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Ataraxia RSPS
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Ataraxia Updates #24 - 15th May 2019

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Ataraxia Updates #24

- Starter Armour/Weapons
- Araxxor re-enabled
- Pet perk: Overloaded
- Heaps of General changes!


[+] General Changes

- You will now only feel exhausted from Fishing when fishing in Prifddinas
- Corrupted magic logs are now Fletchable and Firemakeable
- Superior Vesta's Spear & Longsword's accuracy has been nerfed
- You can now type ;;players in #bots to see the amount of players online
- Off-hand Dragon crossbow now has stats
- Attuned Crystal bow's damage now scales with your Agility level
- Lottery Tax amount reduced, Newbie: 40% > 20%, Regular: 30% > 15%, Gambler: 20% > 10%, Investor: 10% > 5%
- Prayer renewal duration has been increased to match Overloads
- You can now see what you voted when viewing the Vote poll archive
- Pyramid agility Contract now requires 50 Agility
- Buffed Telos damage & defence stats to make early enrages harder
- Drop Catcher has been increased to $20 from $10 due to the ;;dropcatcher buff
- Green thumb has been increased to $5 from $3, all harvested crops are instantly noted
- Removed Fire Lycan from SoF, if you have received one from SoF please contact a Staff member for a Legendary pet of your choosing
- You can now buy Smouldering Lamps from the Advanced Skilling Master!
- Added South-east Varrock to the mining teleports and added Bank deposit box
- You can now select what Legio boss you fight in the Platinum instance
- Zaros Godsword has received some buffs to Speed and accuracy/damage
- Reduced Wisdom aura CD by 1 hour so they can be done at the same time every day
- Fellstalk seeds have been added to the Contracts drop table
- New events for May! We've missed the first 2 weeks because, well, we're slack, we apologise. Get amongst the last half of the month!
- Chaotic Weapons & Chaotic splint have been temporarily added to the Vote shop
- Dungeoneering entrance disabled
- Dungeoneering is no longer a requirement for Max cape/Completionist cape (this will change when it is fixed)
- Drop rate of Godsword shards has been doubled
- The yield from Limpwurt root patches has been increased
- The Billionaire title is now the proper shade


[+] General Store Pricing

- You can now sell the following items at General stores for a nice Coin value:

Dragon Kiteshield, Dragonbone Upgrade Kit
Dragon Claws
Seercull, Warrior Ring, Seers Ring, Archers' Ring, Berserker Ring
Korasi's Sword
Steadfast boots, Glaiven boots, Ragefire boots, Armadyl Battlestaff
Araxxi's Pheromone
Armadyl Crossbow, Dragon 2h Crossbow

- Once again, please hit me up with any additions.


[+] Rare Item Token Rotation


- Profound Decorative armour! (The castle wars armour that looked 10000x better before the armour rework)
- Faithful shield, apparently a few of you were hype about this
- Starfury weaponry, awesome for an override
- This rotation will only be around for 2-3 weeks. Apologies for the delay.


[+] New Store Items

- Pet Perk - Overloaded:
- This Pet perk will cost $10 per tier, providing a permanent stat boost to 125/99 tiers 1-3
- On top of this, you will gain 5% combat accuracy on Magic/Range/Melee
- There are more perks to come, we will be adding some Skilling/Misc ones soon.


- Walk Animation overrides:

Blink Run/Walk - $5



Cat Walk - $5


Imported the actual GIFs and they were huge, hopefully links suffice.


[+] Starter Armour/Weaponry

- It has come to my attention that on Ataraxia, the early game is unforgiving. There's a huge disparity between starter gear and gear that you can PvM with.
- I've decided to make "Custom" armour/weapons that every new player Spawns with.. The early levels are gruelling and really aren't what Ataraxia is about.
- Now, people are able to receive this armour, level up quickly and tackle Bosses like GWD1/2, TDs etc.

- These are the bonuses:





- If you're not a new player and want this equipment, talk to Nastroth at home!

[+] Bug Fixes

- Metal dragons can no longer attack from across the room
- Removed message suggesting you can buy Kiln from donor store
- Superior Death lotus will now repair properly at Bob
- Auto retaliate now works on Tormented demons
- Titan's constitution is now fixed
- Fixed spam fishing bug
- Araxxor bugs are fixed and Araxxor is re-enabled, regardless, please notify us of any other issues
- Void equipment is no longer tradeable
- Dragon Rider Lance & Ripper claws are now properly working 
- Rise of the Six NPCs should now react when not killed fast enough
- The person who voted last for the Vote party will now be included in the party
- Harvesting herbs will now stop when you're at a full inventory



Jaedmo, Arham 4, lare96, _jordan & Xenthium

Ask the developers questions here

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Perfect ❤️

Updates looking good.


The new Starter Gear will definitely be a big big improvement... I remember when I started I was afk killing hill giants in my 70s bc of my shit gear

Edited by SomMC

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