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  1. Hunting guide by Emma Kitty Hi! This is a (hopefully) short guide bringing you all the info you need to train hunter. This guide is heavily inspired by Soren's hunter guide, which is a little outdated, but can be found here https://ataraxia-ps.com/forums/topic/204-hunter-guide/ QUICK GUIDE: This is a tl;dr guide: Level 1-19 crimson swifts Level 19-27 tropical wagtails Level 27-43 cobalt skillchompas Level 43-70 falconry Level 70-81 jadinkos Level 81-99 god jadinko The actual guide: Basic info: So hunter is a gatherers skill, you catch creatures to get xp. Overall the skill is pretty slow, and divine locations should be used as often as possible. This will show the main guide (the quick guide with a little bit extra side information that might be needed/handy), on the bottom there will be a list of alternative methods and why to (not) use them, and there will be a money making perspective, since this guide is directly aimed towards getting the max xp and not taking money into account. There are some advantages I want you to know about before i get deep into the guide: Protean traps can be very advantageous since you can have them auto-place traps for you, allowing you to afk for xp. perks the Huntsman perk allows you to place 2 extra traps (up to 8 at level 80), you will also gain an additional 25% xp, 15% success rate, and 10% chance to receive double loot The Bank Command perk allows you to remotely bank, this isn't nessessarily great for hunter as it is for anything else, but it can still be nice to have allowing to bank caught animals, or for traps incase you fergot them (again...) The ability bar: not everyone is a big fan of abilities, but that doesn't mean you cant use it to put your traps on so you can just place a trap with the click on the numpad Weapon: Use a range weapon with no ammo or a magic weapon without runes, this way you can't accidentally click the skill/chinchompas to attack them;. Shops You will need box traps, bird snares, butterfly net, etc, these can all be found in the store at ::market, or from the hunter expert, located at the feldip hills hunter location. Starting out alternatives So hunter isn't a fast skill, especially when playing on the more difficult gamemodes with less xp multipliers. That being said skipping the first levels of hunter can be very time-saving since this is probably something your going to do eventually anyways. So what i would recommend start out doing is divination, use the chronicles for hunting xp ideally you wanna get to level 19, but any level will really help your progress. Another early booster is the divine locations at home, however you need to be a donator (or have donated in the past hour) to use these. These will also not work on all gamemodes. Level 1-19 snaring crimson swifts So incase you were too stubborn to do divination (like me) and you didn't want to (or didn't have access to) the divine locations, you want to use bird snares on crimson swifts. You will start out failing a lot, so even getting a couple levels will help out a ton. these can be found on the east shore of feldip hills (teleport skilling -> hunter -> feldip hills and run east). You can drop the loot you get, but it will get auto-dropped if you inventory is full so you dont need to bother. Level 19-27 Snaring tropical wagtails These are very similar to the crimson swifts, you place your snare traps close to the birds, and loot them when they get trapped. This location can be found by teleporting to skilling -> hunter -> feldip hills, they can be found right on the teleport, but i found that going slightly southwest was the ideal spot, do not forget to bring a 2nd snare trap as at level 20 you can use 2. Level 27-43 (or 46) Cobalt skillchompas If you are blindly reading this guide top to bottom and following it step by step, I'd like to avert your attention to the bottom where I talk about some alternatives as they might come in handy. The next step is cobalt skillchompas, these are useful because the loot can actually be used this time. It also stacks so no annoying full inventories. Bring box traps, bring 3 because you will stay here until above level 40. These can be found by teleporting to skilling -> hunter -> tree gnome stronghold hunter area. Level 43-46 (or 57) Falconry For this part your going to hunt with a falcon, this is slightly better xp than the box trap hunting, but is really click intensive. You can't wear any weapons in your main or off-hand. At level 43 you can only catch the spotted kebbits, i recommend spamclicking them incase the first catch doesnt work or an additional click is required to receive the hunt. This can be accessed by skilling teleports -> hunter -> falconry Levels 46-57 (or 63) viridian skillchompas Similarly to previous, these skillchompas can be found by teleporting to skilling -> hunter -> port phasmatys teleport It was at this point where I did some falconry as little breaks here and there, at level 57 when dark falcons are unlocked its slightly faster xp, but a lot more click intensive. Level 57-60 (or 63, or 66) Falconry (again) Falconry: dark kebbits. Same stuff as before except now dark kebbits, slightly more xp. At level 60 you unlock an extra box trap to go back to the skillchompas, but personally i stayed here until 63. Levels 63-66 red chinchompas Although being slightly more viable, these still have a big flaw for the same reason as the regular chins: there are really few spawns. (they are also kind of buggy) I would only recommend doing these if you have protean traps laying around, they make this really good and viable, but without them this is greally bad xp and you should stick to falconry. These can be found with teleport skilling -> hunter -> feldip hills and running slightly south. Their name is carnivorous chinchompa. Level 66-68 Pawya Yes! Another good spot! The number of spawns here is massive, making it a really good training place, once again proteans are your friend, but not needed. this area can be reached by skilling teleports -> hunter -> isdafar. Level 68-69 (or 70) Viridian skillchompas Viridian skillchompas are slightly better than pawyas. These can be accessed by skilling teleports -> hunter -> rellekka hunter area nothing new to say here. Level 69-70 Falconry (again again) Alrighty, you unlocked the last falcon, the xp here is better than viridian skillchompas, but only by a little. It is also only 1 more level until you can get started with the next step, if you want to switch it up you can, but personally I chose to stay with viridians. Level 70-77( or 81): jadinkos This part gets a little complicated, there is a full guide here https://ataraxia-ps.com/forums/topic/791-juju-potions/ but im going to try to narrow it down as much as i can and only give you the essentials. You need to have some skilling tickets for this one too, those can be obtained by doing skilling contracts. You wont need a lot. To get started, teleport home and go east (downstairs). You want to be next to the menaphos lodestone. You should see the witch doctor (he's the one doing a weird dance). First you want to trade him, buy some marasamaw plants, these are essentially your box traps. Jadinkos have a 100% catch rate, but if you place a trap too close to a jadinko you can't catch, they will eat your box trap so make sure you buy some extra just in case. When you buy them they will be noted, but there is a bank directly north. Once you have enough traps (bring about 10-20), you click the witch doctor again and click teleport. Click jadinkos (3), click lvl 74-80. I know your only level 70 right now but that's not an issue. Once arrived you want to go to the north east and start hunting. You wont be able to hunt any of the others and they will eat your traps. You seem to not be limited by the amount of traps you can place, making it a really enjoyable method. Here is which ones you should catch: level 70+: common jadinko level 74: igneous jadinko - there will be annoying carrion jadinkos in the way level 75: cannibal jadinko - there will be annoying carrion jadinkos in the way level 76: aquatic jadinko level 77: amphibious jadinko level 78+: carrion jadinko currently there are 2 issues: 1 is that not all of these jadinkos are here, and 2: the carrion jadinkos invade the igneous and cannibal jadinkos, meaning you will lose a lot of traps here. The xp is a big ramp up from the common jadinkos so if you have the tokens to spare i would highly recommend going for it, although currently it's really tedious and annoying. This issue stays until level 76 when you can catch aquatic jadinkos in peace. Level 77-81: Grenwalls The xp rate of grenwalls will be a little lower than jadinkos, however they drop grenwall spikes. This (and divine locations) is the only way to get these, and they are a requirement for extreme ranging potions (therefor also overloads). Level 81-89 (or 99): god jadinko This is, just like the previous jadinkos, the best xp for your level. You can get here by teleporting to the witch doctor with teleport option 2, however these will not be always avaiable. They are active on and off, I can't seem to figure out what the up- and downtimes are, so you'll have to occasionally check the timers in the activity tracker interface. The exception is weekends, during the weekends these will be constantly active and wont disappear until monday. These will drop all the items needed to craft juju potions, more info in the previously linked guide. This is how I set up my traps. https://giphy.com/gifs/H4Q4xscYqNQKWEgyaC Level 89-97: Crimson skillchompa So this xp is substanially lower than god jadinkos, and if you want to prioritise xp gain you should stick with those. The xp from crimson skillchompas is just over half of jadinkos, but you only have 5 traps and a pretty big chance to fail a catch. The only benefit from these is that you get skillchompas which can be used to train other skills or sold. Level 97-99: crystal skillchompa Similar to crimson skillchompas, not as good xp as god jadinkos, but you'll get skillchompas out of it. Money making perspective. So the hunter skill can make a lot of money. Your early levels will not make you much, since the raw bird meat is useless. But from my small experience, people will pay quite a bit for all skillchompas, this ofcourse comes down a little to timing and luck, but all types of skillchompas will earn you decent money, and you always catch tripples. Chinchompas probably have a good use for training range in crowded places like godwars kc room, but I haven't personally seen anyone use these. Grenwalls will drop grenwall spikes, which are needed for extreme ranging potions (ergo overloads). I like to assume these can be sold for quite decent, but I have not tried this. Alternate methods with some info: Salamanders - these are actually not a possibility but i wanted to mention them in case you thought about going to do them, and i want to save you some time. at the current moment of writing this guide, salamanders do not spawn, the traps are not intractable (even with bringing nets and rope) therefor these are not possible to do. Do not waste your time trying. Implings - There is a puro puro teleport where you can find implings (a net and jars can be found there too). The lower level item rewards are mainly junk. The higher level rewards are ???? but the overall xp rate is bad because you end up running around for not a lot of xp, these can be done but i would recommend sticking with the main guide. Falconry - This is good xp, but really click intensive, if looking for something more relaxed go for box traps, but if enjoyed, do this at the unlocked levels (43, 57 and 69). Chinchompas - At level 53 you unlock chinchompas, I looked at all the spawns and couldn't find a single spot with enough spawns to make this viable, they are very reduced and I would recommend sticking with skillchompas Deadfalls - really good xp, only issue is, currently at the time of writing this guide, when the trap is set up, but fails to catch the kebbit, it becomes permanently broken until the server is restarted. Teasing larupias - also doesn't work, the teasing does nothing (if they even spawn because they dont in all places) and you cant build the traps. Charming sprites - also don't work, but even if it did I probably wouldn't list it anyways 🙂 This next part is mainly directed to the devs and the Ataraxia staff, but you are welcome to read my thoughts about the skill! It's an okay skill, but it needs work. Most methods are unbearably slow (from the POV of a legendary group ironman). The meta is divine locations, which isn't great (but I do understand from a money earning standpoint), but here are some minor/major fixes that could be done to make it a ton more bearable Chins and red chins: increase the spawn #, on the official runescape there are 22 spawn locations for grey chins, spread out over 5 different area, on this server i counted 7, with on 1 spot 3 at most, this is not enough, the red chins were about the same Red chins walking animation: So when a red chin spawns, it shows the red chin on the spawn, but as it walks around, the animation is still on the exact same tile, it visually doesn't move, really strange bug, makes you feel like what your doing is irrelevant. skillchompas: So what you did is you made it so every catch gives 3, i would change this, not nessesarily to give more (maybe even a little less), but make it random, and increase the xp gained if caught multiple, currently its not enough jadinko traps: These cost 1 skilling token to buy each, and i see no point for this, why not let me buy it with gp instead? Jadinko traps 2: Currently when a jadinko trap is placed, and a jadinko of a too high level walks in, the trap will disappear, eating your skill ticket, but still obstructing that spot for a while (i think 2 minutes), not allowing you to place another trap on that same location Jadinko traps 3: currently you can place unlimited traps (only of these), I love this, it makes it really enjoyable, you can make lines of traps like oldschool firemaking, and then go loot them all one by one, this really changes it up in a possitive way, this is still a bug and i wanted to mention it here (I think it would be great to have this as an overal effect with regular box traps, bird snares, etc, to have a perk allowing you to place infinite, the current perk only allows +2 which doesnt make a big difference with the buggy chins anyways. Carrion jadinko: (see screenshot below) The carrion jadinkos and the igneous jadinkos are spawning on the same spots, making it a 50/50 between catching an igneous jadinko, or having a carrion jadinko destroy your trap and eat the tile for 2 minutes, one of these really need to be moved (there is a lot of room south) (they are also invading the cannibal jadinkos) Jadinko teleport: the teleport to the jadinko area says "common jadinkos (lvl74-80) but the lowest level jadinko is level 70 and the highest is level 78. Salamanders, deadfalls, teasing, tracking: All of these do not do anything, some mobs aren't spawned at all, some are but dont have any working interactions. I think at the very least, with how useless chins are (and how semi-useless skillchomps), i think salamanders should work, all 4 colors. Divine locations: I get that you need to cash out on them, for the donators or the voters, but the actual meta is to not train the skill and just do these daily locations, unless you actually are a group ironman and cant interact with these. The priffindas hunting location: Yeahh its kinda useless, the Isdafar hunting location is twice as good and doesn't have any requirement to reach, the priff place could(/should?) be changed to have some sort of reward linked to it, but that's just my opinion. Maybe add a teleport to the witch doctor or the jadinko places, walking east from home seems odd and weird. clue scrolls: through my journey i've gotten quite a bit of clue scrolls, but they were all easy, it would be cool that level 50+ content could give medium, 70+ hard and 90+ elite, just a thought. clicking redeploy on a broken trap will just pick it up, having you to click it again in your inventory. (neither does right clicking lay on a dropped trap) img showing the multiple jadinkos:
  2. Hello, this is a list of what you can get from Mystery box. I might be missing some items, I'll be updating this overtime. Please note that items with "(SWA)" have server-wide announcements, also the rarity of some items aren't confirmed, I just made it on how often I got that item. Legend: Common Uncommon Rare Very rare ~ Money ~ 1.000.000 Coins 2.500.000 Coins 50.000.000 Coins (SWA) 200.000.000 Coins (SWA) ~ Weapons & Armours ~ 1x Ahrim's hood 1x Ahrim's robe top 1x Ahrim's robe skirt 1x Ahrim's staff 1x Karil's coif 1x Karil's top 1x Karil's skirt 1x Karil's crossbow 1x Guthan's helm 1x Guthan's platebody 1x Guthan's chainskirt 1x Guthan's warspear 1x Torag's helm 1x Torag's platebody 1x Torag's platelegs 1x Torag's hammer 1x Dharok's platebody 1x Dharok's platelegs 1x Dharok's Greataxe 1x Verac's helm 1x Verac's brassard 1x Verac's plateskirt 1x Verac's flail 1x Abyssal whip 1x Korasi's sword (SWA) 1x Full slayer helmet (SWA) 1x Vesta's spear (SWA) ~ Protean ~ 1x Small protean pack 1x Medium protean pack (SWA) 50x Protean trap 50x Protean logs 50x Protean plank 50x Protean bar 30x Protean hide ~ Skilling ~ 112x Magic logs 100x Rune bar 200x Corrupted ore 112x Dragon Bones 84x Frost dragon bones (SWA) 200x Gold charm 20x Green Charm 200x Crimson charm 150x Blue charm (SWA) 1x Uncut onyx (SWA) ~ Consumables ~ 70x Holy overload potion (6) (SWA) 35x Saradomin brew (4) 10x Aggression potion (4) 15x Aggression potion (4) 40x Aggression potion (4) (SWA) 112x Raw rocktail ~ Misc ~ 5x Mystery box 2x Rare item tokens 1x Monkey nuts (SWA) 1x Equipment siphon 5x Divine charges 3x Armour gizmos 3x Weapon gizmos 10x Divine charges 3x Equipment siphons 1x Augmentor 3x Augmentor (SWA) ~ Cosmetics ~ 1x Bob shirt (SWA) 1x Sköll boots (SWA) 1x Suitcase (SWA) 1x Off-hand suitcase (SWA) 1x Axe (SWA) 1x A jester stick (SWA) 1x Flaming skull (SWA) 1x Jack lantern mask (SWA) 1x Christmas tree hat (SWA) 1x Lovers medallion (SWA) 1x Haters medallion (SWA) Please feel free to make your suggestion or if I missed something, or any info is wrong, anything is welcome to make this guide better for all players, thanks.
  3. Con's Trivia Guide Let me start off by saying welcome to my Ataraxia Trivia guide in this guide you will find out all sorts of different information based on the in-game event called trivia, this guide will attempt to answer all the questions you could possibly have! What Will This Guide Contain? Trivia Rewards Where you will find the Trivia questions How do I answer the trivia questions How often the Trivia Event happens Questions & Answers Where can I spend my trivia points(NPC Location, NPC Name & Points Shop). Trivia Rewards This will be a little section explaining the rewards you can get when you answer questions correctly so when you answer a question correctly you will earn rewards one of those rewards will be Trivia Points which you can spend in the Trivia Shop & the other reward is a cash reward, 7 people can get the answer correct before the round closes and you have to wait until the next round so the prizes of coins vary between the highest amount to the lowest amount. The highest amount of coins you can gain by answering correctly is obviously being the first person to answer the question right. First place receives around about 560k then second place would be some thing like 400+K and 3rd would be 375k, that's a rough estimate then 4th, 5th, 6th, and last but not least 7th place will also earn coins & points but the cash prizes will decrease bit by bit until 7 people have answered correctly and then the round ends in which you will need to wait another 6 minutes before answering. Where You Can Find The Questions Where can you find the Trivia questions you may ask yourself, It's pretty easy to be fully honest but for the few who don't see them because at times they can be hard to see with all the people talking in the Friends Chat and all the worldMessages. There's a simple answer they can be found in the chat box where all the talking action goes on, I will post a screenshot below of where you can find them so you can look out for them in the future. As you can see in the screenshot above, It has [Trivia] which means it is a trivia question & the question being "Which Dagannoth King uses magic attacks?" so now we have this and the next question might be well, How do I answer these questions? I will explain that in the next section below so be sure to keep scrolling. How Do I Answer The Trivia Question? In this section of the Guide, I will be explaining how to answer the Trivia Questions in the event of some people not knowing how to again it's a pretty simple explanation but we where all new player's at one point & it was the case with me I had to ask how to answer the question because I wasn't sure how to and the commands list did not tell me how to answer these question. Anyway back to my Guide below you will find a screenshot on how to answer the Trivia Questions That's right, It's that simple you can answer the question by either typing ;;ans Or ::ans - The most efficient way of typing it would be ;;ans because it's the fastest way of typing it which means faster answers & more $$$ for your money pouch. How Often Does The Event Happen? After thoroughly testing the event timing's for at least 30 minute's I've found that the Trivia Event asks new questions every 6 Minutes so if you time it right & plan ahead you could always be one of the first people to answer obviously requiring that you have speedy finger & Also know the answer to the Trivia question. Questions & Answers Questions & Answers will either be listed below or you will be able to download a .txt file that you can keep and have open for whenever a question pops up that you don't know the answer to. I hope you all have some good luck at answering these questions and getting some points and money gains! INFO: To make finding the question you're looking for faster press CTRL + F and type some of the question into the search bar, I believe for MAC user's its COMMAND + F and then the same applies. Where Can I Spend My Trivia Points? The next question you might ask yourself in confusion is where on earth do I spend my trivia points & what can I buy from the Trivia Point shop, I will be posting screenshots of where you can find the Trivia Point NPC, What he's called & What you can buy with your Trivia Points. You can find the Trivia Point Shop at home at the ;;home teleport or up near your mini-map below the World Map there is a Home Teleport Icon, If you click that it will give you two options the first being the Home Teleport & the 2nd one being The Loadstone Network. The option you want to select is the Home Teleport. Now the Trivia Points NPC which is called Wise Old Man, can be found on the east side of ;;home depending on whether you have your home set as "Kingdom". Once you have found the NPC named the Wise Old Man & you have talked to him, He will give you numerous different options the option we want to take here is option number 1 which is "Trivia Points Exchange" to open his shop to start browsing to see what we want. The next topic is what can you buy with your Trivia Points, There is an assortment of items that you can buy with your Trivia Points you can find items in there such as Mystery Box, Cosmetic Items(Gnome Scarfs, Jester Scarfs, Halo's) Weapons such as Staff Of Light & Crystal Bow, Magic Armour & Small, Medium & Large Protean Packs & a few more items. Now you have spent your Trivia Points, the next step you need to do answer some more questions and gain yourself some more cash and points and then come back at a later date when you have more points to spend in the Trivia Store. Thank you for taking the time to read through my Guide, If you thought it was helpful & would like to support the Guide, please don't hesitate to leave a little like and comment. If you find that I have left anything out at all like a section I have missed of what to do, Any questions or absolutely anything at all please leave a comment and let me know what it is and I will do my best to rectify that mistake as soon as possible to make sure this guide stay's up to do for the newcomers to assist them and help them through there experience at Ataraxia as much as possible. Thank you for reading, Hope you enjoyed the Guide. There will be more to come, Con. Questions & Answers.txt
  4. Invention Guide Introduction Invention is an elite skill that requires you to collect materials by disassembling items in-game and discover blueprints that allow you to use those materials to create items that will help you along your adventures in Ataraxia whether it be Skilling or Combat. Invention can seem quite daunting at first glace for new players and this guide is aimed to help you get on your feet so you can go out there and make those gains! Disclaimer - this guide is mainly focused for new players on regular accounts Requirements 80 Crafting 80 Smithing 80 Divination Where to start - First of all you're going to want to make sure you have the all the requirements once you've got those Invention will be unlocked and it's time to make your way to the Invention Guild! Getting there is simple first of all you open the Quest Tab and select the button, after that you want to navigate to the bottom of the 'Skilling' Tab and it will be labled "Invention Guild". TLDR - Quest tab > Teleports > Skilling > Invention guild. The Invention Guild Now that you've made your way to the Invention Guild it's time to get to work, step inside and you'll be greeted by a workbench, this is where you will discover all your blueprints and craft all your new items. This bench is split up into two sides, if you highlight over the left hand side it says 'Discover' and this is what you will click to discover your blueprints and if you highlight over the right hand side it says 'Manufacture' and this is how you will craft the items using the blueprints you have just discovered. Now before you do anything else you will want to discover your chargepack, you do this by clicking on the left side of the workbench and selecting the item and filling the slots with the puzzle pieces around the side and pressing prototype until it finally fits together (it can be quite tedious) you will have to do this with every item you unlock even some specific materials such as Zaros/Explosive/Armadyl/Seren/Noxious the best way to do this is everytime you unlock something come back and discover it so they don't all of a sudden pile up on you. Disassembling items is pretty simple to do, all it requires is you to navigate to the Spell Book and use the light bulb option and select an item inside your inventory and it will automatically start disassembling in chunks of 60, some items will give you a warning and the way to turn this off is by doing the following; ;;settings > Misc Settings > Disable disassemble warning (WARNING: This could lead to disassembling items by accident) Now that you understand the basics of discovering blueprints it's time to talk about what you should disassemble and what items you should be making, if you're focusing on combat you will spend most of your time crafting things such as Augmentors/Divine Charges/Gizmos and some of these can be a pain to make in bulk so i hope you've been saving up those gold coins because now will be the time to use it. First of all we will talk about augmentors as these will be one of the first items you will need to make before you can start levelling invention properly. Augmentor Materials Needed || Red=Rare/Uncommon Green = Common - x225 Incandasant Energy [Collected from Divination, PvM and other players.] (Refer to the price guide) - x45 Base Components [Collected from breaking down Swords from the G.E (Higher tier = Better chance)] - x45 Tensile Components [Collected from breaking down Shieldbows from the G.E (Higher tier = Better)] - x45 Flexible Components [Collected from breaking down Shieldbows too (Higher tier = Better chance)] - x8 Enhancing Components [Collected from breaking down Jewellery Items (Mages' Books work best)] - x7 Powerful Components [Collected from breaking down Magic items; Armour/Runes/Staves (Soul Runes and Battlestaves to work best)] Weapon Gizmo Materials Needed || Red=Rare/Uncommon Green = Common - x10 Blade Components [Collected from breaking down Swords and Darts (I used Rune swords and Addy darts)] - x5 Crafted Components [Collected from breaking down Arrows/Summoning Pouches/Scrolls (I used Araxyte Arrows and Steel Titan Pouches/Scrolls)] - x2 Strong Components [Collected from breaking down Melee Armour and Weapons (Addy/Rune Platebodies seem to work well)] Armour Gizmo Materials Needed || Red=Rare/Uncommon Green = Common - x10 Deflecting Components [Collected from breaking down Melee/Mage armour or Shields (you will get these whilst going for your protective components so dont worry)] - x5 Crafted Components [Collected from breaking down Arrows/Summoning Pouches/Scrolls (I used Araxyte Arrows and Steel Titan Pouches/Scrolls)] - x2 Protective Components [Collected from breaking down Melee Armour and Shields (Addy/Rune Platebodies seem to work well)] Divine Charges Materials Needed || Red=Rare/Uncommon Green = Common - x225 Incandesant Energy [Collected from doing the Divination Skill or obtained from PvM, you can also purchase from other players in-game] (Refer to the price guide) - x20 Simple Components [Collected from breaking down Logs/Darts (I have found that buying off-hand adamant darts from the G.E have worked best for getting these components, you will recieve 2-7 per action)] Side Note; These will be somewhat hard to farm at the start but once you unlock the Divine-o-matic vacuum it speeds it up a fair bit. Now we have talked about the most common items you will spend your time creating it's time to talk about levelling this skill up so you can progress towards Max cape. Once you've fully understood the basics of disassembling and discovering the skill become much easier to understand and also much faster to level, the main way we are going to level this skill is by augmenting gear levelling it up. Augmenting Gear The way you augment your gear is pretty simple, essentially all you do is add and augmentor to a piece of armour or a weapon but not all weapons and armour are augmentable and not all pieces of armour are augmentable right off the bat, what I mean by this is when you first start you will only be able to augment weapons until you get to the respectable level to augment other parts of your gear. Side Note; Only t70+ gear can be augmented This image shows you the levels you will need to be able to augment a certain piece of your gear and it also shows you the level you need to increase the level cap of your year (we will get into this later) Use this image as your guide to know when you're able to unlock the next piece of augmented gear, but dont forget to discover the blueprint for not only the next possible augment but also the maximum level cap. Levelling items and Disassembling Levelling gear is what you will mainly be doing from here on out and this is where most of your XP will come from at the start, at first you will only be able to get gear to level 5, so get together some old tier 70 weapons and augment them and do some slayer or bossing and they will passively level up in the background, if you highlight over the weapon you can see the XP and Level of the item; Once you get the item to level 5 you'll want to navigate back to the disassemble button and disassemble the weapon and you should do this until you are level 27, once you're at level 27 you can then level your weapons (And body armour) WARNING: Only Disassemble gear you're willing to lose and can be replaced easily! Note: Level 10 is the best level to disassemble gear as it yields the most amount of XP Siphoning Equipment So now that we have talked about levelling up gear and disassembling you may be wondering if you have to disassemble everything and the answer is NOPE, once you get to level 27 you unlock the Siphon and once you discover it and use it on a piece of augmented gear it allows you to get the XP from a weapon or a set of armour without destroying the item, the drawback to this is that you have to get your item to level 12 to get the full amount of XP and this takes a lot longer than level 10 but it's a lot better than destroying valuable gear. Progressing to 99/120 Once you've got your head around this skill it's simple and somwhat straight forward from here on out, it's just a case of augmenting gear getting it to level 10 and disassembling it or getting gear to level 12 and siphoning it if you don't want to destroy the item, do slayer or bossing to level gear up and you should be on your way to getting the 99 cape and even the 120 cape! Side Note; The XP for 99 is 36m and 120 is 80m due to this being an Elite Skill The End Now it's time to take this information and apply it to your Invention training, i hope this guide has been helpful enough to get you started with the skill, i know it can be confusing at first, we were all there at one point in time, if you were looking for a more in-depth guide that talks about perks either this guide will get updated or a new guide will be created for that kind of information, i wanted to keep this as simple as possible for all the new players and players that have never done this skill before, thank you for making it this far and i hope you enjoy your stay in Ataraxia!
  5. Armour Sets Malevolent (tier90) Superior Vesta's (tier88) Superior Statius's (tier 88) Refined Anima Core of Zaros (tier85) Superior Tetsu (tier85 tank armour) Tetsu (tier85) Anima Core of Zaros (tier 80) Torva (tier80, also has a hp boost passive) Vesta's (tier78) Statius's (tier78) Bandos (tier70) Third-Age Melee (tier65)
  6. Armour Sets Tectonic ( Tier 90 ) Superior Zuriel (T88) Refined Anima Core of Seren (T85) Superior Seasinger (Tier 85 Tank) Regular Seasinger (T85 Tank) Anima Core of Seren (T80) Virtus (T80 plus HP bonus effect) Zuriel's (T78) Ganodermic (T75) Subjugation (T70) Ahrim's (T70) Third-Age Mage (T65)
  7. How2 is going to be a series of guides made by me. The main point of these guides will be to offer more in-depth guidance when it comes to relatively basic things. Hopefully you will find them informative and helpful. (this is my first ever written guide, so any feedback on the formatting, and overall usefulness would be appreciated) Hydrix Jewellry Amulet of Souls Soul Split has a 50% chance to heal 25-50% more. The Amulet of Souls is a very strong amulet for melee, ranged, and magic. This item is tradeable with other players. Reaper Necklace Each successful hit adds 0.1% accuracy, stacking up to 3% total. The Reaper Necklace is a strong amulet for melee, ranged, and magic. This item is tradeable with other players. Deathtouched Bracelet You have a 20% chance of reflecting 25-50% of incoming damage back onto your opponent. This Deathtouched Bracelet is very strong gloves for melee, ranged, and magic. This item is tradeable with other players. Ring of Death When you kill a monster you have a 50% chance of restoring special attack from it. The amount of special attack restored is based on the amount of hp your target has. The Ring of Death is the second best-in slot ring for melee, ranged, and magic. This item is tradeable with other players. ___ The Ring of Death can be combined with the Perfect' Ring to make the Ring of Wealth(c) It has the best ring stats in the game, it also has the passive effect from the Ring of Death, the Perfect' Ring, and the Slayer Ring. This is only available for Platinum Donators+ Crafting the Jewellry Level Requirements Crafting Level: 79 79 90 95 99 To create a piece of hydrix jewellry you need these items; Incomplete Hydrix (Costs 500 Reaper points from Death) 2x Onyx Gold Bar Use a cut Onyx on the Incomplete Hydrix You'll be left an Uncut Hydrix, proceed to cut it once, then you'll have a Hydrix Now we have to make an Onyx Amulet, Necklace, Bracelet or Ring. Onyx Amulet = Amulet of Souls Onyx Necklace = Reaper Necklace Onyx Bracelet = Deathtouched Bracelet Onyx Ring = Ring of Death When you have your Onyx Amulet, Necklace, Bracelet or Ring use it on your cut Hydrix All that remains is to enchant it, go on the Normal Spellbook, and use the Lvl-6 Enchant spell Thanks for reading, hope it helped you out.
  8. How to make fires? To make a fire, players need any log and a Tinderbox. Use the Tinderbox on the Log After you have created a succesfull fire you can Right click the fire and click "Use" to throw some more logs on that. How to buy Tinderbox? Players can buy this at "Bob" at home (Ironman & Women can also trade Bob!) What to burn at what level? Level 1 - Logs Level 15 - Oak Logs Level 30 - Willow Logs Level 35 - Teak Logs Level 45 - Maple Logs Level 50 - Mahogany Logs Level 60 - Yew Logs Level 75 - Magic Logs Always burn the best Log for the best experience!
  9. Hello! This is the guide to almost all trivia questions with their answers. There are only around 60 or so questions, and a few of them you'll likely never see because you're too busy conquering Ataraxia. Trivia rewards players with cash and trivia points. The amount of cash received depends on how quickly you answer! Most questions reward 375k, with some rewarding up to 562k*, and decrease in amount as you are in 2nd, 3rd, 4th place, and so on. Trivia points can be spent on various rewards inside the Trivia point shop; accessed through the Wise Old Man at home. Trivia shop rewards**: +Agile Top & Bottom Use ;;ans (answer) or ;;answer (answer) without the parentheses to answer the trivia as they come up! Windows users use Control + F to find trivia questions and answers. Mac users use Command + F to find trivia questions and answers. Linux users buy a different kind of computer or something. Idk how those work. Please remember that trivia answers are NOT case sensitive; you do not have to capitalize any letters. Updated May 6th, 2019 * I can't remember if the reward value is correct or not, so forgive me for possible incorrect information. ** Trivia shop rewards are subject to change upon release. In addition, the prices shown in the picture do not represent actual prices of items.
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