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[Official] Ataraxia Rules

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In-Game Rules


Flaming a member of Ataraxia is strictly against the rules. Attacking a player and insulting them with the intent of causing harm is a mutable offence and is not taken lightly.


Spamming is the act of consistently typing in order to be a nuisance, whether it be spamming @@@@@, spamming your bank sale or spamming another server, it is also a mutable offence. You will be warned, and then punished should you continue.


You are allowed to log on to 3 accounts at one time. Using these accounts together to break rules, abuse a safe-spot on bosses or in any other way use these accounts to manipulate mechanics is not acceptable and will result in a Jail and potential Ban. 


The use of any 3rd party program is strictly disallowed. Ensure you are always at your computer and attentive to your Client. Staff members will test if you are there, be sure you are or risk having your items removed and/or stats reset.

AFK Training

AFK training is training while you are not at the computer, whether this is using an autoclicker, Auto Retaliate or Botting. It is not allowed. Make sure you are present at the computer or risk punishment & levels reset.


Scamming is a bannable offence, tricking someone or intentionally trying to benefit out of their mistake and/or your abuse will result in a Ban. This can range from selling them the wrong item promising it is better than it is, to switching up rules at Duel Arena to get the one up on them. It is not allowed and treated extremely seriously.

Bug Abusing

Abusing a bug in which you have discovered or been told of is bannable. Should you discover a bug, report it instantly on the Forums or to a Staff Member, and from then on do not use the bug for your advantage. Should be you be found abusing a bug after reporting it or abusing a bug without reporting it, you will be punished accordingly.


Intentionally harassing players of Ataraxia will result in a Jail. Trying to ruin someone else's experience on the game in order to get a laugh or a rise is not acceptable. This can range from crashing someone at a boss over and over, to following people and annoying them. This also includes flame baiting to get a rise out of someone. Do not do this, people just want to have fun, don't be the reason they don't.

Staff Harassment

Staff decisions are final do not argue with a staff's decision. If they kick someone from the Friends chat, there's no need for "Why did you do that" if you feel it was undeserved come straight to an Admin+ about it. Any decision they make is easily traceable and will be looked at should someone come to an Admin/report the staff member. Do not bring it up in Friends chat, their PM or Public chat. It is not worth the stress, it can be solved by talking to an Admin.


We're all adults (most of us). There's nothing wrong with the odd Shit, Fuck, Cunt. But don't overdo it, these words shouldn't be so common in your vocabulary that you are using them every sentence. It is acceptable in frustration or general discussion. However, don't use these words in a derogative manner or too often or you will be muted. This also includes any potentially offensive display names.

Friends Chat

The Friends chat is intended as a Help channel for new players, hence new players instantly joining this chat. Do not make it anything other than that. If you want to talk openly with your friends create a Clan Chat and do so there. Nothing's wrong with a bit of General talk but if it gets in the way of people receiving help please stop. All rules should be followed in the Friends chat. Do not promote discussions about Politics, Hard Drugs, Debatable Topics, Racism and Other RSPS'. Please avoid terms such as; Fag, Queer, Nigga, Nigg*r, Cunt, Twat & Other obviously offensive words in the chat. You will be instantly kicked. Any other language than English within the Friends chat is unacceptable as our preferred speaking language is English, Repeated offences of not speaking the preferred language within the Friends Chat may result in a kick.


Racism is strictly not tolerated. There's not much to say, don't be racially insensitive or promote racial talk or you'll be muted. If you continue after the time is up you will be permanently muted, Racism is not tolerated at all on Ataraxia.

VPN Voting

While VPN voting can benefit the server's rankings, it can also ruin them. Do not VPN vote. We can be removed from Toplists which would be counter pro-active for our cause. Please limit your votes to maximum 3 per day, using your PC, Mobile internet and perhaps your Brother's phone/work internet. If found to be VPN voting your rewards will be removed and your account disabled.


Items/Coins in Ataraxia must only be used to pay for other items, services or donations. DO NOT SELL YOUR ATARAXIA ITEMS OR GOLD FOR REAL LIFE $ (Paypal etc) OR FOR REAL RUNESCAPE GOLD/ACCOUNTS. Doing this will result in an instant IP-BAN without warning.

Last Man Standing Rules


General Rules:

As soon as LMS starts you must fight another player.

No avoiding a fight. This means no running or hiding.

Do not stand around waiting for someone to fight an opponent you're meant to be fighting (I.E winning a fight, then not fighting another player who just won a fight).

If you somehow end up in the arena after you have died you must teleport home to avoid interfering with other fights.

TEMPORARY RULE: Do not use vengeance spells before LMS. This is considered bug abuse.

Not following these rules will result in a kick and/or ban from LMS.


Gambling Rules


Scamming of any kind will not be tolerated. The gambling system is scam proof in regards to the mechanics. However, attempting to give fake prices for items to manipulate your opponent is unacceptable and will be punished accordingly.


Pots must be specified and agreed upon prior to avoid any confusion.


Do not harass other players to gamble with you if they have already made it clear that they are not interested. 


Flaming in the Friends Chat or Yell as a result of a loss or unfortunate event will not be tolerated and will be punished accordingly.


If a bug is found, do not abuse it. Please report it to a staff member immediately. Failure to do so will result in serious consequences. 

Friends Chat

Brief mentions of gambling are okay, but please try to keep gambling discussions in the 'Gambling' friends chat. 
Examples: "Fping @ fp!" or "Anyone looking to gamble?"



Forum Rules


System Security:

Accessing, or attempting to access, the accounts of other users


Attempting to exploit, bugs, vulnerabilities, or loopholes; whether they are disclosed or undisclosed


Attempting to penetrate, security measures of Ataraxia software, hardware, or any other device used in the management or operations of the overall system.

Any intrusion will subject your forum account to immediate termination, regardless of whether or not the intrusion results in the detriment of the integrity, availability, or confidentiality of data.

Any attempt to breach Ataraxia or the players of Ataraxia's security will not be taken lightly.


Forum spam in an effort to overload the system or cause disruption is not tolerated and is not allowed in any form.

This includes the use of, but not limited to:

  • Pictures
  • Words
  • Phrases

Any account involved will be unable to post on the Forums for a time depending on severity.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Excessive off-topic threads or posts
  • Posting nonsensical messages
  • 'Flooding' the forum with similar meaning messages
  • Post-Count farming
  • Unsolicited advertising via private message or email
  • Repeated posting with constant referrals to other website(s) with no purpose other than the promotion of that website.
  • Fraudulent activity (Pyramid schemes, chain letters, etc.)

Posting any of the above will result in your post being deleted and your account being infracted or worse suspended.

Harassment and Profanities:

You may not post content that contains material relating to the following: racism, hatred, violent language, threats, real-life threats, insults, extreme vulgar language, flaming, otherwise inappropriate or hurtful language, or harassment.

Sexual remarks may be considered profane when used in certain contexts, and as such we suggest avoiding them altogether. We have zero tolerance for personal attacks whether public or private on any individual or group ("personal attack" will be determined on a case by case basis by management).

You may not use any method of delivery for materials which refer to ethnic/national origin, ideological or religious beliefs, gender, or sexual preference in a derogatory, demeaning or provocative context.

Forgery and Impersonation:

Attempting to impersonate any person, including staff, using forged headers, instant messenger names, similar usernames in an effort to deceive or mislead is prohibited.

"Identity theft is not a joke, Jim" - Dwight Schrute 

Pornography/Sexually Offensive Materials:

You may not post or link to pornographic material or any content which would normally be considered sexually offensive, including child pornography, nudity, gore, or obscure/inappropriate content. 

Furthermore, erotica (sexually charged literature) is not permitted. The punishment for this is severe.

This includes linking to websites that may redirect, contain, or lead to these types of links or images, as well as images that are disturbing. It also adheres to websites that may hijack one's browser, as well as phishing. Infractions or bans will be laid immediately if you are caught participating in this offense.

Note: This also applies to your signature, avatar & profile picture along with requesting such content.

If you feel the need to share legal sexually charged content feel free to in our NSFW section on Discord.


This includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Creating threads for the sole purpose of causing unrest on the forums
  • Causing disturbances in forum threads such as picking fights or insulting other members
  • Making non-constructive posts for the purpose of causing unrest
  • Abusing the Reported Post feature by sending false alarms or nonsensical messages
  • Replying to a thread simply to call the author a troll (regardless of whether the post is actually trolling)


Any sort of advertisement that is not affiliated with Ataraxia in any way will be considered spam and removed from the boards.

If you do happen to see advertising, you are to report it to a member of staff immediately and it will be removed. Advertising is not permitted by any means, anywhere on the forum.

This includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Signatures
  • Profiles
  • Graphics (or requests)
  • Private messages
  • Customizable spaces.
  • There are exceptions for major websites such as google, youtube, yahoo etc.

This includes links in your signature or otherwise linking to other websites.

Grave digging:

Grave digging is not allowed and consists of reviving a previously resolved, settled, or "dead" thread after a prolonged period of time.

Threads with an activity gap of a month or greater (Length may vary in different sections) is considered "grave digging".

Signatures & Profiles:

Signatures and profile information are must comply with all other forum rules, which include no explicit or sexual content, no advertising without paid affiliation and no user impersonation.

Account Distribution:

Using alternative accounts to abuse violate Ataraxia forum rules or abusing reputation/post systems is prohibited.


Buying, selling or trading accounts is prohibited, and will result in the account to be permanently suspended and may result in your other accounts to be suspended.

Piracy, Copyright Material, Cracks and Product Keys:

  • 'Copyright Material' is any material protected by legally recognized copyright
  • 'Piracy' is the unauthorized copying of software or any material subject to copyright
  • 'Cracks' are programs that disable copy-protection technology
  • A 'Key' is a combination of numbers and/or letters required for software installation.

Please refrain from posting any of the above. It will lead to a permanent removal from the Forums.

Moderation & Bans:

You may not evade a ban. Doing so will lengthen the ban. If you have a problem with a ban or feel it was inappropriate, please create an appeal.

The creation of an account to post an appeal in the appeals section is permitted, however, the use of any other forum other than appeals is considered evasion.
You may not discuss or complain in open forum about another user's ban, the deletion of a message, or the deletion/closure of a thread.

Any discussion about warnings, bans, message deletion, thread deletion and thread closure should be done over private email/message between the person concerned and the moderators.

Please understand that appeals may not be looked at immediately. However, they will be answered within 24 hours.

Do not risk a more severe punishment by continuously pestering staff regarding your appeal.

Account security:

While it is of the utmost importance to us to keep your account information safe and secure, it's impossible to guarantee your accounts security.

In order to maintain good account security, we recommend that you perform regular anti-virus scans on your own computers and regular password changes.

Avoid using the same passwords as previous servers due to database leaks from old servers.



While reading the Forum Rules, you must also take into account Game Rules.

Please follow both sets of rules on both platforms.


Kind regards,

Ataraxia Management







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