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Found 3 results

  1. I will continue updating this thread, but as a normal ironman instead of a hardcore. I've separated the achievement tab, so you can see what I achieved while I was still hardcore. Hello everyone, I decided to make a thread dedicated to my HCIM. This will be an overview of my goals, my progress and of course my accomplishments. I will try to keep this as updated as possible throughout my journey here on Ataraxia. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  2. What is up gs and bs! Were back and today by viewer request I finally got too and made a new HCIM account and will be maxing it!! I hope you all enjoy and if you do hit that like button, comment below, subscribe, and turn on post notification to be notified of the new video! Enjoy!!
  3. Seeing Snowies diary tempted me to create one of my own. Got an overview of what goals I have in mind, as well as some silly stats. Number of Dumb Deaths - 2 Number of Dumb Deaths Refunded - 1 Current number of skilling pets - 11 Times I've wanted to kms - ∞ Times I've said hi to Dadmo (as of creating this) - 10 Currently taking a break. Burnt out. Not sure when I'll be back. Current Goals 2250 Corrupted Ores for 99 Smithing || 375/2250 99 Crafting 70 Dungeoneering 80 Runecrafting Obtain Firemaking pet 80 Summoning Completed Goals 99
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