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[Official] RSGP Donation Information

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Hey everyone!

Just a quick reminder that we DO accept RSGP as donations! Whether that be through Runescape 3 or Oldschool Runescape.

Simply Contact a Moderator+ through either the forums, discord, or in-game and they will be able to assist you in receiving what you need!

This system is mostly in place for players who cannot donate through the normal process of PayPal, but might have some extra Runescape gold lying around that they wish to donate with.

 The current rates are (subject to change):

OSRS = $0.70c/m

Unfortunately, we currently do NOT accept RS3 gp.

Please do not donate with items. Go and sell the items and get raw gold to donate with.


Also, please come with the gold needed for the donation you want. Do NOT attempt to get discounts because the rates are static and not subject to deals.


The Ataraxia Staff Team

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