilities. The auto-attack counter resets to zero after the Magister reaches 15,000, 10,000, and 5,000 life points. Ability 1: Power Blast The Magister charges up a ball of red lightning before launching it at the player, dealing ranged damage. He will slam his staff on the ground and cracks will appear, followed by the attack. Ability 2: Unstable Mixture The Magister yells "Dodge this!" and throws an explosive vial next to the player with randomly set time of 2.4 to 4.8 seconds. When the timer expires, the bomb explodes and damages anything (including the Magister himself) in a 5x5 radius for 400 life points, and 200 to familiars. You have the option of kicking the vial away, and if the player is facing the Magister, then the vial explodes and only damages him. Ability 3: Shadow Step This attack has two variations. If the player is next to the Magister, he will yell "Stand still!" then will bash the player and dealing moderately heavy melee damage which stuns and binds them for 3 seconds, before he darts away from the player. If the player is not next to the Magister, he will instead yell "You dare fight me?" and will barge towards the player's position and deal the same amount of melee damage. If you doesn't use Protect/Deflect Melee against this attack, then your prayers/curses are disabled for 3 seconds. Ability 4: Raising the Dead The Magister will yell "Those who fall shall rise again!" causing two imperial akhs to attack the player, which consists of any combination of imperial mage akhs, imperial ranger akhs, and imperial warrior akhs. These akhs have 1000 life points and only use auto-attacks and increase corruption by 2% upon being killed. No slayer level is required to kill them, and the Feather of Ma'at is not required to kill them off. The Magister rarely uses this attack. Ability 5: Soul Siphon The Magister yells "Your sacrifice allows me to live!" while using an Asphyxiate-like animation, dealing three hits of moderate magic damage which can be reduced; however, he will still recover health equal to the amount of damage it would have done unmodified (ignoring auras and prayers). There is one way to cancel the attack - you can run 7 steps out of his attack range after the first hit, and a game message appears when you succeed "You run away from the Magister's life draining attack." Realistically, you'd have to be about 6 steps away and have lightning fast reactions to move into the 7th step to cancel the attack, as the Magister starts the attack rather rapidly. The Magister does not use the Healing, Siphon, or Resonance abilities on Ataraxia. The Magister's Phases: (credit to the rs.wiki for most of this information, and to Armar for confirming some mechanics) You can view the current phase of the battle on the top left of your screen. The maximum corruption stack is doubled to 50% while fighting The Magister. However, it is not visible. Phase 1: Nothing special, just watch out for the 'three normal, one ability' loop. Phase 2 begins at 15,000 lifepoints remaining. Phase 2: The Magister will say "Your soul - it contains such power! I must have it!" as soon as the phase starts, activating the Soul obelisk. The obelisk will fire at the player, increasing a 'Soul drain stack' by 3 each time it fires, which can be seen below the Phase counter. This continues throughout the battle. These stacks decrease your maximum life points by 10 per stack, with no limit. Not only does it decrease your maximum health, but it also lowers the effectiveness of standard food - but Saradomin brews are unaffected by this debuff, which is why it is recommended to use them for healing. The stacks can also be negated by drinking a dose of a Super restore potion. Super restores remove seven of these stacks at a time. This obelisk has an infinite amount of life points, so it cannot be destroyed. Attacking the obelisk to restore health is time consuming as you only remove one stack per hit, and allows the Magister to continually damage the player without any repercussions. It is simply disabled when the Magister dies. Phase 3 begins at 10,000 lifepoints remaining. Phase 3: The Magister will start the phase by saying "Let us see how you fare against corruption." and will spawn a corrupted soul obelisk on the southern end of the room to damage your soul. Unlike the normal Soul obelisk, this one damages the player for 60 damage at set intervals and adding corruption stacks by 4%. For every percent of corruption gained, the player takes and inflicts an equal percent in additional damage. This obelisk has 2,500 life points. It is best to ignore the obelisk, as the corruption stacks it adds to the player increases the player's damage output significantly and the increased damage taken is generally mitigated with Soul Split. Phase 4: The Magister goes berserk, yelling "You will not defeat me!", increasing his damage output while losing some defence. Kill him off quickly before he can deal too much damage. As with all the other phases, continue avoiding his attacks until he dies. Slower players may also have to deal with imperial akh minions, and it's recommended to deal with them, since they only have 1,000 life points and deal significant damage that you may not be able to outheal. Upon his death, everything else dies with him - the corrupted soul obelisk returns to the ground, the plain soul obelisk becomes inactive, any minions that were with him will die, and if the corruption stack was over 25%, it is reset back to 25%. If he throws out a bomb before he dies, the bomb will still explode and damage the player and their familiar if they stand too close to it, so simply move away from it. Heal up before beginning another kill, as while all soul drain stacks are removed, the player's health will remain the same. Congratulations, you have killed the Magister! You're mainly going to be hunting down Phylactery which drops at about 1/18 per kill. It can be be cracked open to receive 5, 10, 15 or 25 Scrap of scripture With 100 scraps and 92 Crafting, it creates the blessings in the following order: Blessing of the Sand Blessing of the Sea Blessing of the Sky All three of these blessings can then be used on a main-hand or off-hand Khopesh of the Kharidian to create a Khopesh of Tumeken and the Khopesh of Elidinis respectively. You'll need about 600 scraps in total to make the both of them. They are the new best-in-slot melee weapons, at Tier 92. They can also be dyed to improve their look. Hopefully this guide makes your life just a bit easier.
  2. Gambling: No again. Pretty much all of the reasons for not wanting it are valid. Deaths: RS3-esque system, where you can pay coins to recover the items you have. It's a solid gold sink, and dying will actually mean something. Ideally, a death in absolute max gear (melee, range, or mage) would be about 50M, and you can scale down from that. Wildy and PVP: Honestly, a mix of everything. Make the high-tier weapons and armor scale to a more reasonable standard when fighting players, but retain the power when fighting NPCs - as well as adding new content. The wilderness is desperate for stuff that isn't just PVP, WildyWyrms, and Lava Styrkewyrms.
  3. On topic, thanks for the Diamond zone! That plus the spin discount is just totally tempting me to get that $125 extra credit on my account. And thanks for fixing T90 boots. Much love.
  4. IGN: Donald Trump Worth giving it a shot. Good luck.
  5. Donald Trump


    Voting no. Gambling has always been a source of problems throughout every private server I've played since gambling was a thing. If not for the social and community unrest it ends up causing, the economical ones are much greater and impossible to control without creating incredibly controversial incidents. There's plenty of issues that are bound to arise the second any form of it gets implemented. Here's a few I can think of now People will stake their banks, lose, rage, and quit. People will hoard wealth. I'm not against hoarding your wealth, but only if you've actually earned it the right way. Winning a game of chance is not a legitimate earning. Gold may end up becoming a useless item and the only way to trade is with items. This leads to issues for new players and existing ones. When gold is worthless, or wealth is too hoarded to have enough items to go around, what do you do? Do you take the items from the hoarders, effectively stealing from them? Do you reset the economy effectively fucking everybody for the actions of a small few? I vote for the end goal of the server, rather than what I feel I'd do. I'd probably gamble if it passed. But it's not something that would end up working well for this server.
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