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Hello all, Below will be some information regarding donations & how they work. Hopefully this can cover up any confusion and answer any questions you may have!

First of all, I would like to touch upon how donations actually work here on Ataraxia. The donation system may be unlike other systems that you may be used to. Here at Ataraxia, you donate for anything you'd like in the store and then are awarded the donator rank that corresponds with the total amount of money you have donated. For example, if you purchase Key Expert and x25 SoF Spins, your total would be 20$. You would then be awarded with the Bronze Donator Rank along with whatever you donated for. This system continues all the way through the Master Rank. 

Donator Ranks

  • Bronze - $20
  • Silver - $50
  • Gold - $100
  • Platinum - $250
  • Diamond - $500
  • Master - $1,000



  • Bronze Donors + all have access to a brand new Bronze Donor exclusive shop. This shop contains items that will make your journey even more convenient. 


  • Along with the Members exclusive shop, Platinum Donors+ also have access to the Platinum  shop! This store contains some of the same items, but they are noted with a greater stock to make it even easier to purchase. This store also contains the new 'perfect' ring and no, it's not what you think. 
  • This Ring while worn has all-around stats, it's approximately a Bring (i)/Seers ring (i)/Archers ring all combined minus a few stats. It also gives you a 4% chance to double the drop you get from monsters. That means if you get Bandos tassets and this triggers, you'll get 2...!











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