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Voting Guide

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How to Vote on Ataraxia:

  1. First you want to start off by typing the command ;;vote in-game!


      2.  After you have done this a screen should appear in your browser. Here you want to type your in-game name and continue.



     3.   Next, you want to click on each site and follow each instruction. Some may require a captcha code in order to complete the vote. 



     4:   As you vote for each site, they will start to appear green back on the Ataraxia vote screen. If they do not turn green, then you did not follow the steps correctly and may need to re-do them. 



     5:   Finally, once you have voted on each site, you may claim your rewards by typing in ;;voted in-game! Your rewards will be sent to your bank



Common Problems & Fixes:

Please remember to double check your username spelling when voting. If your username does not match your in-game name, you will not receive any vote rewards.

Rune-Server: At times the Rune-Server voting site will not register your vote right away. If this happens, simply close out of the Rune-Server page and re-open it via the Ataraxia vote home screen. Once you re-open it, it should register the vote.

Moparscape: Moparscape is a little tricky sometimes. When you vote the first time, it sometimes does not count your vote and may say you have already voted. If this happens, try and close out the Moparscape voting site and re-open it. Usually voting a second time will register your vote.


     Hopefully this helped clear up any confusion you may have had!


          Uzi (Dawson)





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