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Dev Blog: Group Ironman

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It seems like Group Ironman is a feature a lot of you guys really want, so we want to get this one right. The purpose of this dev blog (and the in-game poll) is to get a feel for your wants and expectations. Most things in this thread are subject to change; if you see something you disagree with, reply with your justifications.




Creating a new group

When creating a new group, first you'll have to specify which type of group you'd like to create.


There is only one XP/drop rate type for a few reasons
- Way simpler to code
- Ironman is supposed to be a hard(er) mode, having a team of 5 people with x100 XP probably isn't ideal
- To keep things competitive for highscores, not ideal having tons of different highscores for different rates


Then, you'd specify the name and the amount of players you want in your group.



After that, all you need to do is wait for other players to join and enter your group's name. At this point, logging out will delete your group and remove all your pending members.



Joining an existing group

When joining an existing group, simply type the name of the group you want to join. You can only join existing pending (awaiting members) groups, you can't join a group that has already been created and saved to our database.

(The name is case-sensitive when displayed, but when joining you can use all lowercase)


Then once you've typed the name, you must wait for the remaining members to join. If you logout at this point, you will be removed from any pending group you have joined.




Hardcore groups will truly be hardcore. If one of your team members die your entire group will be reverted back to a regular ironman group.

There will be an NPC who you can go to in order to see all vital info about your group (group type, group leader, members, total XP, current place, current score, etc).  You will also be able to view the stats of other groups (as long as you know the group name) and delete your group (with the consent of every member). I will update this thread with more pictures as development progresses.

Ironmen in the same group will be able to
- Trade
- Duo slayer
- Lootshare
- Dungeoneering
??? Whatever else you guys want? Post below.



There will be separate highscores for hardcore and regular ironman groups. In my opinion the fairest way to do XP-based highscores would be to use the group's average XP instead of total XP.

If there's a group of 2 with a 900K experience score and another group of 5 with a 1M experience score. Even though the first group has 100K less XP, they only have 2 people so they're actually working much harder than the second group. Using averages instead of total XP, the first group now has a score of 450K and the second now has a score of 200K.

TL;DR Averages are better because they rank harder working groups higher.

"What do we get for being in first place?"
Nothing, if you're a regular (pleb) group. The #1 hardcore group however will receive
- A special title
- A special item (its a surprise)
- Bragging rights
- The finest women in all of Ataraxia

As long as they remain the number one spot.

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