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If you could.

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So I really just wanted to see what peoples responses would be if they could get an Item added/reward changed/store/chest added. What would you suggest. and why?

And if you would be ever so kind as to post wiki links if possible, if not I can find it myself I'm sure.

Just looking for some input from y'all cause everyone has ideas!

Thanks, Opi :3 

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4 minutes ago, Promise said:

There's a mini-game that I can't think the name of but it's rewards are super aesthetic cosmetics. I think the sets are like Naval or something. Would love to see those added :3

Trouble brewing?

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Got to admit, getting rid of castle wars, clan wars and duel arena might be a good idea, as they're never in use. Especially clan wars with the PVP issue with have at the current time.

I know minigames are a major pain to implement, But would be nice to get another efficient minigame we can do, that have some editable rewards shop, to fit our specific needs. I wouldn't mind seeing a bit more flow of traffic through soul wars aswell! 😛 

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